35 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects to Spruce up Your Space ...


35 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects to Spruce up Your Space ...
35 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects to Spruce up Your Space ...

Why drop a ton of cash on decor for your home when you can save cash and have tons of fun making DIY home decor? No matter how inexperienced you might be with DIY projects, it's always special when you make something with your own two hands so don't worry about your projects looking perfect. If you're in need of some new embellishments for your home, don't go shopping until you check out these DIY home decor ideas!

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Mason Jars and Reclaimed Wood

wood,art,shelf,EEL, Via thecatisginger.com
Try this DIY home decor project that will give your kitchen or any room for that matter a cool rustic feel.


Magazine Holder to Shelf

furniture,product,wood,art,footwear, Via Home Decor
Do you own a magazine rack that you no longer use? Then by all means turn it into shelf so you can use it to display your favorite photos and treasured tchotchkes.


Furniture Redo

furniture,room,shelf,shelving,product, Via Organize my life
This next DIY home decor idea is more of an organizing tool, but it's still nice to look at and staying organized is vital to having a beautiful home.


DIY Tree Branch Picture Frames

room,furniture,wall,shelf,floor, Via DIY Tree Branch Picture Frames ...
If you have some extra special pictures you want to display, don't just use any old frames. Create this one-of-a-kind photo frame that adds an earthy touch to any room.


DIY Toilet Paper Rolls Wall Decor Pictures

footwear,petal,art, Via DIY toilet paper rolls wall ...
Turn your wall into a floral fantasy with this creative DIY using toilet paper rolls! Cost-effective and cute.


DIY Monogram Fall Wreath

christmas decoration,wreath,decor,flower,raftaholics, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Home Decor ...
Even if it's not fall, anyone can dress up their door with a unique monogram wreath. This project is really versatile because you easily switch out the flowers according to season.


Beach Inspired Candle Holder

dish,candle,lighting,centrepiece,food, Via 36 Breezy Beach Inspired DIY ...
If you have a room with a beach theme, you need this easy breezy DIY, ASAP! You only need a few items to give your room an authentic beach feel.


Pallet Couch

furniture,room,living room,bed,bedroom, Via 16 DIY Home Decor Ideas
Growing up on a farm, I saw plenty of pallets, but never have I seen such a creative use of one until now! This pallet couch is truly unique and would be easy to dress it up or down to suit your needs.


DIY Beach Lantern

shelf,furniture,room,shelving,lighting, Via 36 Breezy Seashore Inspired DIY ...
Another easy and stylish way to declare your love for the beach life.


DIY Upcycled Izze Bottle Flower Vase

flower arranging,flower,green,yellow,centrepiece, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Vase / ...
If your family drinks a lot of bottled sodas or beers, this DIY allows you to upcycle those bottles while adding some flair to your table or countertop


Old Filing Cabinet Upcycle

furniture,brand,Dos,MON,VEINhH, Via Chalk paint on old Filing ...
Got an ugly, old filing cabinet you can't stand looking at? Don't get rid of it because you can easily add some chalk paint and you've got yourself a "new" filing cabinet that you can use to write your grocery list or to-dos on!


DIY Coat or Purse Rack

clothing,product,lighting,christmas decoration,textile, Via Húsráð, heimilis skreyting, Home Decor
Vintage doorknobs are so classy and they add a beautiful decorative touch to this coat rack.


DIY Wall Art

pink,purple,room,product,font, Via Cute idea!
What could be better than being able to say you made your own wall decor? Express yourself and jazz up your walls with DIY wall decor.


DIY Wall Decor

color,green,eye,modern art,organ, Via Scrapbook Paper Wall Art - ...
Here's another fun way to add some color and personality to your walls.


DIY Vases

meal,mason jar,glass,centrepiece,lighting, Via Living-Room-Design-Ideas.net
This is one of the easiest DIY home decor projects ever! Grab some clear vases from an arts and crafts store and fill them up with stones, dried or silk flowers to instantly brighten up a room.


