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Woodland DIY craft ideas and rustic themes have been very popular for weddings, but they are also trending in home decor. From nurseries to living rooms, woodland DIY craft ideas aren’t just for seasonal decorating either. You can create wreaths, terrariums, bookends; if there is an adorable forest animal or a cute little toadstool you like, put them in your DIY craft and you have your woodland theme! Here are a few of my favorite ideas, which one will you try?

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Woodland Wreath

Woodland Wreath This woodland DIY craft idea works for any time of year and if you want it to be more seasonal or have a holiday theme as well, you can just add a few extra accessories to it. I love this moss toadstool wreath over on pleasenotepaper.com; blogger Elizabeth not only DIY’d the wreath but she made the toadstools too! There are also a variety of Spring and Fall ideas.


Woodland Bookends

Woodland Bookends Bookends may not be a craft idea you automatically think of when searching for DIY projects. However, if you are looking for creative ways to dress up your bookshelf you will love this idea. If you have a few wooden blocks lying around from other projects, you can reuse them with this tutorial from hellohomeshoppe.com. With just a few items, you can turn boring blocks into rustic woodland bookends!


Woodland Terrarium

Woodland Terrarium I have a few empty mason jars sitting in my craft room that need a little love, and after finding this sweet woodland terrarium idea on ruffledblog.com, I now know what to do with them! A lot of bloggers have them with the lids glued on and the jar turned over, like this one at needleandnestdesign.blogspot.com, but you can make them right side up as well, so you can add things or actually grow and water what you put inside.


Woodland Coasters

Woodland Coasters Did you know you can purchase wood slices at most craft stores? Well, now that I have found that out, this DIY woodland craft idea from diycandy.com is a must try! If you have the tools to do so, you can also cut up wood slices from old and fallen trees in your yard! Then go to work to give them more character and charm using different woodland stencils like a deer, tree, or an owl...hoot, hoot!


Woodland Candles

Woodland Candles There are a few ways you can go about making your own woodland themed candle. Pinterest is just full of ideas for this craft. One of my favorite tutorials is from freutcake.com, where blogger Leah spray paints twigs and then hot glues them to a glass votive. Easy enough, right?! I'm also loving this log candle holder idea from makezine.com. Either way, you have an awesome woodland candle to show off to your guests and even your significant other!


To elevate the woodland theme, consider incorporating scents that evoke the essence of a forest. Think pine, cedarwood, or sandalwood. Not only will your candle look the part, but it will also fill the room with the fresh, earthy aroma of the great outdoors. Whether it's for a cozy night in or to add a rustic touch to your home decor, these candles are sure to impress. Plus, they make terrific handmade gifts for nature-loving friends and family. Embrace your inner craftsperson and let the tranquility of the forest inspire you.


Woodland Ornaments

Woodland Ornaments Now just because you see the word ornament, that doesn’t mean they are only meant for Christmas decor! They can be used for a nursery mobile, to decorate a DIY wood chime, or to use as a garland to hang from your mantel. Stop by cartefini.myshopify.com to learn how artist Tiffanie makes adorable woodland ornaments using eggs and crepe paper!


Woodland Garland

Woodland Garland A woodland garland can be detailed and truly handmade with little ornaments you put together yourself, or it can be basic with paper or die-cut woodland creatures that you simply printed out! Check out this post over on amyrobison.com, where blogger Amy puts together a woodland garland by using die-cuts from her silhouette machine...easy, peasy!

Whether you are celebrating a woodland themed party, or you just want to decorate a room in your home, these woodland DIY craft ideas are easy enough for anyone to put together. Which one will you try first?

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