7 Creative DIY Canvas Art Projects to Try ...


7 Creative DIY Canvas Art Projects to Try ...
7 Creative DIY Canvas Art Projects to Try ...

Wall art can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be with these simple and budget-friendly DIY canvas art projects. You can purchase a blank canvas for under $5.00 at many art and crafts stores and a can of spray paint should cost less than $5.00 as well. So with these two items and a little bit of imagination you can put together one of these DIY canvas art projects for under $10...score!

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Doily Canvas Art

Doily Canvas Art Who would have thought that doilies would be a cool idea for one of my DIY canvas art projects? Oh but they are! When spraying the paint on the doily while laying it over the canvas, the shape leaves a unique design when you lift up the doily. If you have a few of grandma’s old doilies hanging around collecting dust, now you know the perfect way to put them to good use! You can add text and other items to your doily canvas as well, and use the doily shapes to add a pop of art to your plain canvas like this tutorial seen on megstermeter.wordpress.com.


DIY Photo Canvas

DIY Photo Canvas I usually buy photo Canvas Prints, but I am so excited to try this DIY canvas art project. There are a few different techniques that you can use to transfer your photo to the blank canvas; you could use spray adhesive and staple the corners of the printed photo to the canvas like they did over on eastcoastcreativeblog.com. Or you could use mod podge and paint like blogger Crystal did on sewcreativeblog.com, both ideas are simple and will create something beautiful without costing you an outrageous price.


Newspaper Art

Newspaper Art There are so many great DIY ideas using old books or newspapers to transfer them on to items like mason jars, framing certain passages, and using them for canvas art like this one over on craftedlove.com. You can use this idea in so many different ways so that each piece of canvas art still comes out as it’s own unique design. From writing lyrics on top of the newspaper, to drawing a scene like she did on Crafted Love, or cutting a silhouette out of the newspaper, the possibilities are endless.


Silhouette Art

Silhouette Art Speaking of silhouettes, this is another fun canvas DIY project that you can do with just one can of spray paint and a print out of a silhouette shape. You can snap a silhouette of your kids, print out a silhouette of a fox (what does the fox say!) or even a silhouette of your dog, thecreativityexchange.com. It's another simple idea that will transform your walls from drab to fab!


3D Letters

3D Letters This is such a cool idea; all you need are wooden or foam letters, adhesive, and spray paint...well and a blank canvas of course! You can place the letters on the canvas and spray everything the same color like this tutorial seen here, smallbirdstudios.com. Or you can give your letters and canvas an ombre effect like this one, antsi-pants.blogspot.com. With all of these great ideas I’m going to need to stock up on blank canvases!


Create a Pattern

Create a Pattern I haven’t seen this idea before, but I have seen herringbone pattern stencils used on walls before and just love the results. First you paint your canvas, using one color or multiple, after it dries you cut out your strips of masking tape and form the herringbone pattern you want. This is where the fun part comes in, you then paint over the masking tape (a white or solid color brighter than the one you used), wait for it to dry then pull up your tape to reveal your artwork! Check out the full tutorial and amazing photos over at lifeabsorbed.com.


Chalkboard Canvas

Chalkboard Canvas Chalkboard paint has been really popular lately; you could paint an entire wall using this stuff and let your kids go wild with their artwork or use the wall to teach them math lessons as well! I love this chalkboard canvas idea over on anoregoncottage.com, where blogger Jami uses the chalkboard paint to create a menu for her kitchen that she can change up every night. On Fridays, my menu would say, “Kitchen closed, order pizza”!

What are some DIY canvas art projects that you have put together or plan to make this year?

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