30 Crafts to Show Your Love for Mod Podge ...

By Neecey

30 Crafts to Show Your Love for Mod Podge ...

Mod Podge is a little pot of crafting magic. You can use it as glue - plain and simple, or you can get really creative and let your imagination spirit soar. Need some inspiration for some Mod Podge crafts - read on my friends.

Table of contents:

  1. diy photo coasters
  2. autumn leaf bowls
  3. wall photo display
  4. diy outlet covers
  5. ceramic tile coasters
  6. vintage desk transformation
  7. wood block photos
  8. photo collage letters
  9. mod podge washer necklace
  10. glittery keys
  11. photo key fobs
  12. wine bottle makeover
  13. silhouette collage
  14. marbleized tinted mason jars
  15. diy canvas flower
  16. decorated jar
  17. add glitter to anything
  18. makeover a shelf unit
  19. pimp up a table
  20. redesign a plain plate
  21. yarn balls
  22. letter wall
  23. doily lap
  24. fake oil painting
  25. revamp your footwear
  26. pimped up clipboards
  27. cell phone holder
  28. fabric flower pots
  29. fun face magnets
  30. upcycle old wooden furniture

1 DIY Photo Coasters

product,material,MOD,unsusTRt, Via The Bloated Bride: October 2012

2 Autumn Leaf Bowls

dish,yellow,food,meal,produce, Via 23 Amazing Ways to Use ...

3 Wall Photo Display

art,meal,ugartee, Via sugarbeecrafts.com

4 DIY Outlet Covers

pink,art,material,urrLi,WVIE, Via housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com

5 Ceramic Tile Coasters

art,flooring,pattern,design,glass, Via Cute, Inexpensive, and Easy Christmas ...

6 Vintage Desk Transformation

furniture,iron,lighting,girlinthegarage.net, Via French Decoupage Desk {Themed Furniture ...

7 Wood Block Photos

photograph,art,sketch,drawing,pattern, Via 2X4: Four Creative Ways to ...

8 Photo Collage Letters

font,product,footwear,fashion accessory,brand, Via DIY Photo Collage Letters

9 Mod Podge Washer Necklace

red,food,dessert,glass, Via Coconut Love: Mod Podge Washer ...

10 Glittery Keys

art,MOD,PODGE,oceansidedaydreams,.com, Via 43 DIY Ways To Add ...

11 Photo Key Fobs

product,fashion accessory,glasses,hand,pattern, Via Frugal DIY: How to Make ...

12 Wine Bottle Makeover

vase,flower,floristry,flower arranging,art, Via CHIC.CLASSY.CHEAP: DIY Tutorial: Scrapbook Paper ...

13 Silhouette Collage

color,blue,wall,painting,art, Via Make a Mod Podge Silhouette ...

14 Marbleized Tinted Mason Jars

blue,drinkware,mason jar,bottle,glass bottle, Via How to Tint Mason Jars ...

15 DIY Canvas Flower

black,art,modern art,design,pattern, Via 12 Home Decor Mod Podge ...

16 Decorated Jar

Mod Podge,food,party,dessert,icing, Via How-To: "Stained Glass" Votive Holders

17 Add Glitter to Anything

fashion accessory,tool,bling bling,brass, Via HOW TO: Add Glitter To ...

18 Makeover a Shelf Unit

room,wall,interior design,furniture,window, Via 25 DIYs for Your Rustic ...

19 Pimp up a Table

floor,art,flooring,furniture,shape, Via Fabric-Covered Resin Table Redo

20 Redesign a Plain Plate

blue,jewellery,gemstone,fashion accessory,turquoise, Via 30 Mod Podge photo transfer ...

21 Yarn Balls

branch,light fixture,chandelier,lighting,christmas decoration, Via Glue Yarn Ball Tutorial | ...

22 Letter Wall

font,product,art,party,number, Via How to Make your own ...

23 Doily Lap

Family Feud,clothing,DOL,LAMPE, Via 25 Brilliant & Unexpected Ways ...

24 Fake Oil Painting

First Step,art,design,writing,Make, Via Paper Daisy Designs: Thrifty Art: ...

25 Revamp Your Footwear

high heeled footwear,footwear,red,yellow,shoe, Via 20 Mod Podge shoe projects ...

26 Pimped up Clipboards

art,textile,patchwork,spring,pattern, Via 7 Unconventional Ways to Decorate ...

27 Cell Phone Holder

product,brand,gadget,makeit,loveit.com, Via Top 10 Mod Podge crafts ...

28 Fabric Flower Pots

flower,icing,food,dessert,DIY, Via DIY Terra Cotta Pots

29 Fun Face Magnets

fashion accessory,bead,art,jewellery,body jewelry, Via Fun face glass magnets - ...

30 Upcycle Old Wooden Furniture

pink,product,art,pattern,textile, Via Make an Adorable Upcycled Decoupage ...

How much do you adore Mod Podge?

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