7 Cute Ways to Display Old Concert Tickets ...

There is nothing worse than having a killer collection, but no idea of the coolest ways to display old concert tickets! Believe it or not, you can turn them into some awesome looking decor, even if you have limited space. You’ll never have to hide your old tickets away again - go ahead and show them off! Get crafty with these great ways to display old concert tickets.

1. Scrapbook

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“Concerts I’ve Seen” - that’s what you can call your super-cool scrapbook full of all your tickets! Display a ticket per page and write about the memories you have from that concert. It’s a great way to hold onto the feeling of each particular concert, and it also works well as a present for a loved one you shared the shows with. This is just one of many great ways to display old concert tickets, but it is certainly on of the easiest.

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