5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom a Comfy Sanctuary ...

There are two things that your bedroom should be for: resting and making love! Those two things might be diametrically opposed, but there’s no doubting that they are equally important! When it comes to the sex side of things, that’s all about having the right chemistry with your partner, but as for the rest and relaxation, I have a few tips that could be of use! Here are some simple ways to make your bedroom a comfy sanctuary to enjoy some much needed me time.

1. Soft Carpet

Did you know that you have around 7000 receptors on the soles of your feet? This means that what touches them is very important, so to enhance positive vibes and feelings of comfort you should aim to have as plush and luxurious a carpet as possible. If you can’t afford to fully carpet in this fashion, then a great cheat is to buy a beautiful rug to have in the most walked on area of the room!

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