17 Creative Home Decor Inspos Bookworms Will Go Crazy for ...

By Lyndsie

17 Creative  Home Decor  Inspos Bookworms  Will Go Crazy  for ...

I love books. Reading is my favorite thing. It's an escape. Books are magical. They let you experience worlds and cultures and adventures you never even imagined. As much as I hate sacrificing books, even when they're old and dog-eared, I love them so much that I adore decorating with them, too. Being surrounded by books, by words and sentences and prose … it makes me feel peaceful, protected, and at ease. Maybe these projects will make you feel the same way.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Book Page Flowers
  2. 2. Book Purse DIY
  3. 3. A Hollowed-out Hiding Place
  4. 4. Paper Book Ghosts
  5. 5. Vintage-Inspired "Grape Vine" Wreath
  6. 6. Or Something a Little More Three-dimensional
  7. 7. Book Page Garland
  8. 8. Book Page Spheres
  9. 9. Book Page Pumpkin
  10. 10. Book Page Ribbons for Gifts
  11. 11. Book Page Candles
  12. 12. Book Page Heart Art
  13. 13. The Perfect Envelope
  14. 14. Gorgeous Gift Bags
  15. 15. Decoupage
  16. 16. Book-based Birdhouses
  17. 17. Encyclopedia Page Silhouettes

1 Book Page Flowers

Book Page Flowers How to do it: oncarstyles.com

These are lovely! You could make such a wonderful little book nook or accent piece. Best advice? Use damaged books. I have a bunch that I've either dropped in the bathtub or left within the reach of a dog.

2 Book Purse DIY

Book Purse DIY How to do it: abeautifulmess.com

Book purses are adorable, but they're pricey, even on Etsy. Sooo … why not make one yourself? And okay, so this isn't decor, but what can I say? I love book purses.

3 A Hollowed-out Hiding Place

A Hollowed-out Hiding Place How to do it: forthemakers.com

The thought of sacrificing a book to this project makes me sad, but at the same time, I love the idea. This is exactly the kind of book-box Heather used when she proposed!

4 Paper Book Ghosts

Paper Book Ghosts How to do it: allthingsusblog.com

Why not make Halloween a little more literary this year?

5 Vintage-Inspired "Grape Vine" Wreath

Vintage-Inspired "Grape Vine" Wreath How to do it: apieceofrainbow.com

This is the kind of wreath you can keep up all year long!

6 Or Something a Little More Three-dimensional

Or Something a Little More Three-dimensional How to do it: goingreno.com

I kind of prefer this one. The pages look like calla lilies.

7 Book Page Garland

Book Page Garland How to do it: designdininganddiapers.com

This is lovely! Another great project for a book you can't salvage.

8 Book Page Spheres

Book Page Spheres How to do it: savedbylovecreations.com

Aw, they look like little roses. Love the pearls in the centers!

9 Book Page Pumpkin

Book Page Pumpkin How to do it: creationsbykara.com

See? Tell me a book-themed Halloween isn't a hauntingly adorable idea!

10 Book Page Ribbons for Gifts

Book Page Ribbons for Gifts How to do it: craftinomicon.blogspot.com

More apt: use the dust covers from your hardbacks.

11 Book Page Candles

Book Page Candles How to do it: craftandcreativity.com

This is especially lovely if you do it with illustrated pages. You'll end up with one-of-a-kind candles!

12 Book Page Heart Art

Book Page Heart Art How to do it: twelveonmain.com

All you have to do is roll up the pages and arrange them into a heart shape. Easy!

13 The Perfect Envelope

The Perfect Envelope How to do it: thepostmansknock.com

Actually, you can use any kind of paper-based material – maps, book pages, posters.

14 Gorgeous Gift Bags

Gorgeous Gift Bags How to do it: craftandcreativity.com

If you're having a book-themed birthday party, shower, or wedding, this is an easy, inexpensive idea for guests' gift bags!

15 Decoupage

Decoupage How to do it: sewforsoul.blogspot.co.uk

This is for Easter eggs, but you decoupage ornaments of all kinds. Ditto table tops, shelves, and just about anything else.

16 Book-based Birdhouses

Book-based Birdhouses How to do it: thisintothat.com

What bird wouldn't want to live in a house of books? However, you can also save this for yourself. Keep it inside. Just display it.

17 Encyclopedia Page Silhouettes

Encyclopedia Page Silhouettes How to do it: craftedniche.com

Oh, these are adorable. I need to copy this idea!

Do you decorate with books?

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