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DIY floral centerpieces are great additions to any gathering. They are fantastic for a wedding, a spring party, or any event that you want to look picture perfect. Here we have 9 floral centerpiece ideas that are not only easy to follow but are quite affordable as well.

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Cloche That is one magical DIY floral centerpiece. This looks complicated but it's actually quite easy to put together. You will need only a cloche jar, a slice of tree stump, florist's foam base, moss, and fresh flowers. The tree slice was treated with gold leaf here but you can skip that step.

Source: divinecaroline.com


Floating Hydrangea

Floating Hydrangea While this isn't strictly a centerpiece because it will be floating above tables, I think it's still a great addition to our list of floral party décor. To make something like this, you will need a round florist's foam, twine, and hydrangeas. You will need to take the flower apart until you have smaller stems to work with and stick to the foam.

Source: rusticweddingchic.com



Rainbow Here is a DIY floral centerpiece idea that will not take more than a minute to do. Take some clear vases, add water, add a few drops of food coloring, and display a single stem of white flowers in each vase. That's it, you've just made a gorgeous display of rainbow vases.

Source: paperyandcakery.com



Glitter Just like the previous DIY, this one gives you easy instructions on making the vase for your floral centerpiece. You will need clear vase, Mod Podge, and glitter for this project. Flowers in a single tone will look best with this type of glittery vase.

Source: thesweetestoccasion.com


Tissue Box

Tissue Box Don't you just love easy DIYs that also happen to be fun recycling projects. Take this rectangular floral centerpiece. The box used to house tissue. It was then decoupaged with newspaper strips and then painted with a layer of paint. Drawer knobs were added to the short sides. Add disposable cups to the interior to keep your flowers upright.

Source: cremedelacraft.com


Tea Set

Tea Set This DIY floral centerpiece is so easy to put together, you will want to use this idea for every party that you host. Basically, you will need to find some pretty tea cups from the flea market. Clean them and match the design with the flowers. That's it, really.

Source: thechicsite.com



Birdcage This DIY floral centerpiece is so beautiful. The best part? It's easy to do, too! You simply bunch some baby's breath under the cage and that's it. You might want to remove the thicker stems of the flowers first to make them look nice and full inside the cage.

Source: blog.weddingstar.com


Rustic Rope

Rustic Rope This DIY project is not only easy, it's amazingly cheap as well. In fact, if you already have clear tea light holders, you might be spending only for the rope and flowers. You wrap the vase or tea light holder with the rope using hot glue. Add flowers of your choice and you got yourself a lovely centerpiece.

Source: julieblanner.com


Candle Sticks

Candle Sticks This lovely floral centerpiece needs only candle sticks, a shallow bowl, a florist foam, and fresh flowers. If you don't like the colors of the candle sticks you acquire, you can paint them before adding the bowl with foam to the top and the flowers.

Source: harlowandthistle.blogspot.ca

For your next party or for your dream wedding, revisit these DIY floral centerpieces for inspiration. Not only will these give your tables a pretty touch, they'd help you save money as well.

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