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I know you can’t resist the overwhelming urge to pop it, but there are some far better ways to use bubble wrap than some instant gratification. Over the years I have accumulated quite a stock of the bubbly stuff and rather than just throw it away on a recent clear out, I decided I would find some ways to use bubble wrap that I’d never known or tried before. Like these …

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Insulate Your Grocery Bags

One of the alternative ways to use bubble wrap is to use it as layers of insulation for your grocery bags. Cover food you get from the freezer or cooler section of a grocery store with a few sheets of bubble wrap to keep everything fresh for an extended time. Handy for grocery shopping on hot days when you want to buy ice cream!


Produce Saver

Stop bruising your tomatoes or other fruits when leaving them in a bowl or in the fridge by lining the container with you-know-what – a sheet of bubble wrap, of course. The bubble wrap absorbs the impact, making sure the fruit stays protected.


Stop Sweaty Toilets

One of the uses for bubble wrap is to prevent excess condensation in the water cistern of your toilet. Line the inside of the tank with sheets of bubbles and they will help limit the condensation. Ever thought of using bubble wrap this way? Give it a shot; it works!


Bubble wrap can be used for more than just packing and protecting fragile items. It can also be used to help prevent excess condensation in the water cistern of your toilet. Applying bubble wrap to the inside of the tank helps limit the condensation, which can prevent problems like rust, mold, and unpleasant odors. It's an inexpensive and easy way to extend the life of your toilet and keep it looking and smelling fresh. So if you're looking for a simple DIY project, try using bubble wrap to stop sweaty toilets.


Bubble Wrap Burglar Alarm

It's not that difficult to live like James Bond. How about getting creative with bubble wrap and turning it into a burglar alarm? A layer of bubble wrap on the floor right inside your windows and doors will do the trick – you'll hear "pop-pop-pop" if someone should ever try to break in.


Maintain the Shape of Your Handbag

Okay, so you have a collection of handbags and love matching them with your outfit. You may be looking for new handbags to expand your collection, but at the same time, you may well be searching for a way to prevent your handbags from losing the shape when you get one out after a couple of months. Bubble wrap is the solution here! Fold a sheet of bubble wrap and place it inside the handbag or purse. This may be one of simpler ways to use bubble wrap but it will save you from that sadistic look you have on your face when you see your favorite handbag dented and bruised badly.


Sweet Dreams

Campers will agree to the fact that sleeping out is often painful and uncomfortable. You can make it simple by carrying a roll of bubble wrap – it's lightweight and effective. Place it under your sleeping bag in a number of layers and hey presto, instant camping mat.


Protect Outdoor Container Plants

One of the great ways to use bubble wrap is in the garden. It can provide your precious and delicate plants with a protective and insulating layer during cold winters. Wrap bubble wrap around your pots and containers and ensure that the top of it is a couple of inches above the container lip. This keeps the soil warm when the temperature drops.

The next time you have some bubble wrap, don’t play with it – put it to some good use. What other ways to use bubble wrap do you know?

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Insulating old single pane windows. Works well.

Lol #4 shouldn't you hear a broken window first cx. Good tip tho thanks

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