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35 Cute Comfy and DIY Pillows for Crafty Girls on a Budget ...

By Neecey

Throw cushions or pillows (whichever you prefer) are a great way to add color to a room, to pull together a decor scheme, to make a statement or just to make a couch more comfy to sit on. Of course, they're also handy to have when watching scary movies. Ever thought of making your own? Here's some ideas.

1 How to Make a Pillow

How to Make a PillowSource: How To Make A Pillow
Let's start with the basics.

2 How to Make a Zippered Pillow Cover

How to Make a Zippered Pillow CoverSource: How to Make a Zippered
And here's how to make a zippered cover.

3 Easy Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

Easy Envelope Pillow Cover TutorialSource: Craftaholics Anonymous How to Sew
Apparently this only takes 15 minutes to make.

4 Scrabble Pillows

Scrabble PillowsSource: I liked this design on
You could make cushions with any letters you like.

5 Pillow Sleeves

Pillow SleevesSource: DIY Summer Pillow Sleeve
You could make these for various seasons and holidays.

6 Gingham Bow Cushion

Gingham Bow CushionSource: Bow Cushion Tutorial Sewing For
Of ocurse, you don't have to use gingham but it's so cute.

7 Round Pleated Cushion

Round Pleated CushionSource: Round Pleated Pillow Tutorial
Looks classy doesn't it?


CHROMATOGRAPHY PillowsSource: DIY Basics: Watercolor-Inspired Throw Pillows
Can you believe these are made with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol?

9 Burlap Flower Pillow

Burlap Flower PillowSource: shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)
Perfect for a shabby chic room.

10 Macaron Pillows

Macaron PillowsSource: How To’s Day: Macaron Pillows
Good enough to eat

11 DIY West Elm Knockoff Metallic Pillow Covers

DIY West Elm Knockoff Metallic Pillow CoversSource: West Elm Inspired Gold Leaf
Yep - it's gold leaf on fabric - awesome.

12 DIY Pom Pom Pillows

DIY Pom Pom PillowsSource: DIY Pom Pom Pillows
Pom poms always add a cuteness factor.

13 Flower Cushion

Flower CushionSource: mama says sew: PB Flower
I love this.

14 Watercolor Drips

Watercolor DripsSource: Teen DIY: DIY Watercolor Pillows
This uses acrylic paints thinned down.

15 T-shirt Pillows

T-shirt PillowsSource: DIY Crafts For Teens: Upcycle
A great way to recycle favorite old tees.

16 Word Applique Throw Pillow

Word Applique Throw PillowSource: How to Sew a Word
Choose your favorite word.

17 Painted Watercolor Pillow

Painted Watercolor PillowSource: How to Make a Painted
Pastels are always pretty.

18 DIY Felt Scalloped Pillow

DIY Felt Scalloped PillowSource: DIY FELT SCALLOPED PILLOW
You have to love a no-sew project

19 Diy Home Sweet Home Pillow

Diy Home Sweet Home PillowSource: Make a Cottage Farmhouse Home
Doesn't every home need one of these?

20 DIY Stamped Pillows

DIY Stamped PillowsSource: Instantly Upgrade Your Living Room
Looks easy and fun to do.

21 Word Applique Cushions

Word Applique CushionsSource: DIY Inspiration Throw Pillows Tutorial
Put your favorite words on show,

22 Quote Pillow

Quote PillowSource: DIY: Quote Pillows - Momtastic
Make your own and save money.

23 Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows,

Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows,Source: Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows - Tidbits
What a great way to use up old sweaters.

24 Stencil DIY Pillow Shams

Stencil DIY Pillow ShamsSource: Stencil DIY Pillow Shams
Fancy having a go at stenciling?

25 Turks Head Knot Pillow

Turks Head Knot PillowSource: DIY Knot Pillows Tutorial
If you want something a little different.

26 How to Make Tassels & a DIY Pillow

How to Make Tassels & a DIY PillowSource: Rachel Schultz: HOW TO MAKE
Tassels are easier to make than you might think.

27 Dollar Store Bandana Pillows

Dollar Store Bandana PillowsSource: We're going Bandanas! DIY Dollar
A cheap and easy way to add color to your room or pimp up your couch.

28 DIY Calligraphy Pillows

DIY Calligraphy PillowsSource: Bedroom DIYs to Save On
Another option if you want words on your pillows.

29 Anthro Knockoff Heart Collector Pillow

Anthro Knockoff Heart Collector PillowSource: Miss Lovie: Anthro Knockoff Heart
Why pay Anthropologie prices if you can make your own?

30 Diy Lace Pillow

Diy Lace PillowSource: DIY – 'Lace' pillow case
Are you feeling the romantic vibe?


DIY DONUT PILLOWSource: DIY Donut Pillows
You'll have to resist taking a bite.

32 DIY House Pillow Kit

DIY House Pillow KitSource: DIY House Pillow Kit
Cos there's no place like home.

33 Strawberry Pillows Tutorial

Strawberry Pillows TutorialSource:
A change of shape.

34 Glittery Heart Cushion

Glittery Heart CushionSource: high on GLITTER HEART PILLOW
Well you can never go wrong with hearts and glitter - right?

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