Decorating 🎉 for Christmas 🎄 2018 📆 ...

Christmas is getting closer and one of the most discussed topics at this time of year is decorating. Every year new decor trends emerge and with the aid of social media, they become the new traditions. I have listed a few of the major Christmas decor trends of the year below and hopefully, you get some ideas to make this holiday as special as possible.

1. Unique Christmas Trees

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The traditional Christmas tree is large and green filled with vibrant ornaments that stand out from the typical holiday color scheme. In 2018, two very trendy Christmas tree colors are blue and black. This year is all about experimentation, imagination, and budget friendly extravagance. On the opposite side, alternative Christmas trees are also popular. If your space is too small for a traditional tree or you just want something a little different then consider decorating a ladder with garlands or ornaments, a tapestry with a Christmas tree printed on it, or a miniature tree made of metal.

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