7 Home Décor Mistakes You Don't Realize You Are Making ...

There are some very common home décor mistakes that you may not realize you are making. A person’s home is unique and is meant to reflect their personality. There really aren’t any rules you have to follow. These are just some suggestions you may want to follow to avoid common home décor mistakes and keep your home at its best.

1. Choosing the Wrong Picture Size for above Your Sofa

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One of the very common home décor mistakes that is made has to do with the size of the picture you choose for above your living room sofa. You can go too small when you choose a picture or an arrangement for that area. The picture or arrangement that you choose should be at least half as wide as your sofa. If it is any smaller your sofa will overshadow it. If you need some inspiration, you can look at some pictures in magazines or online.

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