43 Felt Crafts for All Sorts of Fun Things ...


Felt crafts have been around for centuries. Felt is a great material to work with. It's stiff enough to hold shape, yet pliable and flexible to work with. There's lots of ways to use felt as you'll see with this selection of fun felt crafts.

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Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Via Kids Tic Tac Toe Game ...
Felt crafts can be decorative, useful, educational or just for fun, like this Tic Tac Toe game.


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Via Items similar to Felt reindeer, ...
Look online and you'll find hundreds of felt craft ideas for Christmas decorations.


Felt Purse

Felt Purse Via Tips from Our Design Department; ...

This purse uses felted wool which is not the same as the felt you buy, but I think you can easily make these from "normal" felt.


Felted wool gives a unique, cozy texture that's perfect for a cool-weather accessory. Transform a simple felt sheet into a trendy clutch or a spacious tote with just a few stitches. Personalize with embroidered details or add flair with vibrant patterns and colors. The DIY charm of a felt purse not only showcases your crafting skills but also offers a durable and stylish way to carry your essentials. Plus, it's an eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint with handmade fashion.


Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree Via Felt Christmas Tree Ornament - ...

This looks nice and easy - lots of felt squares in graduated sizes needed.


Mr. Potato Head Felt Board

Mr. Potato Head Felt Board Via DIY Mr. Potato Head Felt ...

So much fun for little ones.


Felt Birds

Felt Birds Via Holidays

You can make felt birds for use as Christmas tree decorations or for mobiles.


Crafting these adorable ornaments is both fun and simple. Choose your favorite colors and cut out the bird shapes from felt. Add details with contrasting felt, embroidery, or beads for eyes. To hang your creation, stitch a loop of ribbon or twine at the top. These charming felt birds are perfect for enhancing your festive decor, as well as thoughtful handmade gifts for loved ones during the holiday season. Get creative with patterns and play with different sizes to create a whimsical flock for your home!


Mr. Mustache Man Felt Hair Clip

Mr. Mustache Man Felt Hair Clip Via Mr. Mustache Man Felt Hair ...

Customize a barrette with felt.


Ribbon Bookmarks

Ribbon Bookmarks Via Felt bookmarks

A nice way to use felt to make gifts for your book loving friends.


Felt is a versatile material, perfect for crafting colorful and durable bookmarks. You can easily cut it into whimsical shapes or elegant designs to match the personality of the receiver. By adding a bit of embroidery or decorative beads, you create a personalized touch that makes the gift even more special. These handmade markers are not only practical but also serve as a charming reminder of your thoughtfulness every time they crack open their favorite book.


Felt Piggy Banks

Felt Piggy Banks Via Felt Piggy Banks Tutorial - ...

Encourage the kids to save their coins.


Felt Flower Hair Clip

Felt Flower Hair Clip Via Search Results label/hair

DIY hair clips are always fun.


Felt Hair Bows

Felt Hair Bows Via CREATE STUDIO: How to Make ...

If you struggle to keep pretty clips in your toddler's fine hair, these are ideal.


DIY Felt Pencil Carrying Case

DIY Felt Pencil Carrying Case Via DIY Tutorial: Diy back to ...

No chance of this getting mixed up with the other students' pencil cases.


Felt Coffee Cozy

Felt Coffee Cozy Via DIY Felt Coffee Cozy Tutorial ...

Keep your coffee warm and protect your hands!


DIY Felt Book of Shapes

DIY Felt Book of Shapes Via plainvanillamom.com

What a great way for toddlers to learn.


Felt Coasters

Felt Coasters Via marigold

Crafts you're proud to display as well as being practical are always a bonus.


Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers Via Quick & Easy Mother's Day ...

Make a bunch for someone who's allergic to real flowers.


These vibrant felt flowers are not only hypoallergenic, but they also last infinitely longer than their fresh counterparts. You can craft an assortment of blooms, from roses to daisies, to create a stunning bouquet that needs no water and wilts not. The tactile nature of felt makes this a soothing project, and the color possibilities are endless. Whether it's a cheerful centerpiece or a thoughtful gift, these blossoms will add a touch of handmade warmth to any room. Plus, they're a perfect way to surprise your loved ones with everlasting beauty.


Felt Circle Pillow

Felt Circle Pillow Via Felt Circle Pillow - Whats ...
I love this! I think if you could find the right colors, you could do this with a terrific ombré effect


Mini Art Roll

Mini Art Roll Via 101+ inexpensive handmade Christmas gifts ...

Great idea but I wonder why they chose a lined pad. A plain pad would be better for crayoning.


Hot Pad

Hot Pad Via River Rock, Stone, Mat

Glue flat pebbles to a felt pad to add a natural touch to your kitchen? Yes please!


Jellyfish Felt Hair Clip

Jellyfish Felt Hair Clip Via Jellyfish Felt Hair Clip - ...

When you start looking you'll find lots of felt crafts for hair clips - or just design your own.


Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas Via Baby Girl's First Christmas, Wool ...

I know I mentioned Christmas decorations earlier but this is too cute not to share.


Felt Dahlia

Felt Dahlia Via How To Make 20 Different ...

