7 Cute Ways to Display Old Concert Tickets ...

By Holly

7 Cute Ways to Display Old Concert Tickets ...

There is nothing worse than having a killer collection, but no idea of the coolest ways to display old concert tickets! Believe it or not, you can turn them into some awesome looking decor, even if you have limited space. You’ll never have to hide your old tickets away again - go ahead and show them off! Get crafty with these great ways to display old concert tickets.

1 Scrapbook

Scrapbook “Concerts I’ve Seen” - that’s what you can call your super-cool scrapbook full of all your tickets! Display a ticket per page and write about the memories you have from that concert. It’s a great way to hold onto the feeling of each particular concert, and it also works well as a present for a loved one you shared the shows with. This is just one of many great ways to display old concert tickets, but it is certainly on of the easiest.

Updated on 10/2/2023

This scrapbooking idea is a great way to preserve memories of concerts and shows you have attended. It is also a great gift idea for a special someone you have shared concerts with. You can customize the scrapbook with photos, drawings, and other memorabilia from the shows. Additionally, you can also add ticket stubs, postcards, and other items from the concerts to the scrapbook. You can also use the scrapbook to document your favorite moments from each show and to share stories with friends and family.

2 Shadow Box

Shadow Box A shadow box is a glass-front case that you can hang on your wall and can fill with your tickets as you acquire them. Cover the back with some cute paper and drop the tickets in! It looks great on anyone’s wall and is perfect for those people with not much space. Watch your shadow box fill up with all your wonderful memories.

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3 Ticket Table

Ticket Table Source: My pins
If you have a coffee table with a removable glass top, this is the perfect opportunity to display your old tickets! Just arrange your tickets beneath the glass top and voila! It’s the perfect way to ensure your tickets don’t get damaged in any way, so you can be sure they’ll be triggering memories for plenty of years to come!

4 Magnets

Magnets If you feel like getting your DIY on, making magnets out of your old tickets might be the way to go! There’s some great techniques on the internet about how to achieve some fabulous looking ticket magnets, and it’s relatively cheap, with the only potential purchase being the magnetic backs. Not only will you be making your old concert tickets look great, you’ll be sprucing up your fridge too!

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5 Cork Board

Cork Board Covering a cork board with your old tickets is probably the quickest, easiest and most effective idea on this list! You can add as many or as little as you like, layering them or spacing them out neatly. Add anything else you want to make them look groovy - threads of ribbon, sequins or photos you took on those special days! A cork board requires a bit of wall space, but if you’ve got the room then it’s the perfect project!

6 Memory Jar

Memory Jar Getting a large mason jar and filling it with your old concert tickets is a cool project which not only looks cute, but is super easy and takes up next to no room! Fill up your jar as you attend more wonderful concerts and simply open the jar when you feel like a trip down memory lane. Tie a ribbon with a label to the lid for an especially sweet touch!

7 Decoupage Journal

Decoupage Journal If you’re the kind of person who uses a journal, then maybe this is the project for you! Grab some Modge Podge or something similar and decoupage your concert tickets to the outside. As you collect more tickets, simply decorate more journals! You’ll have some really great journals to look back on for years to come or, alternatively, if you’re not attached to your tickets, sell your groovy-looking journals for others to enjoy!

I love looking back at my old concert tickets and remembering all the fun times I had, and it’s even better when you have something pretty to look at every day like you can with these ideas! Plus, you’ll be making something gorgeous to decorate your home or space with. I know I will definitely be trying one or two of them out myself. What do you do with your old concert tickets?

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