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Get Decor Inspiration from These Lovely Living Rooms ...

By Teresa

I'm a sucker for a beautiful living room! Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where everyone congregates and it needs to be a warm and inviting space. If you're looking for inspiration for your own living room, look no further than this list!

1 Gallery Wall Hack

Gallery Wall HackMake your life easier with this simple gallery wall hack! Hang two shelves and place your pictures on those!

2 Make It Cozy

Make It CozyAdding poufs to the room adds so much comfort and warmth to a room.

3 Rustic and Color

Rustic and ColorI love the rustic wood paired against the bright colors.

4 Bring in the Neutrals

Bring in the Neutrals"Greige" looks so great in a living room setting.

5 Wall of Windows

Wall of WindowsI think my heart just stopped over this gorgeous wall of windows, and the living room isn't half bad either!

6 Make a Small Space Cozy

Make a Small Space CozyMake a small space cozy by adding pillows and blankets everywhere.

7 Bohemian

BohemianDon't you love this boho take on a living room?

8 Warm Tones

Warm TonesThese warm tones are so inviting!

9 Elegant and Chic

Elegant and ChicThis living room is perfect for the elegant style in all of us!

10 Gray and White

Gray and WhiteThis gray couch looks perfect in this living room of white. It's such a great contrast.

11 Natural Color Palette

Natural Color PaletteThese natural colors make the space so inviting!

12 Tiny Entryway

Tiny EntrywayMake an entryway in your living room with this cute inspiration.

13 Metallics

MetallicsDon't you love the metallics in this room?

14 Oversized Accessories

Oversized AccessoriesOversized accessories add such a great touch of drama!

15 Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living RoomIf you live somewhere where it's possible, bring your living room outdoors!

16 Purple Hues

Purple HuesThis outdoor living room is made even better with a purple color scheme!

17 Go Neutral

Go NeutralThe neutrals in this room are so calming.

18 Mediterranean-Inspired

Mediterranean-InspiredThe blues in this room look so great when paired next to the blue of the water!

19 Clean Lines

Clean LinesAren't the clean lines of this room just so pretty?

20 Add a Mirror

Add a MirrorAdding a mirror wall makes a room look like you spent so much more money to decorate than you actually did!

21 Whites and Grays

Whites and GraysI'm obsessed with the different shades of white and gray in this room!

22 Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse ChicI love the natural look of the decor in this room!

23 Dramatic Ceilings

Dramatic CeilingsThese tall, dramatic ceilings are so stunning!

24 Bring in Color

Bring in ColorBring in some color with accessories!

25 White Living Room

White Living RoomThis looks like it came straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie!

26 Beach Colors

Beach ColorsThe blue and beige make me feel like I'm on the beach!

27 Minimalist Chic

Minimalist ChicI love the different Parisian elements to this space!

What are your favorite rooms on this list? I don't think I can pick just one favorite! Let me know in the comments!

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