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17 Creative Home Decor Inspos Bookworms Will Go Crazy for ...

By Lyndsie

I love books. Reading is my favorite thing. It's an escape. Books are magical. They let you experience worlds and cultures and adventures you never even imagined. As much as I hate sacrificing books, even when they're old and dog-eared, I love them so much that I adore decorating with them, too. Being surrounded by books, by words and sentences and prose … it makes me feel peaceful, protected, and at ease. Maybe these projects will make you feel the same way.

1 Book Page Flowers

Book Page FlowersHow to do it:

These are lovely! You could make such a wonderful little book nook or accent piece. Best advice? Use damaged books. I have a bunch that I've either dropped in the bathtub or left within the reach of a dog.

2 Book Purse DIY

Book Purse DIYHow to do it:

Book purses are adorable, but they're pricey, even on Etsy. Sooo … why not make one yourself? And okay, so this isn't decor, but what can I say? I love book purses.

3 A Hollowed-out Hiding Place

A Hollowed-out Hiding PlaceHow to do it:

The thought of sacrificing a book to this project makes me sad, but at the same time, I love the idea. This is exactly the kind of book-box Heather used when she proposed!

4 Paper Book Ghosts

Paper Book GhostsHow to do it:

Why not make Halloween a little more literary this year?

5 Vintage-Inspired "Grape Vine" Wreath

Vintage-Inspired "Grape Vine" WreathHow to do it:

This is the kind of wreath you can keep up all year long!

6 Or Something a Little More Three-dimensional

Or Something a Little More Three-dimensionalHow to do it:

I kind of prefer this one. The pages look like calla lilies.

7 Book Page Garland

Book Page GarlandHow to do it:

This is lovely! Another great project for a book you can't salvage.

8 Book Page Spheres

Book Page SpheresHow to do it:

Aw, they look like little roses. Love the pearls in the centers!

9 Book Page Pumpkin

Book Page PumpkinHow to do it:

See? Tell me a book-themed Halloween isn't a hauntingly adorable idea!

10 Book Page Ribbons for Gifts

Book Page Ribbons for GiftsHow to do it:

More apt: use the dust covers from your hardbacks.

11 Book Page Candles

Book Page CandlesHow to do it:

This is especially lovely if you do it with illustrated pages. You'll end up with one-of-a-kind candles!

12 Book Page Heart Art

Book Page Heart ArtHow to do it:

All you have to do is roll up the pages and arrange them into a heart shape. Easy!

13 The Perfect Envelope

The Perfect EnvelopeHow to do it:

Actually, you can use any kind of paper-based material – maps, book pages, posters.

14 Gorgeous Gift Bags

Gorgeous Gift BagsHow to do it:

If you're having a book-themed birthday party, shower, or wedding, this is an easy, inexpensive idea for guests' gift bags!

15 Decoupage

DecoupageHow to do it:

This is for Easter eggs, but you decoupage ornaments of all kinds. Ditto table tops, shelves, and just about anything else.

16 Book-based Birdhouses

Book-based BirdhousesHow to do it:

What bird wouldn't want to live in a house of books? However, you can also save this for yourself. Keep it inside. Just display it.

17 Encyclopedia Page Silhouettes

Encyclopedia Page SilhouettesHow to do it:

Oh, these are adorable. I need to copy this idea!

Do you decorate with books?

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