15 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts to Give ...

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you are a little short on money, DIY Valentine's Day gifts are the best idea! Pinterest has opened up a whole world of DIY crafts and I've got 15 DIY Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to make anyone you give them to smile! So, take your time, gather your supplies and take a look at my Valentine's Day gifts that you can make yourself!

1. Lace Necklace

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While a lot of DIY Valentine's Day gifts can look cheap, I think that this one actually looks a bit expensive! It's so pretty on and you can really customize it to your girlfriend's, mom's, grandmother's or even your sister's favorite color! This lace necklace is super chic, totally in style and definitely a top pick of mine! Which one is your favorite?

Tutorial: craftingagreenworld.com

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