17 DIY Valentines Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love ...


17 DIY Valentines Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love ...
17 DIY Valentines Day Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love ...

So you know you want to DIY your Valentine's Day gift this year — it's so much more meaningful! — but what, exactly, will you be making? If you're a little stuck, I've got some darling DIY gift inspo... let's go!

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Coupon Book

Coupon Book Why not put together a little coupon book with vouchers for things like “back massage” or “movie night of your choice.” Your sweetie can use these vouchers whenever they want, and it really won't cost much to make.


This coupon book is a great DIY Valentines Day gift for your girlfriend. It won't cost much to make, and your sweetie will be able to use the vouchers whenever they want. The vouchers can be for anything that your girlfriend loves, such as a back massage, a movie night of her choice, or a special dinner. You can also make the coupons for things that you both can do together, such as a picnic in the park or a night out dancing. This is a meaningful and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for your girlfriend.


Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses This could actually be a lot of fun! You'll need two plain wine glasses, some supplies (like chalkboard paint) and your imagination. Then buy a bottle of your sweetheart's favorite wine, and enjoy together in your gorgeous new glasses!



Scrapbook Even if you've not been together long, chances are, you've got photos, notes, ticket stubs, and other mementos of your relationship you could make into a scrapbook. I adore this idea!


Creating a scrapbook is the perfect way to showcase your shared memories and journey together so far. Gather all those special little keepsakes – maybe it's the first movie ticket from your date nights, a collection of photos commemorating adventures, or loving notes exchanged. Put them together in a beautifully personalized album. This thoughtful and heartwarming gift will not only be a Valentine's Day hit but will continue to be cherished for years to come. Plus, crafting it is a fun trip down memory lane for you too!


String Sculpture

String Sculpture String sculptures are super easy to make and are the perfect décor for any love-filled home. Just use small nails to create the outline of the shape you want (or your initials, together with a little + in between?), then string the yarn between and around them. Easy peasy!


Not only does this create a personalized touch that shows you've put thought and effort into your gift, but the choices are endlessly customizable. Whether you pick a simple heart or both your initials, your string art can be done in her favorite colors or select a design that's meaningful to the both of you. You can even take it to the next level by adding beads or using different textured strings for an extra dimension. Your creation will be a unique piece of art that she'll be thrilled to display and cherish as a symbol of your affection.


Candy Bouquet

Kit Kat,food,dessert,petal,candy, Buy a few of your lover's favorite candies, tape them to wood sticks, then poke them into a Styrofoam-filled vase, and you've got a bouquet that'll mean so much more than wilty flowers. Hint: I love Butterfingers.


To personalize your candy bouquet, consider wrapping the vase with decorative paper or ribbon that speaks to her style. Mix in a few silk flowers or sprigs of baby's breath for a touch of elegance. If you want to get extra creative, add in little notes of love or shared inside jokes on each stick. This thoughtful twist will not only satiate her sweet tooth but will also serve as a constant reminder of the special bond you share. Remember, it's all about the little details that make your gift uniquely tailored for her.


Photo Artwork

Photo Artwork Do you have a favorite photo of the two of you together, maybe from a special date or a road trip you took? There are so many creative ways to turn that photo into a work of art... for example, transfer it to a wood block, or make a snow-globe with it.


Transforming your cherished photo into a unique piece of art adds a personal touch that simply can't be bought in stores. Get inspired and turn your picture into a vintage-style canvas print or create a custom puzzle for an interactive twist on reminiscing fond memories. Commission a local artist to sketch or paint the image, encapsulating your love story in a visually stunning way. Personalize it even further by adding handwritten notes or significant dates to the background, making it an intimate celebration of your relationship.


Gift Basket

Gift Basket This is sort of the same as the candy bouquet, only with more snacks, and a reusable basket. Gather little snacks, lip balm, ear buds, a card, and other goodies, then stuff a basket to the brim, top with a bow, and you're done!


When assembling your gift basket, consider tailoring its contents to match your girlfriend's tastes and interests. For a touch of indulgence, add in some gourmet chocolates or artisanal snacks. If she's into self-care, perhaps some luxury bath bombs or fragrant candles would be a delight. For the book lover, tucking in a paperback from her favorite genre can show that you're attentive to her hobbies. The key is to create a personalized collection that feels both thoughtful and decadent, turning an ordinary gift basket into a treasure trove of her favorite things.


Found Poetry

biology,design,the,Sea,Heavi, As much as it would kill me to destroy a book to make one of these, it's terribly romantic, isn't it? Turn any page of literature into your own special phrase or love poem. Swoon!


