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46 Eye-Catching Party Decorations for Your Next Bash ...

By Eliza

Part of any great party is the decorations, but if you're uninspired by the party decorations at the store, you've come to the right place. Sometimes, you just need some ideas about how to use all that stuff on the store shelves. Here are some fabulous party decorations, many of which are made from everyday items you might have passed up.

1 Christmas Lights

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They aren't just for your tree anymore. Christmas lights are one of the best party decorations. They add ambiance and a warm glow to evening parties.

2 Paper Decor

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One of these paper balls might not look that great, but if you combine several in a few different colors, you end up with this gorgeous creation.

3 Upside down Balloons

balloon,room,play,toy,party,Via Balloon Decoration Ideas - Kids ...
Who needs helium? Hang balloons upside down by strings for a really cool effect.

4 Streamer Rainbow

color,interior design,party,restaurant,Via Rainbow Streamers
Use streamers in every color to create a fun rainbow on the wall and ceiling.

5 Dramatic Table

pink,purple,balloon,party,quinceañera,Via Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Ideas ...
These balloon and streamer decorations perfectly frame the number and the cupcakes on the table.

6 Hanging Palm Trees

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Streamers, leaves and balloons come together to create these trees for your next luau.

7 Pastel Color Scheme

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All these pastel colors are perfect for a bridal shower or baby shower.

8 Paper Chains

party,dessert,food,toy,birthday cake,Via birthday party decoration ... paper ...
Use a needle and thread to create this paper circle chain that makes the perfect garland.

9 Glow Sticks

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Glow sticks in a large vase full of water is fun for a teen's birthday party or a school dance party.

10 Sweet Surprise

food,dessert,lighting,URQU,Via Sprinkle Birthday Party {Details}
The sprinkles in the candle holder is a fun variation on the standard sand or marbles.

11 Hanging Vases

red,centrepiece,flower arranging,flower,floristry,Via Cocktail and Dinner Party
These tiny vases stuffed with single blooms are a great idea for a wedding reception.

12 Collage of Your Favorite Photos

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You can make any letter or number you want to with photos of the guest of honor at your party.

13 Ceiling Centerpiece

pink,petal,flower,food,,Via Holiday decor and more
Bringing the streamers to the middle of the ceiling and covering with balloons is a fun way to decorate so the decor stays out of reach of little hands.

14 Huge Balloon Bouquet

room,balloon,toy,living room,interior design,Via Love the Big Impact of ...
You won't need a ton of decorations if you go with this dramatic balloon display above the table.

15 Ombre Paper Chain

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The paper chains of your childhood just got a grown up boost. Use varying shades to create the ombre effect.

16 Party Decoration Pompoms

flower arranging,flower,pink,floristry,centrepiece,Via ♥ home sweet home ♥
This looks like a party I want to go to! Lots of colors makes this display super fun.

17 Black and White Photographs

font,product,toy,art,lighting,Via Party Themes and Ideas | ...
The brightly colored yellow balloons are perfect for emphasizing the photographs.

18 Bubbles

color,pink,petal,circle,heart,Via Birthday Party Decorations . Paper ...
You can sew these large bubbles together using your sewing machine, then hang them on the walls of your party.

19 Tulle and Lights

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Create this stunning piece by tying tulle around a string of Christmas lights.

20 Table Decor

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This is the perfect decor choice if you are setting up several tables at your party. One one each table unifies your decor.

21 Wrap Tulle around Balloon

flower,pink,plant,petal,land plant,Via Beautiful Party Decoration Idea!
What better way to add elegance to the humble balloon than to cover it with tulle and add some flowers.

22 Doorway Decor

color,room,interior design,lighting,toy,Via Style | Babble
Your guest of honor will love making a grand entrance through this balloon door.

23 Minimal Color Palette

red,pink,petal,flower,christmas decoration,Via Vintage Carnival Birthday Party Ideas ...
Make a real statement by sticking with just two colors throughout your party decorations.

