7 Useful Creative Ways to Display Books ...


7 Useful  Creative Ways to Display Books ...
7 Useful  Creative Ways to Display Books ...

Many of you, myself included, are probably in need of finding useful yet creative ways to display books! If you have way too many books that are haphazardly stored and just taking up a lot of space, then you need a fantastic way to show off your books. Even if you don't love to read, you can still harness your creative side and use your many books as a decorative piece in your home. Here are some useful and creative ways to display books that should allow you to reduce clutter and create beauty all at the same time!

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Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf I love the idea of using an old industrial pipe as a wall hanging and then using it as a storage place for your favorite reading material. You can even add accessories to the ends of the piping to make it more attractive and fun- select door knobs, fabric pieces, or you could even add you own book ends for more stability and space. Using an industrial pipe as one of the ways to display books is not only economical but also fun and creative!


Old File Cabinet Drawer

Old File Cabinet Drawer Another way to recycle something old and make use of it, is to utilize an old file cabinet drawer and turning it so the handle faces the top and you're left with empty space to stack books. These can be found cheaply at flea markets, garage sales, rummage sales, and thrift stores. Paint the outside of the cabinet drawer for some added color and then stack your books for the finished look!


Decorative Accent for a Side Table

Decorative Accent for a Side Table If you don't have little kiddos at home, this is a cute and chic way to display a few select books of interest. I love the look of thick art books stacked as a center piece on a coffee table with a candle or small plant on top. Another idea is using poetry books or short stories and stacking them on a side table next to a lamp. You can leave them be, read them at your leisure, or allow guests to explore them!


A Rustic Ladder

A Rustic Ladder Wooden ladders are perfect for storing books and small accent pieces and with the steps stratigically located, it has the perfect amount of space! You can mount it in a wall either length or width wise, or lean it up against a bare wall for a rustic look! If you want a pop of color, you could paint the ladder to match your color scheme.


Simple Wall Bookshelf

Simple Wall Bookshelf Simplicity is really pretty, modern and clean looking. Simple wall shelving reduces clutter while being super practical. Mount just single slats of shelves in an area that's easy to access and suitable for reading. Great places for simple wall bookshelves would be by a large window or in a bedroom or office. Don't forget to spice it up with small nicknacks and decorative accents!


Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates Wooden crates are so cool and useful! They stack easily, make a great end table, and mount on the wall with ease as well. There is a lot of storage space within wooden crates that makes them a useful tool for decluttering your home and creating character.


Reading Nook Book Shelf

Reading Nook Book Shelf And finally, the most useful and classic way to display books is on a reading nook book shelf. Generally, enclosed shelves are mounted on a wall surrounding a large window reading area. Reading nooks are so dreamy and provide you with ample space to store as many books as you desire!

It's always a fabulous idea to combine practicality and functionality with aesthetics and design. I don't particularly like to read often but enjoy the way books look when displayed in a unique way! Do you have any other book display ideas that you'd like to share?

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great ideas👍

those might work if you don't read. none are large enough for my books.


7 is the only one that can fit my book collection. all this is only good if you have a stash somewhere else or only have few books. they all look good though.

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