45 DIY Pallet Crafts to Spiff up Your Entire Home ...

By Eliza

45 DIY Pallet Crafts to Spiff up Your Entire Home ...

What could be more fun than DIY Pallet crafts? If you keep your eyes open, you can often find pallets for free laying by the side of the road or being given away. That means you can make many of these DIY pallet crafts without having to spend much money at all. Go ahead and use these as your inspiration.

1 Planter

Via DIY Vertical Gardening | 8 ...
Rig a pallet to stand up and you can use to plant flowers, succulents and herbs in it. This is one of the coolest DIY pallet crafts around!

2 Coffee Table

Via Crafty Ideas
Combine several pallets to create this fancy and lovely table.

3 Make a Sign

Via DIY Faux Mini Pallet Board ...
It doesn't matter what it says, but a sign made out of pallets is a great way to add personality to any of your rooms.

4 Storage Bin

Via Storage Bin | Do It ...
Take a pallet apart and use the boards to create this wonderful storage unit that you can wheel from place to place.

5 Growth Chart

Via Pallet Growth Chart - Kit's ...
If you have kids, this is a really fun way to chart their height as they grow.

6 4th of July

Via Patriotic pallet ideas - Debbiedoo's
Use a few pallets to make some fancy holiday decor that's both rustic and patriotic.

7 Shelves

Via 24 Olive Street: home
Construct these shelves and hang them with some brackets for pretty storage all over your house.

8 Bench

Via do it yourself bench chairs ...
This is a pretty easy way to make a comfy bench for inside or outside.

9 A Bed

Via sweetsweetsimplicity.com
A few pallets stained and nailed together makes a great toddler bed.

10 Storage

Via Design Squish Blog: PLASTIC ISLAND ...
If you're really handy you can use several pallets to make a place to store books or dishes.

11 Bar Decor

Via Custom order for Rhonda- wall ...
Add a bottle opener, a small jar and a fun saying to a pallet board and hang it in your home bar.

12 Wall Art

Via Painted Pallet Art Anchor Image ...
If you're a painter, part of a pallet is a great medium for creating a new masterpiece.

13 Small Ladders

Via Homespun Happenings: Apple Ladders Made ...
These small ladders made out of pallets are an easy way to reach high shelves or for letting your kids help you cook.

14 More Art

Via DIY foam pallet - Debbiedoo's
With all the wall art ideas out there, you might have pallet art all over your house pretty soon.

15 Garden Markers

Via Homespun Happenings: Pallets
If you have a garden, take a couple of pallets apart and create signs to mark where you've planted things.

16 Carrying Crate

Via $50 Studio 5 Cubicle Makeover
Repurpose an old pallet into an easy way to move books and toys from place to place.

17 Fold up Pallet Desk

Via Get your DIY fix (10 ...
This is genius! It look awesome and it's totally functional too.

18 Garage Storage

Via Organized Garage and Workshop
Put a few large pallets against some pegboard in your garage and you have instant storage for sports equipment and yard tools.

19 Pots and Pans Hanger

Via Kitchen Ideas
Some chains, a few hooks and a pallet and you have a creative way to store your dishes.

20 Embellished

Via Birds On A Wire DIY ...
Paint a pallet, then add embellishments of your choice for a lovely gift anyone will love.

21 Rolling Table

Via 25 Creative Ways to Repurpose ...
You can use this table for plants, books or to carry food from the house to the backyard for a barbecue.

22 Drinks Tray

Via AKM designs and delights: DIY ...
Just a small portion of a pallet is all you need to make this rustic looking tray.

23 Welcome Sign

Via cait + create: Welcome Vinyl ...
This is a fun little sign to put near your front porch.

24 Art Supplies Caddy

Via DIY Craft: Coke Crate to ...
This is a totally cute way to corral all of your kids' crayons, markers and other art supplies.

25 Mantle Display

Via DIY Pallet Wood Planter - ...
I love how different and interesting this little tray is for the fireplace. Put seasonal plants in it or just display your knick knacks in it.

26 Wine Rack

Via Pallet Wine Rack | Furniture ...
This is a great out of the way place to store your bottles and glasses.

27 Bathroom Storage

Via Bread Crate Display Shelf Tutorial ...
Instead of the same old bathroom shelves, consider this segmented pallet craft for easy and unique storage.

28 Garden Path

Via DIY Craft Projects for June
Deconstruct a pallet, seal it and use the boards to create a nice walkway through your yard.

29 Christmas Decor

Via Saturday Featured Favorites and the ...
Pallets are so versatile that you can create a huge number of customized Christmas signs with them.

30 Playroom Bins

Via papapoblog.files.wordpress.com
Instead of buying those canvas bins that fall apart so easily, make your own sturdy versions with pallets and craft paper.

31 A Cute Map

Via livemoredaily.com
Do your home state or country on stripes for a fun decor piece.

32 Garden Planters

Via Farming / Gardening
Pallets are a great way to consolidate your garden and keep it contained for small spaces.

33 Ottoman

Via DIY Ottoman made from a ...
The cushion is so plush and sophisticated, you'd never know there's a pallet underneath.

34 Jewelry Holder

Via Inspiration Friday No. 12
I love the look of the wood with the chicken wire. And what a great way to hang necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Sure, anyone can make a wall wine rack, but this is a fun and cute way to carry wine from your home to a party in style.

36 Outdoor Towel Rack

Via Poolside Pallets – Home and ...
Add some hooks to a pallet and lean it against your pool wall for an easy and clean place to hang your towels.

37 Garden Chairs

Via Trash to Treasure: Re-Imagining Your ...
Probably not the easiest pallet craft, but it's sure worth it.

38 Light Fixture

Via 19 Cool Pallet Projects | ...
Add some personality to your light fixture with a stained board on the ceiling.

39 Wine Rack

Via diyncrafts.com
The addition to the tall nails makes this a wine rack you won't find anywhere else.

40 Bedroom Decor

Via Pallet Wall Art
You could hang or lean this pallet sign in your bedroom.

41 Key Rack

Via {{page.title()}}
You'll never lose your keys again when you have this cute holder for them.

42 Table and Bench

Via 21stcenturymomease.com
This would be a great set for the backyard patio.

43 Coasters

Via Home Decor
Make small coasters out of pallets. You can hang them or use them for your drinks.

44 Outdoor Bench

Via Ideas de una decoración totalmente ...
Make a cute bench, pile it with pillows and cozy up in the backyard.

45 Garden Center

Via Garden
Display some flowers on this, but add hooks to hang your gardening tools and you have a beautiful storage center.

Do you see anything you love? I have a stack of pallets I found, but I can't decide which one I want to do first. Any suggestions?

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