7 Totally Doable Tips to Create a Home You Love ...


7 Totally Doable Tips to Create a Home You Love ...
7 Totally Doable Tips to Create a Home You Love ...

Home is where the heart is, and it really is true that a home is what you make of it! We all have houses and apartments of different varieties, but can you truly call your own a ‘home’? To be a home, it has to be homely, and to be homely, you have to make the effort to add lots of your own personal touches to it. To help you out in your efforts to end up with the person living environment, here are seven tips for creating a home that you love.

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Surround yourself with pieces and materials that you love, and that make you feel pleasant and positive vibes. These could be items that you have collected that have sentimental value for you, or they could simply be things that you see in stores that speak to you!


Buy with Conscience

You will feel better about your home if you have the peace of mind that you have decorated it with things that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Always opt for designers and brands that make a big deal out of giving back to the environment and being responsible with their materials.



Try to use as many natural materials as possible. Avoiding synthetic fibres and toxic paints can help you to create a healthier home. Don’t just think about the outermost surfaces, remember to think about the potential toxins that could be hiding underneath them.



Pay more attention to the lifespan of the things that you want to buy for your home. It might cost more money to go high quality, but that cost works out in the end because the higher quality items are going to last for a much longer time. You don’t want to have to replace things all the time and not be able to achieve a comfortable and consistent aesthetic.


Buy Local

It is always great to be able to buy local and independent when you can, it helps the local economy and gives the things that you buy a nicer, more personal touch. You will be able to look at your rooms and smile about the fact that they look different from everyone else’s because you haven’t gone to IKEA!


High and Low Mix

Décor always benefits from mixtures, mixtures in tones, mixtures in textures, and also mixtures in higher and lower quality. You don’t have to buy everything from a posh designer, a few key pieces that cost you a bit can elevate the look and feel of cheaper bits and bobs that accompany them!



No matter what kind of décor you decide on for yourself, make sure that there is cohesion from room to room. You don’t want to feel like you are walking in to a different house every time you go through a door, because your mind will never truly be at rest with the multiple aesthetics.

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