Once made these would look great on a cushion, hair clip, headband or even a hat


Felt dahlias are so charming and incredibly versatile! Add a splash of color and texture to your wardrobe or home decor by incorporating these delightful blooms. The soft, woolen fabric cuts cleanly and holds its shape well, making it perfect for crafting intricate petals. You can mix and match colors for a vibrant bouquet or stick with a monochromatic scheme for a touch of sophistication. Why not create a set as a special, handmade gift? They're surprisingly simple to make and are sure to brighten up anyone's day with their plush beauty.


DIY Felt Garden

DIY Felt Garden Via DIY Plantable Felt Garden Box ...

Gardening without mess!


Felt Play Food

Felt Play Food Via And Next Comes L: Felt ...

Just, quite simply, fun for kids.


Felt Bookmarker...

Felt Bookmarker... Via Cute Valentines Sewing Ideas - ...

Never lose your place again.




Another variation of felt flowers.


These handmade beauties are a delightful addition to any crafter’s repertoire. With a simple tutorial available through the link, you can create your own bouquet that will last indefinitely, with no watering needed! Felt flowers are perfect for adorning gifts, creating hair accessories, or even adding a pop of color to your home decor. The best part about them is their versatility – mix and match colors to suit your style or season. You'll enjoy the calming process of cutting, rolling, and gluing each petal, and the satisfaction of a lovely finished product.


Play Felt Christmas Tree

Play Felt Christmas Tree Via Play Felt Christmas Tree &Frosty! ...

Redecorate and redecorate as many times as they like.


Felt Poinsettia

Felt Poinsettia Via Make a Felted Wool Poinsettia ...

If your fresh poinsettias never last, make one that will.


Embroidered Felt Bird Pillow

Embroidered Felt Bird Pillow Via Easy Embroidered Felt Birds Pillow ...

No need to make a whole pillow. Decorate a store-bought one.


Add a whimsical touch to your living room or bedroom with this adorable Embroidered Felt Bird Pillow. With its charming design, you can simply apply your embroidery skills to enhance an existing pillow, giving it a personal and crafty twist. Whether you're a seasoned embroiderer or trying your hand at the craft for the first time, this project is delightfully simple. Choose vibrant or subtle thread colors to match your decor and watch as the felt bird comes to life, infusing a cozy, handmade vibe into your space.


Leaf Garland Headband

Leaf Garland Headband Via Leaf Garland Headband, Multicolor Hand-stitched ...

So cute.


Animal Felt Masks

Animal Felt Masks Via Children's Woodland Animals Felt Mask ...

These will certainly last longer than paper masks.


Disney Princess Felt Finger Puppets

Disney Princess Felt Finger Puppets Via Digital Pattern: Princess Felt Finger ...

The link will take you to a pattern.


Felt Crafty Activity Pack

Felt Crafty Activity Pack Via Fun Activity pack hand embroidered ...

Sweet gift if you've got a crafty little girl.


Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Fall Felt Leaf Wreath Via Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Celebrate the colors of fall.


Felt Cameras

Felt Cameras Via Fig Milkshakes: FELT like crafting...

It's a cute idea to make gifts of key rings. They'll always be unique.


Felt Snowflake Runner

Felt Snowflake Runner Via Snowflake-Embellished Table Runner

Your own special way to decorate the Christmas table.


Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Via 25 DIY Advent Calendars

Have a perpetual advent calendar alongside the chocolate one.



Coasters Via 7 Gorgeous DIYs for the ...

Protect your surfaces with fun felt coasters.


Crafting your own felt coasters is not only a chic way to safeguard your tables, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to add a personal touch to your decor. Whether you opt for vibrant hues, geometric shapes, or playful designs, these DIY coasters can fit any style. Imagine sipping a warm cup of tea with friends, each with a unique coaster that sparks conversation and adds an extra layer of homey warmth. Plus, they're super absorbent and easy to make - perfect for crafting novices and experts alike.


Felt Crowns

Felt Crowns Via 10 Beautiful DIY Crowns - ...
Add jewels if you like - for the dressing up box, or leave plain - for Christmas; better than those flimsy paper cracker crowns any day.


Felt Roses

Felt Roses Via positivelysplendid.com

What's so great about these felt roses? No sewing!


These adorable blossoms are perfect for adding a pop of color to any project. Easy to create with a simple set of instructions, they can be made in a variety of sizes and colors. The best part is the no-sew technique; using just a dab of hot glue, you'll transform pieces of felt into elegant floral decor. Perfect for bouquets, headbands, or embellishing any craft, these roses offer a lasting beauty without the worry of wilting.


Felt Pinwheels

Felt Pinwheels Via little lovelies: wall art: light ...

A cute idea for a hair accessory or for decorating the nursery.


Phone Cover

Phone Cover Via Green iPod Touch / iPhone ...

Or you could make one for your tablet or Kindle.


Felt phone covers not only add a splash of color and texture but also provide a layer of protective cushioning for your precious devices. With a few basic sewing skills, you can create a personalized case that reflects your style. Embellish with embroidery, bold patterns, or even pockets for extra functionality. They make great gifts too! Craft one for every season or occasion, and switch them out to keep your tech wardrobe fresh and exciting.


Felt Bowls

Felt Bowls Via Sewing Pattern PDF - URCHIN ...
Clever idea. You could make a few to hold your trinkets.

So, are you tempted to try your hand at any of these felt crafts?

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