Simply Genius DIY Christmas Jar Gifts ...


Simply Genius DIY Christmas Jar Gifts ...
Simply Genius DIY Christmas Jar Gifts ...

I apologize for the numerous jar crafts I post, but I just cannot get enough of them! I dream of the variations that DIY mason jar gifts can be ... and how pleased a person might be to receive one! Of course, perfect for Christmas, but also appropriate for year-round gift giving.

Do you know a gal pal that would never pamper herself? Why not give her a pamper me jar? Do you know a guy pal not able to get into the Christmas spirit? Why not a hot chocolate jar? But those are not your only options! Use your imagination!

Pass The Glitter
Published on Nov 23, 2016

Use the video as your guide, but don't stop there! I have made potato soup mix in a jar for my mother. In the past, my mother received a cookie mix in a jar as a shower gift. I have made toiletry jars. Those are simply 3 options.

Think about what you think would be useful and unique! For Christmas this year, I am helping Santa and Mrs. Claus out by making gift jars...just still thinking about the contents. I would love any comments!

I hope you found this review helpful! Merry Christmas and thank you for watching!

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