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Festive Floral Christmas Stocking Door Hanger Tutorial ...

By Leiann

Halloween stuff is already in stores. So... You know what is next... Christmas!

Most women like wreathes on their front door. But why be the same? How about a "Christmas stocking"? All you need are a floral foam brick, fake poinsettia, a Christmas stocking and 10 minutes of your time. All in favor?

Here you go...

Create at Home with G
Published on Dec 5, 2016

The instructions are so simple.

Also, there are other benefits...

1 Economical

You can buy all supplies at your local dollar store. Sure, you could just buy the finished product in-stores or on-line instead of creating a stocking yourself, but think of all the money you are going to save! You can create them in bulk.

2 Bulk

Create them in bulk! Give them as presents!


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3 Presents

Are you going to be invited to other homes over the hoidays? This makes a perfect Christmas hostess gift, especially if short on cash.

4 Short on Cash

Why not create them and sell as a side hustle? The money is going to come in handy!

These are just a few things that come to mind. Can you think of anything else? A total thumbs-up!

Have fun creating and Merry Christmas! Thank you for watching!

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