7 Things to do with Eggshells ...


7 Things to do with Eggshells ...
7 Things to do with Eggshells ...

You might imagine there are actually very few things to do with eggshells. Nature’s most perfect food packaging, eggshells are fragile and delicate and most of us simply crack the egg, eat it and discard the shells. Maybe no longer! Check out these things to do with eggshells.

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Ta Ta to Tea Stains

I like it when natural things become cleaning products and love that one of the things to do with eggshells involves another of my favorite things – drinking tea! (Well I am a Brit.) Over time, your teapot becomes tainted with brown tea stains. Simply place crushed eggshells mixed with soap in your pot, fill with boiling water, give a shake and stand overnight for stains to disappear.


Eggstremely Good Coffee

Is the latest coffee you bought a little bitter for your tastes? There’s no need to throw it away or keep drinking it reluctantly because it’s too expensive to trash. Hard boil some eggs, peel them and then rinse and dry the shells before grinding them to a very fine powder. Add them to your coffee before brewing to reduce the bitterness.


Canine Calcium

There are even ways to use eggshells that help your pet. You can give your doggie a calcium boost! Heat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and place your saved eggshells in the oven for half an hour to dry. Place shells into a plastic bag and crush into a powder with a rolling pin. Regularly sprinkle the powder onto your pet’s food.


Egg on Your Face

Want a nice bright complexion? Get radiant skin easily! Crush washed and dried eggshells with a mortar and pestle and then combine it with egg white. Apply this mixture to your face and when it’s dry, gently wash it off with tepid water. This mask both feeds and tightens your skin.


Chalk but No Cheese

Need to keep kids entertained? How about making your own chalk? Did you know this is one of the great ways to use egg shells? You need:
About 5 eggshells washed & dried
1 tsp flour
1 tsp hot water
Few drops food coloring (optional)
First, crush the shells into fine powder. In a bowl combine flour, hot water, 1 tsp egg shell powder, food coloring (optional) to make a paste. Form the egg shell paste into chalk shapes then roll egg shell shapes firmly in wax paper or paper towels. The rolled shapes take about 3 days to dry

You can now use the chalk for marking out a hopscotch path, or if you’ve made a load of different colors, let the kids get creative with some sidewalk art.


Eggstraordinary Soil Nutrients

Egg shells are great for your garden. The calcium and other nutrients help improve the quality of your soil. This makes them ideal for composting. If you don’t have a compost bin/heap (why not?), you can at least dig your old egg shells directly into the soil.


Eggstra Help with Pests

And speaking of ways to use eggshells in the garden, they’ll come in handy if you want to save your lovely plants from slugs and snails. Break up the shells and sprinkle them along borders and edges – the slimy critters won’t enjoy the experience of sliding over the rough edges of the shells and will look elsewhere for tasty leaves to munch on.

So now you know - there are some eggsceedingly good things to do with eggshells. What will you be doing with yours?

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