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36 Marvelous Mason Jar Crafts You Won't Be Able to Get Enough of ...

By Lisa

There are so many unique Mason jar crafts that there isn’t enough time to make them all! Take a look at any craft blog or Pinterest and you’ll see a plethora of Mason jar crafts for organizational purposes, decorative purposes and for food storage. The options are really endless! If you’re interested in seeing some creative crafts to make from Mason jars, keep scrolling for the lowdown!

1 Bathroom Organization Mason Jars DIY

Bathroom Organization Mason Jars DIYSource: Bathroom Organization Mason Jars DIY ...
The first of the DIY Mason jar crafts are convenient bathroom organization jars. The colorful jars brighten up your bathroom counter and look so cool!

2 DIY Mason Jar Craft for the Laundry Room

DIY Mason Jar Craft for the Laundry RoomSource: Metrolina ReStores Blog: DIY Mason ...
Keep the change! Now loose change from pockets has its own home.

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3 Embellished Mason Jar Vase

Embellished Mason Jar VaseSource: House Ideas
What a pretty decorative vase! Fresh or silk flowers would look great in this “vase.”

4 Valentine Painted Mason Jars

Valentine Painted Mason JarsSource: Valentine Heart Jars
It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

5 Perfect Bathroom Organizer Solution

Perfect Bathroom Organizer SolutionSource: TODAY Home -
Here’s another idea to help you stay organized in your bathroom!

6 Mason Jar Drinking Glass with Handle

Mason Jar Drinking Glass with HandleSource: Items similar to Mason Jar ...
Add a unique handle to your Mason jar to create a one-of-a-kind drinking glass.

7 Back to School Mason Jars

Back to School Mason JarsSource: Back to School Mason Jars
How cute are these painted Mason jars?! Perfect for desk organization.

8 Patriotic Mason Jars

Patriotic Mason JarsSource: Patriotic Mason Jars Centerpiece
Colorful and festive 4th of July themed Mason jars to keep your party supplies in place.

9 Mason Jar Light Fixture

Mason Jar Light FixtureSource: Mason Jar Light Fixture
Beautiful and dainty light fixture you can make all on your own! This is one of my favorite clear Mason jar crafts.

10 Mason Jar Party Decor Candles

Mason Jar Party Decor CandlesSource: 20 Decorative Mason Jar Crafts ...
Candles have never looked more rustic or inviting thanks to this DIY.

11 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap DispenserSource: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Mason jars also make mighty fine soap or lotion dispensers.

12 Ghosts in Mason Jar Craft

Ghosts in Mason Jar CraftSource: Ghosts In Mason Jars
A fun Halloween craft that you’ll love to display around your home.

13 Decorative Blue Patina Jars

Decorative Blue Patina JarsSource: Mason Jars With A Blue ...
Instead of using plain Mason jars for organization, jazz them up with some paint for instant personality!

14 Mason Jar Light Fixture

Mason Jar Light FixtureSource: Making my spaces my fav ...
These lights look professionally made, you would never guess they were a DIY project!

15 Mosaic Mason Jar Craft

Mosaic Mason Jar CraftSource: Crafts with Jars: Mosaic Mason ...
Gorgeous mosaic Mason jar that would look so pretty on your desk or shelf.

16 Mason Jar Sewing Kit?

Mason Jar Sewing Kit?Source: TODAY Home -
Anyone who likes to sew will appreciate this ultra cute sewing kit.

17 Striped Mason Jar

Striped Mason JarSource: Striped Mason Jar
Paint some stripes on your Mason jar for a totally different look and feel!

18 Mason Jar Twine Dispenser

Mason Jar Twine DispenserSource: Mason Jar Crafts: A List ...
If you use a lot of twine, use a nifty little dispenser like this one.

19 Ombre Painted Mason Jar Entertaining Caddy

Ombre Painted Mason Jar Entertaining CaddySource:
The next time you’re having people over, keep utensils in ombre painted Mason jars to liven up your table.

20 Mason Jar Prism Candle Light

Mason Jar Prism Candle LightSource: Mason Jar Crafts | Prism ...
What a pretty light that’s both functional and chic and one of the best easy Mason jar crafts you'll ever find.

21 Mason Jar Craft Room Storage Idea

Mason Jar Craft Room Storage IdeaSource: Craft Room Storage
There’s no reason why you can’t use different sized Mason jars to help keep your craft supplies organized.

22 Mason Jar Craft Idea

Mason Jar Craft IdeaSource: So many Mason Jar Idea's!
You can use this craft for so many things. Use it to store some pretty knick knacks, store pens and pencils or keep your favorite candy in there.

23 Easter Mason Jars Craft

Easter Mason Jars CraftSource: Easter Mason Jars Craft
Have fun creating these cute Easter Mason jars that make great decorations.

24 Valentine Gift Jar

Valentine Gift JarSource: Valentine Gift Jar
Use a Mason jar instead of wrapping up a present. It’s reusable and undeniably cute!

25 DIY Polka-Dot Lanterns

DIY Polka-Dot LanternsSource: Mason Jar Crafts: Polka-Dot Lanterns ...
If you’re planning some outdoor parties, make these lanterns and get tons of craft cred with your friends.

26 Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft

Beach Inspired Mason Jar CraftSource: Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft ...
Gorgeous beach-inspired Mason jar crafts! This would look so pretty at an outdoor picnic or your coffee table.

27 Citronella Lamp Mason Jar

Citronella Lamp Mason JarSource: Make a Citronella Lamp from ...
If you hate mosquito bites as much as I do, you’ll need this citronella lamp ASAP!

28 American Flag Mason Jar Decorations

American Flag Mason Jar DecorationsSource: Patriotic Sand Art Mason Jar ...
A fun craft to do with your kids that you can use year after year.

29 Mason Jar Candy Jars

Mason Jar Candy JarsSource: DiY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals ...
A fun way to display candy and tempt your guests for any occasion.

30 Fall Mason Jar Craft

Fall Mason Jar CraftSource: Materials: quart mason jar (NOT ...
What a pretty little fall craft to welcome the new season.

31 Valentine Mason Jar Craft

Valentine Mason Jar CraftSource: Valentine Mason Jar Craft
Definitely not your average Valentine’s day craft! A very cute way to show someone you care.

32 Mason Jar Decorative Hanging Vases

Mason Jar Decorative Hanging VasesSource: 20 Decorative Mason Jar Crafts ...
Elegant hanging vases that would look great for an engagement party, wedding or any get-together!

33 Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

Mason Jar Drinking GlassesSource: Mason Jar Crafts: A List ...
Mason jar drinking glasses might not be anything new, but they’re still cute and fun to drink out of!

34 Mason Jar Cookie Craft

Mason Jar Cookie CraftSource: Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
An inviting way to give friends and family cookies.

35 Mason Jar Vacation Jar

Mason Jar Vacation JarSource: Vacation Memory Jar
Keep your precious memories safe and sound with this decorative vacation jar.

36 Mason Jar Decoration

Mason Jar DecorationSource: inspirations and creativity
Get creative with the way you decorate your Mason jars, it makes them that much more fun to use!

Now you’ve seen some pretty interesting Mason jar crafts. They can be used for so many things and in so many ways! So tell me, what’s your favorite way to use and them?

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