Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas You Should Steal ...


Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas You Should Steal ...
Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas You Should Steal ...

I'm really into the shabby chic décor trend. No duh, right? It's just that it's such a great way to furnish your home on a budget. If you have an eye for picking out the right pieces, if you're handy with a few easy-to-use tools, and if you're creative when it comes to sanding, painting, and things like that, you can do so much with so little. I'm ready to steal all these ideas to decorate the rooms in my house. Maybe you'll want to steal a few of them, too.

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This Kitchen Shelf

This Kitchen Shelf The color is adorable. The crockery is adorable. The idea is genius. Seriously, if you have a small kitchen without a lot of storage, a shelf like this can hang right on the wall.


French Bed

French Bed French Provincial furniture works perfectly with the shabby chic trend. This is the kind of bed that practically ensures sweet dreams.


This Living Room

This Living Room Everything about this room is perfection, but I am especially living for that clock. I need that.


This Nightstand

This Nightstand Now, here's the key thing to remember about shabby chic décor: you can get inventive with anything. You can turn anything into something pretty yet practical.


This Bedroom

This Bedroom Oh, that canopy! You know, if you're handy, it's actually fairly easy to turn any bed into a canopy bed.


… or This One

… or This One Pay special attention to the accent chair in this lovely scene. Accent chairs can easily become nightstands, shelves, or accent tables. You're welcome.


This Writing Desk

This Writing Desk This is gorgeous, partly because it's so simple. Even the refurbishing technique here is simple.


This Bathroom Décor

This Bathroom Décor Yep. Sometimes all it takes is a simple basket or shelf.


This Bookcase

This Bookcase Doesn't much look like a bookcase, does it? If you have a piece like this, I promise you'll be the only one in the neighborhood who does.


This Ceiling

This Ceiling Lots of people make the mistake of neglecting the ceiling. However, it's surprisingly easy to shabby chic, plus it adds a layer of texture to any room.


Or This Living Room

Or This Living Room Can you pick out all the fab shabby touches? And can I just say that displaying your clothes is an excellent way to decorate while simultaneously saving closet space?


This Kitchen

This Kitchen Oh, this kitchen! The table, the chairs, the cabinets, the clock, and those lights – I just want to live my whole life in this kitchen, tbh.


This Porch

This Porch Actually, scratch that, I want to live my whole life on this porch. Isn't this the most perfect porch you've ever seen?


This Swing

This Swing And a swing is the must-have accessory for any porch.


These Planters

These Planters Throw in a few planters so your porch life is full of flowers and greenery.


This Hutch

This Hutch You could also use something like this in the bathroom – for the linen.


This Entrance

This Entrance What better way to welcome people into your home?

Are you on board with the shabby chic trend or do you prefer a more polished aesthetic?

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This is soooo beautiful! Warm and welcoming... When I see this things I reaffirm why I hate modern, minimalist decoration.

Aww it looks soo cozy

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