53 Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don't Require a Home Stylist ...


Coffee table decor is easy to do on your own and really adds personality to your living room. If you've always thought you need a stylist to show you how it's done, you will be happy to know that that's simply not true. Check out these stunning coffee table decor ideas and you'll be ready to rearrange yours on your own.

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Double Color Palette

living room,furniture,table,modern art, Source: {pineplace}: 'Container Decorating'
Choosing just two colors for your coffee table decor ties everything together so it creates a cohesive look.


A double color palette is an easy and effective way to create a cohesive look for your coffee table decor. By limiting yourself to two colors, you can create a unified and aesthetically pleasing look. This technique is especially useful if you are looking to create a modern and stylish look.

When selecting two colors for your coffee table decor, consider the colors of your furniture and other elements in the room. You can choose two colors that are complementary or contrasting, depending on the look you are going for. If you are looking for a bold statement, choose two contrasting colors, such as black and white or red and blue. If you are looking for a more harmonious look, choose two colors that are similar in tone, such as shades of blue or pink.

When choosing two colors for your coffee table decor, consider the textures and materials you will use. For example, if you are using a wood coffee table, you can choose two colors that will complement the wood, such as brown and green. You can also use a variety of materials, such as fabric, glass, metal, and ceramic, to create a unique look.


Guests' Comfort

candle,lighting,centrepiece,food,flower, Source: How To Create The Perfect ...
When you have guests over, place items on your coffee table that will make them comfortable.


To encourage a warm and inviting atmosphere, consider adding luxurious throws and textured pillows that invite your visitors to relax and stay awhile. A stack of artfully arranged books can serve as both entertainment and conversation starters. For an added personal touch, include a small tray or basket with essentials like coasters, a notepad, and pens, which subtly suggests that their comfort is your priority. Items with soft textures and serene colors will further enhance the tranquil mood, ensuring your coffee table is not just stylish, but also a hub of hospitality.


Decorative Balls

floristry,food,still life,lighting,flower, Source: Home Decor
These cool natural balls look great on a tray.


Candles and Books

candle,lighting,drink,espresso,AMERICAN-, Source: 5 Ideas to Accessorizing Your ...
Nothing goes together better than candles and books.


Remote Control Tray

red,pink,flower,plant,art, Source: andrealeighharvey.blogspot.com
A cute tray is the perfect place to corral all of your remote controls.


Knick Knacks

table,room,furniture,floor,living room, Source: How To Style Your Coffee ...
Scatter a couple of your favorite sentimental pieces on your coffee table.



furniture,couch,coffee table,table,room, Source: Coffee Table vs Ottoman - ...
The lantern on this coffee table adds just the right amount of impact to the room.


Cozy Room

centrepiece,lighting,table,candle,flower, Source: Top 10 Best Coffee Table ...
The sweater wrapped candle holders make this display so cozy.


This cozy room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The centerpiece of the room is a coffee table decorated with sweater-wrapped candle holders, flowers, and lighting. The display creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a cozy night in. The decorations are easy to replicate, making it a great DIY project for anyone looking to add a touch of coziness to their home. With just a few simple items, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that will make you want to stay in and relax.


Little Statue

flower,centrepiece,flower arranging,plant,floristry, Source: House Tour - Clean Cottage ...
The little statue looks great alongside the rest of the items.


Clear and Chrome

living room,room,home,dining room,interior design, Source: lynnmorgandesign.com
The clear vase is the perfect complement for the chrome balls.


Cake Stand

room,living room,furniture,art,flower, Source: thepinkpeonies.com
I love how a cake stand becomes a covered display for bits and baubles.


Add a Live Plant

candle,centrepiece,lighting, Source: BELLA-BLOGIT
A small live plant is the perfect thing to put on your coffee table. I love this idea!


Sleek Tray

table,meal,furniture,flower, Source: Spring Refresh
This tray's sleek design and clean lines is perfect for any room.


Something Big

furniture,coffee table,table,living room,room, Source: Styling Your Coffee Table {Coffee ...
One larger than average item adds impact and gives your guests something to talk about.


White Tray

room,property,living room,home,table, Source: Home Sweet Home - Living, ...
The white tray looks wonderful on the glass topped coffee table.


Tiny Clock

man made object,room,home,lighting,table, Source: Home Inspirations
The tiny clock is the perfect addition to this tray full of cool decor items.


Book Topper

art,pattern,picture frame,AqYS,PHD, Source: future home
A simple little statue keeps a stack of books from looking like they don't belong.


Big Bouquet

room,property,living room,table,floristry, Source: Coffee Table Decorating Ideas - ...
I love how the big bouquet brings color and life to this living room.


Basket Tray

furniture,room,living room,duvet cover,bed sheet, Source: Feature Friday: City Farmhouse - ...
A basket tray is the perfect place to keep your favorite magazines topped with a small vase of flowers.


Seasonal Decor

white,room,living room,dining room,home, Source: 37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin ...
Switch up your coffee table decor to go with the seasons.



living room,room,table,furniture,home, Source: York House
The sparkly little vase really stands out on the mirrored coffee table.



white,room,living room,floor,furniture, Source: Fern Creek Cottage: Falling For ...
This antler just works on this low round coffee table.


Tall Orchids

furniture,room,living room,table,interior design, Source: interior style
These tall orchids tower over the dog statue and I love how the books coordinate so well with both.


Lots of Candles

white,table,furniture,wheel,centrepiece, Source: Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika
A bunch of solid white candles look elegant and stylish on coffee tables of any type.



still life photography,flower,still life,floristry,flower arranging, Source: Beau Lifestyle: SIA home fashion
Could anything be cooler than this alligator (or crocodile) sitting on your coffee table.


