9 Rustic Chic Decor Ideas for Your Home ...

Juxtaposing elegance with a weathered, outdoorsy look has led to the creation of the latest design craze: rustic-chic decor. You wouldn't believe just how pretty adding a touch of glam to a barn-inspired room really works. I've put together some gorgeous ideas to help give your pad a down home country feel that's anything but rugged. Take a look at these beautiful rustic-chic decor ideas:

1. Weathered Picture Frames

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An easy way to achieve rustic-chic decor is with large, distressed picture frames. The best places to shop for these (and almost every item for this design style) are at an antique shop or thrift store. Chances are that frames in these stores will already have an aged, weathered look, but if you're having a tough time finding what you're looking for, buy regular wooden frames from the store, paint them in one layer of white, then coarsely sand over the paint for the distressed look. You can either arrange them on the wall with no pictures inside, or change the filter on your pictures to "sepia" for a more aged look.

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