This paragraph introduces the concept of "found poetry" as a unique and romantic DIY Valentine's Day gift idea. The author acknowledges that it may be difficult for book lovers to destroy a book in order to create this gift, but emphasizes the romantic aspect of turning a page of literature into a personalized love poem. This idea is presented as one of 17 DIY gift ideas for girlfriends on a women-focused blog in the DIY category. Found poetry involves taking existing words and phrases from a book and rearranging them to create a new and meaningful message, making it a creative and heartfelt gift idea for book lovers.


Love Note in a Bottle

lighting,food,drinkware, Isn't this the sweetest idea? The note doesn't have to be long — just a few words, really — but roll it up, tie it with twine, put it in a bottle, blow in a kiss, and cork it (to keep the kiss inside).


This whimsical gesture is a timeless token of affection guaranteed to make your girlfriend's heart flutter. Imagine her surprise when she discovers your personalized message adrift in a sea of love. It's like a romantic relic from a bygone era, capturing the essence of your devotion in a way that modern text messages simply can't. The bottle can be a vintage find or even a simple glass container you have at home. Embellish it with some ribbon or paint to give it that extra special touch. This gift is sure to be displayed and cherished, a testament to your creative and heartfelt love.


Photo Strip in a Box

organ,eye,heart, Here's a sweet way to give her some memories of the two of you. Use photo-safe glue and adhere your favorite snapshots to a long strip of paper. Then fold between the photos and place them in a box tied up with a bow.


This personalized treasure will definitely tug at her heartstrings. As she pulls out the strip, moment by moment unveils itself, making for an intimate trip down memory lane. Choose pictures from different stages of your relationship for an added touch of nostalgia. To make it even more special, you could write little notes or dates on the back of each photo, transforming it into a timeline of your love story. It's a simple gesture that speaks volumes about the memories you cherish together.


Knit Mitts

footwear,red,shoe,leg,fur, It doesn't have to be mittens... it could be a beanie or scarf. And it doesn't have to be knit... it could be any sort of fiber art of even just fleece. Warm their hands AND their heart!


Sweet Treats

pink,food,dessert,heart,icing, Granted, these DIY gifts won't last as long as the others on this list, but is there any better way to a someone's heart than their stomach? And... this is a gift you can enjoy together!


Playing Card Book

pink,eye,organ,fashion accessory,brand, I admit: it may not be easy to come up with 52 things you love about someone, no matter how marvelous they are — but this one is fun to make, because it forces you to acknowledge even the smallest things you adore about your sweetheart.


When you begin this craft, you're embarking on a journey of reflection and appreciation. Each card becomes a testament to a trait or memory, a shared joke, or an intimate moment that you treasure. Whether it's her habit of singing in the shower or the way her eyes light up when she's laughing, no detail is too small. By the time you reach the last card, you'll have created a deck of affection - a collection as unique as your connection, ready to deal out a hand of love and memories.


Photo Candle Holder

lighting,glass,mason jar,candle,drinkware, All you need is a clear jar and a photo of the two of you to make this sweet gift. Use Modge Podge to stick the picture to the jar. Add a cute ribbon at the top and stick a candle inside and you have a gift your lover is going to love.


To customize this personalized photo candle holder, select a picture that evokes a special memory. When you apply the Modge Podge, ensure a smooth finish, avoiding air bubbles for a seamless look. Once dry, the photo becomes translucent, casting a heart-warming glow when the candle is lit. Opt for a battery-operated tealight for a safer alternative that can be used repeatedly. This charming and illuminating keepsake is sure to be cherished, lighting up her space and heart with every flicker.


Sticky Note Heart

color,pink,art,amazin,sint, Imagine your sweetie's surprise when they find this on their mirror. Write a wee love note on each piece of paper and stick them to the mirror in the shape of a heart. This is such a thoughtful, unique gift!


This charming gesture can easily brighten up your partner's day and is perfect for expressing your affection in a creative way. Be sure to use sticky notes in various shades of pink and red to add an extra layer of love to your craft. You could even include inside jokes, quotes, or reasons why you cherish them on each note for an added personal touch. It's a simple, yet profound way to show you care without spending a fortune. Plus, the effort you put into this handmade expression of love is something they'll remember for years to come.


An Air Plant in a Hanger

drink,lighting,glass, Air plants are trending big and don't require a ton of care. They don't even need dirt. Put an air plant in a really cool glass container with some colored sand and hang it with a beautiful cloth ribbon.


Homemade Bag with a Heart

pink,brand,pattern,044, The bag is adorable and your sweetheart will love it so much, they won't even care what's inside. But feel free to stuff it with a little book, some chocolates, a love note...

What did you think of these DIY Valentine's Day gifts? Which is your favorite? What are some other great Valentine's Day gifts you can DIY?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Jennifer Knightstep.

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