Bright Flowers

room,furniture,table,bed sheet,flower, Source: Spring updates az 23
The bright red flowers really stand out against the rest of the neutral items on the coffee table.


Round Collection

food,coconut,produce,wood,textile, Source: Shanty Shout-Outs!! - Shanty 2 ...
This collection of round decor is fun to look at and adds texture to a coffee table.


Holiday Display

christmas,christmas decoration,centrepiece,meal,lighting, Source: HOLIDAY DECORATING
Display a tray filled with holiday decor on your coffee table during the season.


Simple White

Diptyque,white,flower,plant,flower arranging, Source: STEPHANIE STERJOVSKI : CHARMINGS
Keep it simple with a predominantly white color scheme on your coffee table.


Wintery Deer

lighting,meal,food,candle, Source: Beautifully decorated Christmas home in ...
The little deer make me think of wintertime. How about you?


Black, White and Gold

flower arranging,flower,floristry,art,floral design, Source: black + white daydreams
This color scheme is super neutral and looks good in even the brightest living room.


Tree Ornaments

christmas decoration,christmas tree,lighting,branch,Cuckoo, Source: Cuckoo 4 Design: Christmas Coffee ...
Add a couple tree ornaments to a tray during the winter holidays.


Hurricane Candle Holders

living room,room,property,estate,home, Source: thegiftster.info
These hurricanes add impact while the gold bowl gives you a place to keep small things.


Bottom Shelf

table,coffee table,furniture,room,living room, Source: 20 Coffee Table Decoration Ideas ...
Choosing a coffee table with a bottom shelf gives you more room to display your favorite things.


Pop of Color

VOGUE,flower,art,picture frame,The, Source: being lovely: at home - ...
One item in a bright color is perfect for any coffee table.


So Much Shiny

candle,lighting,centrepiece,holiday,christmas, Source: fingertips01.blogspot.com
All these shiny candle holders are so much fun to look at.


Fresh Fruit

meal,food,dish,flower,brunch, Source: Bohemian Photos
You can't go wrong with a bowl of fresh fruit on your coffee table.


Fall Leaves

lighting,lantern,candle, Source: За что мы любим осень
These autumn colored leaves add pizazz to your coffee table decor.


Fresh Greens

christmas decoration,flower arranging,floristry,christmas tree,floral design, Source: My Creations
Fresh sprigs of evergreen boughs are perfect in this wooden box on the coffee table.


This wooden box is filled with fresh sprigs of evergreen boughs, adding a festive touch to your coffee table. The evergreen boughs are perfect for the holiday season and can be used as a centerpiece or decoration. The box itself is made of wood, making it a durable and stylish addition to your home. The arrangement of the boughs can be changed to suit any style or look. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas decor without having to hire a home stylist.


Winter White and Silver

christmas tree,floristry,christmas decoration,christmas,lighting, Source: Anette Willemine: Juleinspirasjon I
White and silver is the perfect combination of colors for your holiday coffee table.


Fancy Books

white,table,furniture,room,living room, Source: HOMEVIALAURA
Display a stack of books that are conversation starters.


Wooden Creature

table,coffee table,furniture,room,living room, Source: Coffee Table Decorating Tips
This cute wooden creature on the coffee table is fun and beautiful at the same time.


Covered Box

white,home,living room,design,interior design, Source: This website is currently unavailable.
This lovely box gives you a place to hide stuff when people come over.


Pink on Wood

pink,party,baby shower, Source: 20 Chic Ways to Freshen ...
For a wood coffee table, pink is a great color for your decor.


Little Chair

yellow,room,art,design,interior design, Source: Blanco Interiores
Something whimsical like this tiny chair makes a fun addition to your coffee table tray.


Silver Skull

meal,table,furniture, Source: The Beautiful Savages: Coffee Talk
I love how edgy this silver skull makes the coffee table look. Especially with the spike details on edges of it.



room,furniture,table,centrepiece,lighting, Source: For the Home!!!
The size and color of these flowers gives the room a romantic feel when paired with the candles.


Snack Tray

meal,table,lunch,furniture,living room, Source: Sobert och inbjudande med inreding ...
Make everyone in your home feel comfortable by placing a snack tray on your coffee table.


Stunning Flower Display

room,lighting,interior design,centrepiece,living room, Source: dropddesign.com
The simple vase full of flowers is easy to recreate and adds so much to the table.


Tie It Together

art,carving,vintage,treasures,Ann, Source: Strategies for Decorating Coffee Tables
I love how the bird on top of the books tie in with the robin's eggs in the glass container.


Something Different

room,furniture,table,wood,living room, Source: cupcakesandcashmere.com
Feel free to add something totally unique to your coffee table.


Little Friends

deer,reindeer,PHOTOGRAPHY, Source: ♥ Fyra årstider - mitt ...
These tiny deer make me smile. How do you feel about them?


Bell Jar

white,centrepiece,floristry,flower,lighting, Source: 20 Coffee Table Decoration Ideas ...
The bell jar covers your knick knacks with ease.

My house is filled with kids and pets so my coffee table is often covered with their stuff. Someday I dream of a look like these. Which one is your favorite?

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I love this! So helpful

I like the white and silver one

I like the Fresh Greens Tray for the holidays.

53 ideas of plants, books and candles!!! How creative.....almost all from Pinterest!!

I love this!

Love all the idea , I have a wooden tray and now I have an idea to be creative and to look great even on the counter table or dining table. Thank you so much 😘👍

i don't like stuff like this on a coffee table, a coffee table is for tea, coffee or any other kinds of drinks. it also looks tidy and neat with just the coasters.

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