36 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts That Make Great Gifts or Decor ...


36 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts That Make Great Gifts or Decor ...
36 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts That Make Great Gifts or Decor ...

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be looking for some fun crafts to give as gifts or to decorate your home with. Some of these crafts are super simple while others will take a bit more work. Whatever you choose, you will love creating something that will help you enjoy Valentine's Day even more. Check it out! Your only problem will be choosing which one to make first.

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Paper Heart Penguin

hairstyle,bird,flightless bird,moustache,penguin, Source: Paper Heart Penguin Craft For ...
Your kids are going to love putting together this adorable little paper penguin.


Red Buttons

red,art,organ,design,pattern, Source: Top 35 Straightforward Heart-Shaped DIY ...
A collection of red buttons come together to create a fun little heart.


Key to My Heart

red,painting,art,organ,modern art, Source: Beyond The Picket Fence: Key ...
What a fun gift this would be to give your significant other on Valentine's Day.


Tissue Paper Heart

Babysitting,pink,petal,art,Easy, Source: Valentines Crafts for Kids: Tissue ...
This cute little craft would only take a few minutes to make, but looks really great when it's finished.


From Your Kids

color,red,wall,art,sign, Source: Easy Valentine's Crafts - TodaysMama
This would be such a sweet memento to give parents from their kids.


DIY Heart Tote Bag

pink,petal,art,pattern, Source: Heart Tote Bag — Clumsy ...
It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to carry this heart tote bag around. It would make the perfect library bag.


Love Banner

red,christmas decoration,art,petal,christmas tree, Source: Thoughts from Alice: Rustic Valentine's ...
Burlap and felt are all you need to create this adorable banner. Easy, right?


Table Runner

man made object,floor,table,flooring,wood, Source: 12 Sweet Valentine Crafts & ...
Buying burlap is inexpensive and you can stamp it with red hearts for a really fun table runner.


Growing Hearts

flower,pink,plant,flower arranging,floristry, Source: Good Ideas For You | ...
These cute wooden hearts on sticks make a flowerpot a fun addition to your porch.


Heart Friendship Bracelet

color,pink,art,spring,hand, Source: DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet
Who wouldn't love to get one of these as a Valentine's Day gift?


Use Old Puzzle Pieces to Make a Wreath

necklace,jewellery,fashion accessory,chain,art, Source: mommo design: RECYCLING...
If you're a parent, you probably have tons of puzzles without pieces lying around. Use what's left to make a wreath.


Front Door Wreath

wreath,christmas decoration,decor,christmas,Mine, Source: 10 Fabulous Valentine Crafts for ...
If you like to change out your wreaths for the holidays, this is a great addition to your collection.


Tulle and Styrofoam Wreath

pink,clothing,ballet tutu,dance dress,wheel, Source: Valentine's Day Door Wreath - ...
This wouldn't cost much to make, but would add tons of Valentine's Day flair to your front door.


Valentine's Letters

art, Source: Valentine's mod podge diy craft ...
A few wooden letters from the craft store are the perfect backdrop for making something this adorable.


Yarn Wrapped Valentine's Day Letters

white,interior design, Source: Not A Valentine’s Day Mantel
You can also wrap those letters with yarn to make something that looks like this.


Heart Tree

red,heart,valentine's day,petal,organ, Source: “Two Little Lovers Sitting In ...
This is a Valentine's Day craft that you could leave hanging up year round.


Valentine Painted Mason Jar

Cafè Noir,pink,flower,christmas decoration,petal, Source: Valentine Heart Jars
Doesn't this look like fun? This would be a great gift for your kids to give their teachers this year.


Handprint Flamingo

text,pink,art,font,textile, Source: Handprint Flamingo {Kid Canvas Craft} ...
You could turn your child's handprints into any kind of animal, then add the heart to make it worthy of Valentine's Day.


