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50 Origami Tutorials to Pass the Time or Start a New Hobby ...

By Neecey

Paper folding is an ancient Japanese art and you can make some charming pieces of your own with origami tutorials. From the simple to the incredibly intricate 3d forms, origami is something you can do when you have a few idle minutes, or for hours on end as a hobby. I’ve selected some origami tutorials to show you the scope of what can be achieved. If the whole tutorial isn’t shown, just click on the source link to find your way to the instructions or just type into your search engine origami tutorial and the name of the shape you want to create.


ORIGAMI MONEY FLOWERSVia Origami Money Flowers: Origami

What a great way to make a gift of money. Remember - if you are going to be giving these as pressies, don't follow origami tutorials that involve any cutting!

2 Camera Bill

Camera BillVia 20 Cool Examples of Dollar ...

If you know someone wants money to buy a certain something, finding an origami tutorial to make that item out of bills is a great way of gifting the money.


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3 5 Pointed Origami Star

5 Pointed Origami StarVia Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star ...

Perfect for Christmas.

4 Snowflake

SnowflakeVia Snowflake origami tutorial | Xinblog

Make some to go along with the stars in the previous point.

5 3D Heart

3D HeartVia inspiration

Make a few and scatter them around on Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

6 Paper Dress Folding

Paper Dress FoldingVia Meijo's Joy: A Perfect Dress ...

You could use these on greetings cards, or string them up bunting style for a unique streamer for a girl's birthday party.

7 Calla Lily

Calla LilyVia 海芋的折纸……_来自w昊滢的图片分享-堆糖

You need to practice on a few easier pieces before tackling this one.

8 Giraffe

GiraffeVia Origami For Kids: Make an ...

Actually, I don't think these do look like giraffes much, but still cute.

9 Crane

CraneVia Okato World: Grullas de Origami

Everyone would know how to make an origami crane. (Remember Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor?)

10 Bulldog Bookmark

Bulldog BookmarkVia Fold an origami bulldog bookmark ...

He's a cute way to mark your page.

11 Chinese Dragon

Chinese DragonVia Chinese Dragon origami tutorial | ...

Wow! How long would this take I wonder?

12 Bow

BowVia Lebe glücklich....: Papier Schleife - ...

Great for gift wrapping.

13 Flowers

FlowersVia DIY How To: Origami Paper ...

Apparently, these are really easy to make. Make a whole bunch in a riot of colors.

14 Tutorial: Tiny Origami Nintendo Stars

Tutorial: Tiny Origami Nintendo StarsVia Tutorial: Lucky Origami Nintendo Stars ...

You don't have to make them "Nintendo" - these little 3D stars are as cute as a button.

15 Heart Ring

Heart RingVia Sweet origami hearts ⇆ bloomize

Use these are napkin rings or for party invitation scrolls.

16 Hummingbird

HummingbirdVia Hummingbird origami tutorial | Xinblog

A traditional shape in Japanese origami.

17 Paper Butterfly

Paper ButterflyVia DIY

You could make these in lots of colors and patterns too. Or Choose one in a contrasting or accent color to use with origami flowers.

18 Envelope

Origami envelopes are a nice way to present gifts of money.

19 Bouquet

BouquetVia Google Translate

This would certainly make a change to a floral bouquet in fresh blooms or silk flowers.

20 Money Heart

Money HeartVia Decorative Money Origami Heart: Video ...

This is great because until you look closely, it's not instantly recognizable as money.

21 Mouse

MouseVia Des animaux en origami faciles ...

This so reminds me of Fingerbobs. It was a kid's program on UK TV where the story was told in the form of paper animals.

22 Money Star

Money StarVia Modular Money Origami Star from ...

I love this way to give a gift of Christmas money.

23 Business Card Stand

Business Card StandVia Easy origami business card stand ...

Make one for your desk.

24 Angel

AngelVia ❀ øяıgαмı ❀

Make lots and hang them with fishing line from the ceiling for the holidays.

25 Miniature Paper Shirt Tie

Miniature Paper Shirt TieVia 衬衫…_来自潘雯霓的图片分享-堆糖

Make with dollars for money gifts or from other paper to use on male greetings cards.

26 3d Diamonds

3d DiamondsVia 6 Fabulous DIY Origami Crafts

Can't afford diamonds? Make your own!

27 Bunny

BunnyVia 10 Free Easter Printables

It's not Easter without bunnies.

28 Pumpkin

PumpkinVia Pumpkin - Origami Tutorial by ...

Not good at carving pumpkins? Origami tutorials to the rescue.

29 Penguin

PenguinVia Make an origami penguin | ...

Oh my! He's a cutie!

30 Bunny Box

Bunny BoxVia

Fill with mini chocolate eggs or jelly beans for treats for the little ones at Easter.

31 Toadstools

ToadstoolsVia 【小小折纸大文章】蘑菇~很有爱哟~-嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片,分享你所爱,结识心朋友

Why? just because!

32 Lampshade

LampshadeVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Origami / ...

Such a satisfying project for your home décor.

33 Panda


Show your love for the panda.

34 Heart-shaped Page Marker

Heart-shaped Page MarkerVia Heart-shaped page marker origami | ...

This heart will just love to keep your page for you.

35 Rose Origami Course

Rose Origami CourseVia Rose origami course | Xinblog

They look so realistic.

36 Owl

OwlVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Origami / ...

Harry Potter party - anyone?

37 Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail ButterflyVia Swallowtail Butterfly

An upgrade on the standard butterfly.

38 Pikachu

PikachuVia 皮卡丘折纸……_来自原创钉子户的图片分享-堆糖

Who remembers Pikachu (and why are the hands of the lady in this origami tutorial so yellow ^_^ ?)

39 Koi Carp

Koi CarpVia Dollar Koi Fish origami tutorial ...

Make him in money for luck, or other colors for fun.

40 Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped BoxVia Heartshaped Box origami tutorial | ...

Makes a pretty box for gifts.

41 Hyacinthus Orientalis

Hyacinthus OrientalisVia Hyacinthus orientalis origami tutorial | ...

No-one would believe they are paper until they get up
close. Perfect blooms for hay fever sufferers.

42 Bat


A great origami tutorial for beginners to cut their teeth one.

43 Christmas Wreath

Christmas WreathVia Sandy's Space: Tutorial

Easy to make but so effective.

44 Chinese Peacock

Chinese PeacockVia Modular Origami Archives - Art ...

Amazing! Could you imagine getting so good as to be able to create something like this?

45 Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeVia 【DIY折纸教&#312……_来自阿-笨猫的图片分享-堆糖

Can't have Christmas without Christmas trees.

46 Elephant

ElephantVia Easy origami elephant tutorial

Get the kids involved too.

47 Clover

CloverVia Craft Inspiration Studio | Author ...

Make your own luck with this 4 leaf clover (shamrock)

48 Maple Leaf

Maple LeafVia Maple Leaf origami tutorial | ...

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

49 Cute Bear

Cute BearVia 【自己动手】折纸教程,非常可爱的bear小熊。它纯真可爱,虽然有点儿笨拙但却非常善…-嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片,分享你所爱,结识心朋友

Can you bear to pass on making this little darling?

50 Santa Claus

Santa ClausVia DIY创意家居生活品 碎花布制作经济耐用的围裙教程-手工家

If you're making Christmas trees, snowflakes, angels and stars, you can't leave Santa Claus out.

So – what do you think? Is origami something you’re going to give a try?

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