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44 Cozy Bedrooms to Inspire the Home Decorator in You ...

By Eliza

I love cozy bedrooms! What better place to relax and get comfortable at the end of a long day. Fortunately, it isn't hard to create such a look and feel in your own home. All it takes is some inspiration and some elbow grease and you'll have one of these great cozy bedrooms that you'll never want to leave.

Table of contents:

  1. White and gray
  2. Low lights
  3. Drapes
  4. Cozy nook
  5. Ceiling lights
  6. Fairy lights
  7. Mixed look
  8. Exposed rafters
  9. Elevated bed
  10. Long curtains
  11. On the top floor
  12. Tiny space
  13. Pink color
  14. Big rug
  15. Fireplace
  16. Fill it up
  17. Windows
  18. White wooden floor
  19. Hanging lights
  20. Loads of pillows
  21. Attic room
  22. Cabin chic
  23. Dark walls
  24. Corner bed
  25. Big bed
  26. Sloped roof
  27. Wood accents
  28. Dark wood
  29. Little details
  30. Natural light
  31. Plush blankets
  32. Curtain lights
  33. Fluff all over
  34. Four poster bed
  35. Giant window
  36. Maximize space
  37. Tea service
  38. Gigantic bed
  39. Lots of wood
  40. Big blankets
  41. Wallpaper ceiling
  42. Relaxing colors
  43. Fluffy bed
  44. Shutters

1 White and Gray

Via beautiful cozy bedroom
An easy way to make cozy bedrooms is to stick a color palette and don't get too crazy with lots of hues. The white and gray in this room looks great!

2 Low Lights

Via Ava Living | Darrell Schmitt's ...
Nothing says cozy to me more than low lights that make the room seem warm and homey.

3 Drapes

Via Home is where the heart ...
The draping around the bed allows you to close in your sleeping space. What could be more cozy than that?

4 Cozy Nook

The little nook for books is perfect for making this room a place you want to hang out.

5 Ceiling Lights

Via Dream Bedrooms
The low hanging light pulls the high ceiling down and gives the room a cozier feel.

6 Fairy Lights

Via home
The curtain of lights gives the room an ambiance that just screams cozy.

7 Mixed Look

Via Cozy bedroom | Home Remodel ...
Even with the pops of color and mismatched furniture, this room looks like a nice place to relax.

8 Exposed Rafters

Via Home
The exposed rafters enhance the sloped roof, making this room feel like a place to snuggle.

9 Elevated Bed

Via partial to plywood. / sfgirlbybay
The elevated bed brings you closer to the ceiling so you have that snug feeling when you lie down.

10 Long Curtains

Via For the Home
The floor length curtains tie the floor to the ceiling so there aren't big gaps of space in the room.

11 On the Top Floor

It's easy to see that this is probably an attic bedroom, but it feels cozy, not creepy.

12 Tiny Space

Via Bennett & Ryan's Lovely Light ...
Everything in this room ties it all together. Even if it is a very tiny bedroom.

13 Pink Color

Via Cozy Bedrooms
The light pink color in this bedroom makes it feel like just the place to spend an afternoon reading.

14 Big Rug

Via Bedroom
The big rug keeps the floor warm and makes it appear more plush and comfy.

15 Fireplace

This bedroom is huge, but it still manages to look cozy with the stone fireplace.

16 Fill It up

Via De baldosas hidráulicas
There isn't a ton of furniture in this small room, but there's just enough to keep it feeling cozy.

17 Windows

Via I is for Interior.
I love how the windows open up so the light can fill the room.

18 White Wooden Floor

Via Gravity Interior
Painting the wooden floor the same color as the walls makes this room feel super comfy and inviting.

19 Hanging Lights

Via Home
The hanging lights are low, but they cast a glow all over the room.

20 Loads of Pillows

Via cozy looking room | Home ...
Nothing could be more cozy than a huge pile of pillows on your bed.

21 Attic Room

A cozy attic bedroom like this would be anyone's dream. Don't you think?

22 Cabin Chic

Via would love to be locked ...
Can you think of a better place to curl up on a cold winter's day?

23 Dark Walls

Via Dark & Moody Walls for ...
Dark colored walls in your bedroom naturally make it more cozy.

24 Corner Bed

Pushing your bed into the corner closes you in a bit when you sleep so you feel more comfortable.

25 Big Bed

Via Textural, Natural, and Neutral Bedrooms ...
A big bed in a small bedroom is super cozy.

26 Sloped Roof

Via Charming Nook < 25 Cozy ...
A sloped roof is a great way to lend an air of coziness to a top floor bedroom.

27 Wood Accents

Via scan 005
The wood accents in this room warm it up and make it a great getaway from the rest of the house.

28 Dark Wood

Via Information About Rate My Space
Again, the dark wood in this room warms it up and makes it super welcoming.

29 Little Details

Via Interiors | Gary Riggs Home
The little details like the bench and side chair make this room seem less cavernous.

30 Natural Light

Letting in as much natural light as possible makes any room seem cozy.

31 Plush Blankets

That blanket just makes me want to crawl into this bed and take a nap.

32 Curtain Lights

Via For my loveshack
The lights on the curtains helps counteract the harshness of the paint color.

33 Fluff All over

Via Think Decor &mdash; myidealhome: all ...
There is a ton of texture in this room, which makes it look ultra cozy.

34 Four Poster Bed

Via youth novels
The four poster bed makes the entire room look a little more comfy and close together, despite the high ceilings.

35 Giant Window

Via Decorating
Highlighting a large window makes this room inviting and cute.

36 Maximize Space

Via Gravity Interior
This room is small and minimal, but the set up still makes it look comfy.

37 Tea Service

Via - decoratingo Resources and ...
A cup of tea in bed? Now that's cozy!

38 Gigantic Bed

Via The Moose | heyyyjulie: It’s ...
There might not be room for much else in this bedroom, but that's what makes it so perfect.

39 Lots of Wood

Via Inspiring Rustic Bedroom Ideas to ...
All the wood makes this room seem like a cabin in the woods. How cozy!

40 Big Blankets

Via Follow Dreaming In blue
I like how the blankets drape to the floor. You'll never have to worry about being uncovered.

41 Wallpaper Ceiling

Via Beautiful Bedrooms
Putting the same wallpaper on the ceiling as is on the walls is a great way to bring this entire room together.

42 Relaxing Colors

Via Color My Life
Making your dominant color a relaxing one, like this blue-green, is an instant way to make the room cozy.

43 Fluffy Bed

I would have a very hard time making myself get out of this cozy bed.

44 Shutters

Via White Slipcovered Sofas, Warm and ...
The adorable shutters let in just the right amount of light.

Don't you just adore a nice cozy space to call your own? What does your dream bedroom have in it?

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