Chalkboard Spray Paint on a Mason Jar

food,cake,dessert,cake decorating,birthday cake, Source: 3 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas ...
This would be so fun because you can switch up the look of the jars with some colored chalk.


Umbrella Wreath

pink,flower,christmas decoration,floristry,flower arranging, Source: Random thoughts from an incoherent ...
Who needs a wreath when you can have this cute creation hanging on your front door?


Thumbprint Bookmark

pink,art,pattern,lighting,design, Source: Thumbprint Heart Bookmark
Your child can make a couple of these so quickly, he won't have time to get bored.


Valentine's Candles

candle,lighting,ceramic,material,glass, Source: Guest Post: Valentine’s Decor
I love these candles. If you have twine and felt lying around, you can have a couple of them for yourself.


Heart Pillow

red,heart,pink,petal,lip, Source: DIY Felt Heart Craft Idea: ...
You don't need to know how to sew to make this cute little pink and red pillow.


Wooden Hearts

pink,christmas decoration,wreath,art,petal, Source: 22 Valentine's Day Crafts {The ...
A collection of wooden hearts make this wreath super fun and adorable.


These rustic chic hearts can be crafted from reclaimed wood, popsicle sticks, or any spare wooden bits you have lying around, giving them a touch of personalized whimsy. You can paint them in shades of red, pink, or even gold for that extra sparkle. Hang the wreath on the front door or above the fireplace to spread the love throughout your home. Perfect as a gift for that special someone or as a charming addition to your own Valentine's Day decor, this wreath captures the essence of the holiday with a crafty twist.


Red Solo Cup Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

red,art,mascot,sassydealz.com, Source: Red Solo Cup Valentine's Day ...
Your kids will love making this little friend for the Valentine's Day.


Clothespin Message

art,calligraphy,vehicle,You,message, Source: Clothespin Message · How To ...
I can't believe how cute this is! I plan to make these with my kids this year.


Candy Machines

pink,red,food,cake,dessert, Source: Outnumbered 3 to 1: Classroom ...
Can you tell what make these? They are tiny flowerpots painted pink and red. The little glass bowls hold all the sweet candy you need for the holiday.


Heart Caterpillar

pink,heart,petal,organ,moustache, Source: List of Easy Valentine's Day ...
What a great craft to do when you have a lazy weekend afternoon stretching out in front of you and the kids are bored.


Letters for Any Holiday

red,pattern,art,fashion accessory,design, Source: A Diamond in the Stuff: ...
This would work for Valentine's Day, but you could also make it for any holiday.


Valentine's Day Bird Feeders

Care Bears,food,heart,produce,art, Source: Love Birds: Valentine's Day Bird ...
Show your love to the birds out in the yard with this cute little feeder.


Wall Art

red,heart,valentine's day,petal,organ, Source: Sassy Sites!: {TONS OF} Saturday ...
Here's another use for red buttons and scrapbook paper.


Wooden Pallet Heart

red,man made object,surfboard,wheel,surfing equipment and supplies, Source: Wooden pallet heart sm
There's no shortage of pallet crafts out there, and this is just another one to add to your list.


Sweetheart Glass Block

pink,food,dessert,toy, Source: thenymelrosefamily.com
You can find empty glass blocks at any craft store, then you can fill them any way you want to.


Easy Valentines Crafts for Toddlers

play,toddler,child,learning,birthday cake, Source: 7 Easy Valentines Crafts for ...
This little keepsake is sure to be something you'll treasure for years to come.


Heart Frog

green,petal,toy,flower,stuffed toy, Source: List of Easy Valentine's Day ...
You can hearts cut from paper to make all sorts of cute animals.


Front Porch Decor

red,flower,pink,plant,flower arranging, Source: January 2009 Newsletter!
This would be such a great way to greet your guests on Valentine's Day.

What's your favorite thing about Valentine's Day? I love the crafts I get to make with my kids. I hope you found something fun to make on this list. Which one is your first choice?

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