7 Adorable and Funny Olaf DIY Projects for a Frozen-Inspired Party ...

If your kid is currently obsessed with the movie Frozen, we give you these fun and cute Olaf DIY projects. Olaf would be the Snowman, in case you weren't paying attention when your family watched the film. He is goofy and a wonderful friend and there is no doubt that having a Frozen-inspired party (starring Olaf) will be a big hit. Check out the following Olaf DIY projects to get you started on your party-prepping duties.

1. Styrofoam Olaf

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This particular Olaf DIY project will be perfect as party table toppers. If you don't have time to make several, doing one or two will be good enough as party dΓ©cor. For Olaf's body, you will be needing Styrofoam pieces in several sizes and shapes. You will also need toothpicks, floral tape and wire, various paints, orange clay (for the nose), and some tools.

Tutorial Source: craftsncoffee.com

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