9 Marvelously Clever DIY Mini Bars ...

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9 Marvelously Clever DIY Mini Bars ...

A DIY mini bar is a great project for someone who loves to entertain but has a small space. You can make your own mini bar by recycling old furniture, designing something industrial in style, or even with just a few sprays of paint. To give you plenty of inspiration, we have here a list of DIY mini bars with different styles. Check them out and enjoy your fun home project!

1 Pipe Bar Cart

Isn't this DIY mini bar gorgeous? If you're into exposed pipes and everything industrial, you will want to make a bar cart like this. To make something similar, you will be needing wood boards, steel strapping, galvanized pipes, and connectors.

Source: alifedesigned.blogspot.com

2 Computer Desk Bar

Yep, this used to be a computer desk. There is not much crafting or carpentry involved for this particular mini bar project. You simply have to find the right furniture and fit it with items that you typically find in bars. This particular computer cabinet was big enough to house a tiny fridge. The pull-out drawer for the keyboard is for storing napkins. Clever, right?

Source: sewmanyways.blogspot.com

3 Piano Bar

I bet you didn't think that it's possible to repurpose a piano into a mini bar. But yes, what you're seeing here used to be a musical instrument. The best way to go about turning a piano into a working mini bar is to install lots of shelving. Add wooden boards and those nifty racks for wine glasses. The space at the bottom can be used for extra storage, too.

Source: hometalk.com

4 Half Table Style

Not only is this clever, it's a lovely color, too. This looks like half a table but it's actually made of narrow shelves supported by wooden legs. The shelves are just the right size for a tray of glasses and some bottles of your favorite drinks.

Source: bhg.com

5 Tacked Shelves

This mini bar is a furniture repurposing project as well. From plain and brown, it was transformed into this classy black piece perfect for showing off while entertaining friends. To copy the look, you spray paint shelves black and add silver thumb tacks along the sides. Easy, right?

Source: lovemaegan.com

6 Gift Wrap Book Case

This particular DIY mini bar is similar to the previous project. You start with a bookcase and then redesign it to a mini bar style that you like. Instead of metallic thumb tacks, you will use pretty paper to transform this piece of furniture. Gift wrap was used here but you can also go for scrapbooking paper or even wallpaper.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

7 Gold Cart

Making a mini bar of your own could be as simple as a few swipes of spray paint. Take this classy bar cart. It began its life as an IKEA utility cart. After it was assembled, it was spray painted gold. Easy and fun!

Source: scandalousbeautyonline.com

8 Pallet Wall Bar

Won't this be great for a man cave? This mini bar is fantastic for those who want to save on floor space as well. There is not much construction involved for this project, too. You simply add the copper bars to keep the bottles from falling to the floor and you're done.

Source: giraffe-legs.blogspot.com

9 Fold-down Wall Bar

If you don't like the look of a pallet wall mini bar, you can construct your own. This idea is great because it offers space for cocktail preparation. And when you're not entertaining, you can simply close the bar up. Clever and space-saving --- two things a fun DIY project should be.

Source: turtlesandtails.blogspot.ca

Go ahead and let your inner Crafty Entertainer out. Choose one of these DIY mini bar designs and wow your guests the next time you have a party.

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