DIY Welcoming Wreath

clothing,christmas decoration,art,wreath,flower, Via Rustic Burlap, Jute, Pearl Country ...
I love decor that involves burlap and this one is straight-up gorgeous! How cute would this look on your door in the fall?


DIY Wine Bottle Decor

bottle,art,drinkware, Via Reuse Your Wine Bottles!! Gorgeous ...
If you're a wine enthusiast, save your bottles and create these artsy bottles that add fun and color to any drab space.


DIY Monogram Letter

white,art,shape,number, Via Home Decor
If you've got an empty space that just needs a little something, create this simple yet classy monogram art.


DIY Table

furniture,chest of drawers,room,drawer,bed, Via 4.bp.blogspot.com
This next DIY just requires some paint and creativity and you can turn an old dresser into a table for the hallway or living room.


DIY Light Bulb Vase

bottle,drinkware,lighting,flower,vase, Via List of top 15 easy ...
You can never have enough dainty vases and this one is perfect for a single flower.


DIY Painted Glasses

floristry,lighting,glass,ite, Via Home Sweet Home
This is a perfect DIY for a rainy day or anytime you just want to do something artsy. Grab a glass and let your creative juices flow!


Beach Inspired Monogram

blue,art,llNesu,Sta,eghan, Via 36 Breezy Beach Inspired DIY ...
If you love beach-themed stuff but aren't into candles or the lantern, make this monogram letter that you can enjoy anywhere.


DIY Throw Pillows

text,font,handwriting,art,calligraphy, Via media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com
If you're a logophike, this DIY allows you to indulge in your love of words while spicing up the look of your couch.


DIY Wine Cork Mat

floor,flooring,wood,tile, Via Uses for Wine Corks: Crafts, ...
This is for the wine lovers again! If you were wondering what to do with your wine corks, now you can make a cool mat!


DIY House Number Monogram

, Via Woodworking: 17 Great DIY Home ...
Don't go to the hardware store and get plain old numbers to display your house number. Make your house stand out with this chic house number monogram.


DIY Cork Vase Filler

flower arranging,green,floristry,plant,floral design, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Vase / ...
If you have some corks left over from your shower mat DIY, throw them in this vase for a fun alternative to stones.


DIY Chevron Wall Art Heart

green,floristry,art,design,interior design, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Chevron / ...
Chevron and hearts make any wall look so much more girly and chic!


DIY Library Table

furniture,man made object,table,product,shelf, Via Amazing Do It Yourself Home ...
If you just happen to get your hands on a old cable spool, you can make a super cool library table to store your favorite books.


DIY Painted Kitchen Towels

font,advertising,banner,poster,brand, Via DIY Home Decor: 5 Awesome ...
Paint your kitchen towels and let everyone know what's on your mind.


DIY Drawer Bulletin Board

room,wall,art,design,illustration, Via Stuff I wanna do
This DIY is not only clever, but it also looks great! Get an old drawer, cover the inside with pretty paper and you've got colorful bulletin board.


DIY Chandelier Planter

flower,flower arranging,floristry,floral design,How, Via For the Home
Having a unique planter makes gardening even more enjoyable!


DIY Butterfly Centerpiece

porcelain,vase,lighting,ceramic,glass, Via diy home decor
How elegant is this centerpiece? What a fun way to dress up a desk or hall table.


DIY Wooden Polaroid

art,drawing,picture frame,brand,sketch, Via 15 Colorful DIY Home Decor ...
If you have some Polaroids that you just adore, show them off with these chic wooden frames.


Mason Jar Chandeliers

distilled beverage,alcoholic beverage,alcohol,drink,wine bottle, Via Great Ideas -- 21 Home ...
If you just can't get enough of Mason jars, this DIY chandelier would make a gorgeous addition to your home!


DIY Paper Stars Threaded with Twine

twig,light fixture,lighting,branch,chandelier, Via 40 DIY Home Decor Ideas ...
These lights will literally light up a room and make it fun to walk in the dark.

What do you think of these DIY home decor ideas? Will you try one for yourself?

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