4 Totally Affordable DIY Home Projects for a Cuter Cozier Space ...


4 Totally Affordable DIY Home Projects for a Cuter  Cozier  Space ...
4 Totally Affordable DIY Home Projects for a Cuter  Cozier  Space ...

It’s summertime for all of us in the northern hemisphere, which means only one thing:

It’s the official start of the home improvement season! And if you’ve been meaning to get around to redecorating your house or apartment, now is the time! But it can be hard to find affordable DIY home projects.

We all want our living quarters to reflect our personalities and make us feel at home. But when you’re on a budget, it may be difficult to decorate your living space exactly to your liking.

But never fear!

There are tons of totally affordable DIY home projects for even the tightest budgets.

We want to help you decorate and create the living space of your dreams. That’s why we’re bringing you these 4 DIY projects that'll make your home feel cuter and cozier.

Let’s begin!

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Light Switch Plates

This is one of the most affordable DIY home projects. When it comes to DIY home projects, you can never go wrong with giving your house or apartment a fresh coat of paint. But when most people go to paint their walls, they don’t really consider their light switch plates.

After all, there’s not much to think about it. Light switch plates are simple, and their sole purpose is to protect the electric wiring in the wall - and that’s it.

At the same time, light switch plates have the potential to accentuate the walls of any room. So, why not make your walls pop by designing them and giving them a touch of color?

You can paint them and detail them with a sharpie. You can even glue on rhinestones or a layer of glitter for a feminine touch.

Feeling extra creative?

Take a map or a page from a book and coat them onto a light switch plate with Mod Podge. You can even decorate your light switch plates with fabric or tissue paper.

For these projects, you’ll need a screwdriver, a ruler, and a pencil to mark any measurements.


Wall Mirror

Does your living room or bedroom feel small? Are you looking for a cozier and more spacious feel?

If so, DIY wall mirrors not only make elegant decor pieces but they’ll create the illusion of more space in any room.

With that said, there are all types of possibilities when it comes to creating DIY wall mirrors. You can go big or small, round or square. You can even find uniquely shaped mirrors in certain stores.

Once you have a mirror as your base, it’s time to decorate it. Here are some ideas on what to decorate a mirror with:

• Gemstones
• Seashells
• Broken glass
• Wine corks
• Paper floral wreath

A hot glue gun is likely going to be your main tool. However, the tools and materials you’ll need will depend on what you’re decorating with.

When in doubt, you could go the classic route and decorate a basic frame all on your own! If you’re on a budget, opt for an older frame and give it a fresh coat of paint.


Mason Jars

Does your kitchen feel cluttered and disorganized? Do you find yourself having to sift through your cabinets every time you go to find something?

If so, you should make re-organizing your kitchen a top priority. And luckily, there’s a cheap and fun way to do so.

Mason jars are nothing new in the world of DIY home projects. If you have a clutter of spices and pasta that need organizing, it’s time to jazz up a set of ordinary mason jars.

For starters, mason jars make it easy to see the contents of what’s stored. You can go the classic route by leaving them as is. But you can also get creative by decorating them with glass paint or printed paper.

Store anything from sugar and flour to cookies or cereal. Larger mason jars are available at most craft stores.

Organizing your kitchen items into jars is only half the battle. Eventually, you’ll want to take a look at the state of your kitchen cabinets and how to improve their utility.

There are plenty of cabinet ideas that will eliminate clutter and add more space to your kitchen. You could retouch your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, or paint them in an entirely new color! Then, you can finish off the job with new hardware.

You can also add some variety to your kitchen by installing a couple of shelves to the walls. Open shelves, for one thing, are perfect for displaying your mason jars.

You can also bring in a vertical shelf that shelves your mason jars, plants, or magazines. We’ll explore one type of vertical shelf in our next point!


Ladder Shelf

Old ladders are probably not safe to climb. Yet, they can certainly make for affordable DIY home projects that add storage space.

To find an old ladder, you can begin with a thrift store. You can also ask local construction companies if they have any old ones laying around.

The easiest way to acquire one is to post an inquiry on social media. It’s likely you’ll have a friend or relative with an old ladder sitting somewhere in a garage or basement.

Once you acquire one, give it a fresh coat of bright colored paint to go with any room in your home. If there are shelves, feel free to paint them. You could also decorate the shelves with a textile - whichever to your liking.

Ladder shelves make for a fun storage unit in kitchens. But you can also use them as bookshelves or as the main display for all your favorite knick-knacks and decor pieces.

If your ladder doesn’t have shelves, use it as a coat or towel rack.

Sometimes your house or apartment isn’t in need of a complete upheaval in renovations. Sometimes all it needs is a basic facelift. And you can certainly give your home exactly that with affordable - and adorable - DIY home projects!

What are your favorite DIY projects? Tell us about them in the comments!

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