24 Red Carpet Party

clothing,toy,christmas decoration,costume,ITIJI,Via Throw a Sparkling Oscar's Party ...
This fun piece provides decor, but also gives your guests a fun place to take photos.

25 Rainbow Vases

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These party decorations are simple, but they add a lot of impact.

26 Party Banner

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A fun banner brings the table design together and draw the eyes toward the treats.

27 Star Banner

leaf,art,petal,pattern,christmas tree,Via Star Garland - Party Decoration ...
Much like you would with the circle banner above, you can sew these stars together for a really cool streamer or banner.

28 Character Party

cartoon,play,art,toy,illustration,Via Sesame Street party decor ideas ...
Balloons, plain colored paper plates and construction paper make great mediums for creating a character party like this Sesame Street one.

29 Bowtie Silverware

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You can mix and match napkins and ribbons to coordinate with your color scheme and theme.

30 Pool Noodles

color,yellow,orange,light,spiral,Via Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas | ...
These colored pool noodles make a great rainbow on the ceiling.

31 Balloon Photo Holders

room,interior design,party,function hall,EVENTOS,Via 30 Sparkling New Year’s Eve ...
Tie photos to the of end balloon strings for a really different and fun party display.

32 Dollar Store Finds

food,event,Via Surfs Up Birthday Decorations Printable ...
Use dollar store beach balls and straw skirts to decorate on the cheap.

33 Ribbons on Vases

flower arranging,flower,red,floristry,centrepiece,Via The most beautiful Nautical baby ...
Tying ribbon around a simple glass vase lets you coordinate them to match the party.

34 Fall Party Decor

Pumpkins and leaves are perfect for this fall party.

35 Fill Balloons with Glow Sticks

color,red,pink,light,reflection,Via 20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas ...
A glow stick in your balloons cast a fun glow around the room during your party.

36 Confetti Filled Balloons

balloon,pink,toy,party,baby shower,Via 24 Great DIY Party Decorations ...
You can also fill clear balloons with confetti for a fun display.

37 Flowery Letter

pink,clothing,flower,flower bouquet,plant,Via Custom 13 1/2" Floral Letter ...
This would be perfect for a little girl's birthday party, a baby shower or a bridal shower.

38 Fancy Straws

pink,wine glass,petal,organ,stemware,Via Party Favor. Party Decor. Valentine's ...
Adding paper cutouts to striped straws is a fun idea for any event.

39 Princess Party

tablecloth,pink,room,product,textile,Via Princess Party Decorations- Printable Vintage ...
Lace, fancy frames and vintage dishes come together for this totally girly decor display.

40 Strawberry Balloon

produce,land plant,melon,watermelon,food,Via 32 Unexpected Things To Do ...
Plain balloons make the perfect canvas for any number of fruits and vegetables.

41 Black, Red, and White Mouse Style Garland

font,lighting,pattern,design,Via Black, Red, and White Mouse ...
Don't stop with circles or stars - you can make a garland out of any shape you want.

42 Face Wall Decor

design,illustration,Via Halloween Ideas & Activities | ...
Some simple paper shapes can easily be turned into this cute monster face.

43 Mason Jar Centerpieces

lighting,mason jar,glass,bottle,drinkware,Via Search simple images
I think these would look great on the tables during a wedding reception.

44 Rosettes

flower,wheel,petal,art,flower bouquet,Via READY TO SHIP Lalaloopsy Birthday ...
These would look cute in the garden during a backyard summer party.

45 By the Sea

color,green,room,wall,mural,Via Party ideas
Colored streamers, balloons and paper cutouts make this cute and totally original display.

46 Arrows

tree,flower,spring,2IS,Via Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations ...
Use arrows to point the way if you're having a party at the park.

Everyone loves having a party and decorating is one of the most enjoyable parts. What's your favorite decorating item?

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