7 Inspirational Ideas for a Writing Room ...


7 Inspirational Ideas for a Writing Room ...
7 Inspirational Ideas for a Writing Room ...

A new-found independence has presented me with the opportunity to design my own space, therefore allowing me to share a variety of inspirational ideas for a writing room. The importance of a comfortable and stimulating working environment cannot be overlooked, particularly for a discipline such as writing, which at times can feel like a lonely place when words are not leaping out onto the page. As a writer, I need to rely on inspiration to help me mastermind pieces of work and this has helped form the foundations behind my thinking and ideas for a writing room. Writer’s block is always a condition in the back (and front) of my mind that I fear regularly, so it is imperative that the setting can provide a source of comfort when the going gets tough.

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Utilise the Space

My first thoughts were based on utilising the space I have to its maximum potential, which then provided me with the vision to implement my ideas for a writing room. Not every home is blessed with ample amounts of space and naturally it is something that all writers crave. This process will help you prioritise what you require in your room in order for you and your work to prosper. You may not be able to fit everything you want into your room, but the sense of organisation and lack of clutter will give you an overwhelming feeling of space without compromising on the impact of the surroundings.


Creating a writing room can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. However, with a little bit of creativity and planning, you can create a space that is both inspiring and comfortable for writing.

When designing your writing room, consider the type of atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a bright and airy space or a cozy and comfortable one? Think about the colors and textures that will help you create the atmosphere you’re going for. Choose furniture that is comfortable and allows you to work in different positions, as well as storage solutions for books, papers, and other materials.

Lighting is also important for creating the right atmosphere. Natural light is best, but if you don’t have access to it, consider adding lamps or overhead lighting to the room. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more private space, consider adding curtains or blinds to the windows.


Let There Be Light

Warm tones and natural light are uplifting. When you walk into your writing room, you want to be elevated to reach for another creative level in your pursuit of literary perfection. Dark colours on the walls will bring drama to your walls and impact on the mood, but not in an inspirational way. I am a self-confessed night owl, but it is always a struggle to work in dark surroundings, so use light colours that can instigate high levels of productivity.


Another important aspect to consider when designing your writing room is the use of natural light. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can improve mood, increase productivity, and even boost creativity. Therefore, it is essential to have windows or skylights in your writing room to bring in as much natural light as possible. Additionally, using light, neutral colors on the walls can help reflect and enhance the natural light, making your writing space feel bright and inviting. This is especially important for those who prefer to work during the day or in well-lit environments. By incorporating natural light into your writing room, you can create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to your creative process.


Memories of Family and Friends

The unconditional love shown by my family and closest friends is something that I have always been grateful for. They support you when you are down and can provide that all important piece of advice when you are faced with a crucial decision in your life. Grace the walls with pictures and memoirs of them to give your room a personal touch.


Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes never fail to inspire me. I hold a philosophical view when it comes to life, and motivational sayings are well within view when I am putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard. An example of one of the quotes that adorns my writing room is ‘stars can’t shine without darkness.’ Do you feel inspired?



I like to have music playing quietly in the background when I am writing as I find it more of an inspiration than I do a distraction, but for the majority of writers they will be hoping for complete serenity. Therefore, my music system is within reach and my CD library in alphabetical order. Other significant factors to consider when it comes to noise are ensuring the room is away from busy roads. My room is at the back of the house so all I hear are the fulfilling sounds of nature, such as birds singing and the wind whistling. Peace and tranquillity – what could be better?


A Chair to Relax

Every writer needs time to recuperate and relax given the mental energy that is so often exerted. The reworking of sentences, the checks for spelling mistakes and the quest for punctuation perfection will drain the most resilient of minds. I have positioned a chaise longue in the corner of my writing room to allow me time to recapture my writing edge when the inevitable creative hurdle of writer’s block comes to the fore. Why not grab yourself a cup of tea in the meantime?



Unintentionally, I did mention my OCD earlier in the article when I discussed the alphabetical organisation of my music collection. However, there is nothing more frustrating for a writer than when they cannot find a specific device, book or tool that they require. Make sure your essentials are within easy reach and that everything has a place. The trick is to have sufficient storage whilst still maintaining plenty of space so that you do not feel hemmed in.

It is crucial for any serious writer to create a space of complete calm, which will allow the opportunity for total efficiency. Feel content, ensure you are comfortable and be creative. What other key aspects should be considered when decorating and designing a writing room?

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Artwork or a calendar. Something else to stare at for those times we have writers block.


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