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There was a time, not so long ago, when stencil projects were the total in thing of the interior design world. They may not be such a hot trend these days but with any color, any design and any material practically able to be given the stenciling treatment, it’s a technique that won’t die. And with the right project and your imagination and creativity, you can fit stencils into any décor theme. Here’s some stencil projects that might inspire you to give it a go.

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Stencil Pillow

Stencil Pillow Via 17 Decorative Paint Makeover Ideas

With a cute stencil and a can of spray paint, you can transform a plain pillow. Cushions and pillows make easy stencil projects.


Stencil Stairs

Stencil Stairs Via Staircase Obsessions

What an amazing effect! Don't know what stencil or colors to use? Use them all.


Side Table

Side Table Via Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...

Pick up a side table, console table or coffee table from a thrift store or yard sale and transform it.


Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Via DIY: Stenciled Shower Curtain using ...

Can't find the perfect shower curtain to match your bathroom? Stencil one! You can even make your own curtain to stencil using drop cloth fabric.


Stencil Chest

Stencil Chest Via Wall & Furniture Stencil Project ...

From junk to shabby chic.


Folk Art

Folk Art Via Folk Art Easy to Paint

You get a totally unique look using book pages or sheet music.


Stencil Jars

Stencil Jars Via Glass Painting - Martha Stewart ...

Upscale your storage jars with some stenciled words.


Stencil Rug

Stencil Rug Via DIY Stenciled Rug :: YummyMummyClub.ca

I never, ever thought about stenciling a rug.


Projected Stencil

Projected Stencil Via Classy Clutter: How to paint ...

Another great idea. If you want to stencil a whole wall, project your image and then fill it in. Image can be a picture, pattern or even words.


Stencil Plates

Stencil Plates Via Handmade Charlotte Decorative Bohemian Elephant ...

Boring white plates make great stenciling projects


Stencil Sign

Stencil Sign Via DIY Pallet Wood Ombre Sign ...

Stencil signs can be used all around the home for decorative or information purposes.


Stenciled Floor

Stenciled Floor Via Flower Stencils | Flourish Allover ...

Wow - a whole floor stenciled using chalk paint. And it's outside! Can work indoors too depending on surface.


Stencil Crockery and Serve Ware

Stencil Crockery and Serve Ware Via Martha Stewart at My House! ...

All sorts of crockery, serving ware and dinnerware can be stenciled.


Stencil Art

Stencil Art Via Top 10 Creative DIY Stencil ...

Can you believe you can knock this up in 10 minutes?


Stencil Bag

Stencil Bag Via Bloggers Love Handmade Charlotte Stencils ...

Get your craft on and produce a unique bag.


Stenciled Ceiling

Stenciled Ceiling Via How to Add a Stencil ...

Stenciling is a centuries old way of decorating the house and there are many fabulous inspirations for ceiling and wall stencil projects.


Stencil Tray

Stencil Tray Via 10 Stunning DIY Home Decor ...

No household item is safe when you get the stenciling bug.


Stenciled File Cabinet

Stenciled File Cabinet Via How to Stencil a Filing ...

Filing cabinets are such boring pieces of furniture - until you get the stencil kit out.


Stenciled Tablecloth

Stenciled Tablecloth Via 10 Stunning DIY Home Decor ...

Stenciling extends to all items of soft furnishing.


Stencil Blind

Stencil Blind Via Stenciling a Vinyl Roller Shade

Art for your windows with an easy to make roller bland.


Halloween Stencils

Halloween Stencils Via Budget-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a great holiday that can be made even more fun with ghoulish and ghostly stencil crafts.


Stenciled Walls

Stenciled Walls Via Wall Stencil | Foliate Damask ...

With a bit of skill and artistry, you can create some truly amazing effects.


Stencil Chair

Stencil Chair Via How to Stencil- A Time ...

Stenciling works for outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture.


Stencil T-shirt

Stencil T-shirt Via lemontriangles2

Clothing isn't immune once you get the stenciling bug.


Stencil Planter

Stencil Planter Via DIY Craft Stencil Projects | ...

DIY planters are great for displaying flowers and your house number.


Stencil Kitchen Cabinets

Stencil Kitchen Cabinets Via I Wet My Plants

If you can't afford a new kitchen, consider painting your existing cabinets and stenciling them.


Stencil Metal Caddy

Stencil Metal Caddy Via DIY Paint Projects for Your ...

Stencil projects work on so many diverse materials - including metal.


Stenciled Closet Walls

Stenciled Closet Walls Via Lace Pattern Wall Stencil-Damask Lace ...

I love this idea. Why leave your closet walls plain when you can stencil a masterpiece.


Stencil Chair

Stencil Chair Via Community Post: 25 FONTastic Typography ...

With easy-use materials like spray paint, you can create a whole range of wonderfully unique designs.

Have you ever doing any stenciling? Would you give it a go now you’ve seen the range of stencil projects and craft ideas?

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