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20 Festive Thanksgiving Crafts for Your Family ...

By Eliza

What better way to celebrate Turkey Day than with some fun Thanksgiving crafts? Kids especially will love putting together some fun projects that you can use to decorate your house. These Thanksgiving crafts are also a great way to keep a houseful of kids busy while the turkey cooks. Of course, they're also going to be loads of fun for you, so get ready for some memories and some laughs with your family.

1 Homemade Vase

Homemade VaseSource: 15 Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces
This is the time of year to find all your craft supplies in the backyard. Thanksgiving crafts are limitless with a pile of sticks and leaves from your lawn.

2 Thankful Pumpkin

Thankful PumpkinSource: The Moffatt Girls: Easy I ...
This is an easy way to record the things you are thankful for so the family can all share them on the big day.

3 Fingerprint Leaves

Fingerprint LeavesSource: Little Page Turners: Colorful Leaf ...
Your child (or you) can use their fingerprints to add fall leaves to a tree you draw with marker or pencil.

4 Adorable Wreath

Adorable WreathSource: 20 Stylish DIY Thanksgiving Crafts
Welcome guests to your house with this cute wreath that works for both the fall season and Thanksgiving Day.

5 Candy Corn Turkey

Candy Corn TurkeySource: Candy Corn Turkey Craft for ...
If you make this with your little ones, be sure to hand out extra candy corns because a lot of them are going to get gobbled up.

Misty looks a lil weird before it's a turkey lol...

6 Lego Stamped Indian Corn

Lego Stamped Indian CornSource: Lego Stamped Indian Corn Craft ...
Kids of many ages will love doing this fun craft. You might even have enough corn to make an entire field.

7 Leaf Turkey

Leaf TurkeySource: Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids ...
Here's a fun way to get rid of some of those leaves all over your yard. The more color, the better!

8 Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Popsicle Stick ScarecrowSource: TODAY Parents - Parenting & ...
This would be a great craft for older kids. You can stick a magnet to the back and hang it on the fridge when you're done.

9 Tree of Thanks

Tree of ThanksSource: 30 Cute And Clever Ways ...
Everyone on your guest list can add a leaf listing what they are thankful for this year. And the best part is that you can probably find the sticks in your yard for free.

10 Veggie Turkey Tray

Veggie Turkey TraySource: How to Make a Veggie ...
It's going to be hard letting people eat this because then it isn't a cute turkey anymore. But I bet it tastes delicious.

11 Paper Fan Turkey

Paper Fan TurkeySource: kid craft monday {turkey} - ...
Paper crafts are cheap to make and fun for kids to put together. Use these as place markers on the table.

12 Turkey Puppet

Turkey PuppetSource: {No Glue} Turkey Craft For ...
Your kids will love putting on a Thanksgiving show with these cute paper bag puppets.

13 Handprint Turkey

Handprint TurkeySource: An Easy Handprint Turkey Thanksgiving ...
This is another fun and easy way to get your kids to think about the things they are grateful for. And chances are that a walk around the block will yield you a ton of pinecones.

14 Pony Bead Indian Corn

Pony Bead Indian CornSource: Pony Bead Indian Corn - ...
Isn't this craft adorable? What cute table decorations these would make! And the supplies are affordable and super easy to find.

15 Fruit Turkey

Fruit TurkeySource: Top 10 Fun and Healthy ...
Here is a fruit turkey that belongs next to your veggie turkey. After all, everyone needs a friend, don't they?

16 Glitter Leaves

Glitter LeavesSource: Make Your Own Autumn Leaves ...
I love glitter, don't you? Grab some leaves from the backyard and make them shine, then hang them all over your house.

17 Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

Toilet Paper Tube TurkeySource: Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids ...
Not only is this craft easy and cute, but it's ideal for young kids. Save a couple toilet paper tubes and make a whole flock of turkeys.

18 Pinecone Decoration

Pinecone DecorationSource: Thanksgiving Crafts
For something a little more elegant, try pinecones embellished with bows. These would be great for Christmas too, so don't throw them away after Thanksgiving.

19 Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin CandlesSource: Pumpkin Candleholders
These pumpkin candle holders would make a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

20 Wall Hanging

Wall HangingSource: Thanksgiving
What kid wouldn't want to make one of these colorful and festive wall hangings?

Have you ever made a Thanksgiving craft that you loved? I hope these inspire you to do some creating for this year's Turkey Day. Which one is your favorite?

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