26 Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Dining Room Table ...


26 Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Dining Room Table  ...
26 Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Dining Room Table  ...

Getting into the spirit of a holiday means decorating, which makes Thanksgiving centerpieces something to consider as the big day draws near. Whether you are hosting the event or just want to make your home feel festive, Thanksgiving centerpieces are an easy and affordable way to go. You can often find the materials you need at craft or dollar stores and can throw together a really stunning display in a very short amount of time. Get inspired with these awesome examples.

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Natural Centerpiece

Natural Centerpiece Source: partiesforpennies.com
You can't get more festive than Thanksgiving centerpieces that make natural elements the main focus.


Tiny Pumpkins

Tiny Pumpkins Source: 25 Rustic Thanksgiving Table DIYs ...
Mix little pumpkins with foliage, leaves and candles for something truly unforgettable.


Use an Old Piece of Wood

Use an Old Piece of Wood Source: 11 Ways to Cozy Up ...
Grab an unused chunk of wood from your garage or back yard and create this great centerpiece with it.


In a Barrel

In a Barrel Source: 15 Unique Ideas To Displays ...
A barrel makes the best place to display fall plants and flowers. You can move it out of the way when it's time to eat.


Table Runner

Table Runner Source: How To Make A Stunning ...
Pile your centerpiece down the entire length of a table runner for a look as awesome as this one.


Pinecones and Clementines

Pinecones and Clementines Source: 12 Easy and Gorgeous DIY ...
You won't have to spend a bunch of money creating this great centerpiece.


Wheat Stalks

Wheat Stalks Source: Thanksgiving Table Centrepieces
Spell out "thanks" on jars and stuff them with wheat stalks. This works on the dining room table as well as a side table.


Woodland Motif

Woodland Motif Source: 12 Easy and Gorgeous DIY ...
This centerpiece is tall, but sparse enough that guests can still see each other across the table.


Metallic and White

Metallic and White Source: 12 Easy and Gorgeous DIY ...
This simple color scheme is sure to get you loads of compliments.


Pinecones in a Bowl

Pinecones in a Bowl Source: 15 Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces
You could easily put together this centerpiece in mere minutes. Sounds good to me!


Mini Gourds and Tealights

Mini Gourds and Tealights Source: The History of a Pumpkin: ...
Carve out the center of a few gourds, add tealight candles and place them in a basket on your table. Easy, right?


Leaves and Burlap

Leaves and Burlap Source: Fall Candle Centerpiece - That's ...
Some simple art supplies and a few minutes of your time and you can have something this cool.


Fall Berries

Fall Berries Source: Inspirational Holiday Table Setting & ...
These fall berries really make this centerpiece stand out, don't you think?


Pumpkins in Hurricanes

Pumpkins in Hurricanes Source: Ten June: Decor
Talk about easy! This comes together in less than five minutes, which leaves you more time to cook yummy food.


Filled Jar

Filled Jar Source: StyleBurb: Autumn In A Jar
Fill a big jar like this one with seasonal accents that can adorn any party table.


Floating Candles

Floating Candles Source: Hangulatos őszi fények a lakásban
The presentation here is out of this world. Don't you love this?


Painted Wine Bottles

Painted Wine Bottles Source: Give Thanks painted wine bottles. ...
This centerpiece lets your crafty side shine through.


Homemade Vase

Homemade Vase Source: fall autumn winter craft יצירה ...
Hot glue some sticks to a large jar and you have an instant vase for fall flowers.


Bread Cornucopia

Bread Cornucopia Source: Jo and Sue: Bread Cornucopia
If you want an edible centerpiece, this works great. There's something on here for everyone.


So Simple and so Beautiful

So Simple and so Beautiful Source: Thanksgiving Tables: From the simple ...
This centerpiece isn't over the top, but it still makes this table easy on the eyes.


Great Use of Popcorn

Great Use of Popcorn Source: home
This is cool looking and would be easy to put together.


Tall and Orange

Tall and Orange Source: Table d'Halloween!
There's nothing wrong with going all out like this if that's what you want.


Sticks in a Vase

Sticks in a Vase Source: 47 Awesome Pumpkin Centerpieces For ...
You wouldn't think a handful of sticks would look so good, but this centerpiece really works.



Candles Candles are great for a centerpiece because they add visual appeal and a seasonal scent.


An Old Log

An Old Log Source: Herfst ideeën voor het huis
Carve out some holes in a log, then put in small candles and you have an instant centerpiece.


A Simple Message

A Simple Message Source: 9 Easy (and Elegant!) Thanksgiving ...
Keep yourself in the Thanksgiving mood with a simple centerpiece like this one.

Do you decorate with centerpieces? I like to change mine out with the seasons and holidays. In fact, #26 is on my table right now. Which one is your favorite?

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