37 Fabric Crafts That You'll Love Sew Much ...

By Neecey

37 Fabric Crafts That You'll Love Sew Much ...

Fabric crafts cover such a wide range, from simple handmade items to major sewing projects. With such an incredible range of fabrics in every color, you can make things to wear or things for your home. Whether you want a 10 minute or 10 day project, you're sure to find something among these fabric crafts you want to do.

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1 Potholders

Potholders Via Laughing Duck: a busy empty ...
Fabric crafts that use up your scraps are so clever.

2 Patchwork Baby Quilt

Patchwork Baby Quilt Via Muffins + Marathons: My quilt ...
I love that this quilt is made in square. I always found hexagons too fiddly.

"Finding creativity in every aspect of life, women constantly seek out new outlets for their talents. Among one such talent is the gift for preserving memories in an innovative, artistic way. If you're looking for some fresh inspiration, check out these fantastic scrapbook ideas to add a touch of personal flair to your collection. Let your creativity bloom!"

3 10 Minute Pillow!

10 Minute Pillow! Via The 10 Minute DIY Pillow ...
Who wouldn't be impressed by something you can make in 10 minutes?

4 Fabric Banner

Fabric Banner Via Sassy Sites!
Fabric crafts like this are a great way to practice your sewing skills.

5 Rag Rug

Rag Rug Via Craftaholics Anonymous® | How to ...
There are various ways to make rag rugs. I like this tie method.

6 Reversible Placemats

Reversible Placemats Via How to Make Placemats
When you learn to sew, you have no problem with getting stuff to match your home decor.

7 Coasters

Coasters Via Beginner Crafts: 20+ DIY Coasters ...
An easy beginner craft.

8 How to Cover an Office Chair

How to Cover an Office Chair Via DIY: Office Chair Makeover with ...
The tutorial shows three different ways to cover and pimp up a plain chair.

9 Fabric Pots

Fabric Pots Via Suzy q, better decorating bible, ...
So much prettier than plain terracotta pots.

10 Pouffe

Pouffe Via Tutorial: Land of Nod inspired ...
This charming pouffe only takes 1 yard of fabric to make. A great addition to the kids’ room.

11 Button Lunch Bags

Button Lunch Bags Via Button Lunch Bags
Carry the most stylish brown bag lunch ever.

12 Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes Via Baby Cloth Shoes Pattern with ...
How cute are these?

13 Tree Cones

Tree Cones Via The Tree Cone Templates are ...
Cover the cones with any fabric and embellishments you like.

14 Fabric Covered Notebooks

Fabric Covered Notebooks Via Crush of the Week - ...
Make your notebook stand out from the rest. Or it's a charming gift for student friends.

15 Hanging Phone Charging Station

Hanging Phone Charging Station Via DIY Fabric Phone Charging Station
Never get fed up with tangled cords again.

16 DIY Infinity Scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf Via Make an Infinity Scarf in ...
1 yard of fabric and 5 minutes and you have an awesome scarf!

17 DIY Headband

DIY Headband Via Kraftie Katie: DIY Headband Tutorial ...
A great way to use up fabric scraps and off cuts.

18 Fabric Coffee Sleeve

Fabric Coffee Sleeve Via Fabric Coffee Sleeve - DIY ...
This will save your fingers from burning.

19 Fabric Scrap Wreath

Fabric Scrap Wreath Via Страната отвъд дъгата: Парцалчета с ...
Make it seasonal or of colors to match a theme.

20 Tissue Holders

Tissue Holders Via Heidi in Lederhosen: Quick sewing ...
It's nice to open your purser to find things organized in fabric holders.

21 Button Shawl

Button Shawl Via A few new FWK pieces ...
Easy to make with any long rectangle of fabric or a pashmina or a wrap or anything like that.

22 Twenty Minute Totes

Twenty Minute Totes Via Simple Handmade Gifts - Part ...
Simple gifts to make yourself.

23 Magnet Alphabet Letters

Magnet Alphabet Letters Via Big Girl Room Doors & ...
Use fabric scraps to make and then have fun making words with them.

24 DIY Fabric Storage Basket

DIY Fabric Storage Basket Via 12 Creative DIY Fabric Bins ...
Has plenty of uses around the house.

25 Hide Your Box Spring

Hide Your Box Spring Via How to cover an ugly ...
An amazing transformation in just 10 minutes.

26 Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial Via Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
Another of the fabric crafts that has so many uses.

27 Custom Pajama Pants

Custom Pajama Pants Via Modern Pajama Pants - Sugar ...
A project for experienced sewers.

28 Refinish a Table with Fabric and Resin

Refinish a Table with Fabric and Resin Via How To Refinish a Table ...
Give a table a retro '50s diner look.

29 IPhone Sleeve

IPhone Sleeve Via pinterest.com
Scale it up to make an iPad sleeve.

30 Bench Cushion

Bench Cushion Via Sewing a Bench Cushion with ...
This is cool for any structure seated project.

31 Decorative Bulletin Board

Decorative Bulletin Board Via Back in stock - Decorative ...
And it all starts with a plain old cork board.

32 Window Shade

Window Shade Via One Yard, No Sew Window ...
Oh the endless possibilities of patterns and colors.

33 Fabric Wall Letters

Fabric Wall Letters Via Make Your Own Fabric Wall ...
Easy wall art.

34 Tutorial for Mod Podging Fabric onto Furniture

Tutorial for Mod Podging Fabric onto Furniture Via Uniquely Chic Furniture: French Mod ...
Keep this in mind - you never know when you might want to customize a piece of furniture.

35 Stackable Plushies

Stackable Plushies Via In the Studio: Donuts, Flowers, ...
A charming handmade gift for a new baby.

36 Fabric Gift Bag

Fabric Gift Bag Via Fabric Gift Bags Tutorial - ...
Evergreen bags for the eco-conscious.

37 Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall Art Via Decor in a Day: Easy ...
Another easy way to add custom art to your home.

Are you inspired to pick up a needle and thread - or some fabric and Mod Podge? What have you got your eye on?

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Love 9, 31 and 37

#35 This link needs to be fixed. The link is: https ; // raisin-toast dot com / donuts-flowers-ribbons-and-curls /

A lot of nice things to make, I've got a lot of material that i got at thrift shop's I love the mattress cover. Starting with my husbad's he will never cover thr whole bed.

I am definitely going to use these for my fabric scraps from my last quilt!

I can't wait to try some of these. I see so many beautiful fabrics that are so expensive, infinity scarves are great for this!

A very nice sight and a lot of nice thing to make. Any more crafts like these?

#17 in

Lovely :)

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