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7 Delightful Uses for Tampons ...

By Jessica

Despite their obvious purpose, there are other uses for tampons that prove to be pretty handy. The super- absorbent cotton in its sterile tubing and packaging makes it an ideal substitute for various life circumstances that catch us by surprise! if you want another good reason to always have a couple tampons on hand, keep reading! Here are some non-conventional uses for tampons that you're going to love!

1 Nose Bleeds

There's nothing worse than having a bad nose bleed in public when you've forgotten to pack tissue in your purse. Since most of us women carry tampons around with us, you can use one to soak up a nose bleed and quickly! Its super absorbent cotton and perfect size make it ideal for stopping nose bleeds and this works as one of the most handy uses for tampons.

2 Soak up Spills in a Pinch

If you've ever spilled some liquid in your car and don't have anything to clean it up, you know how frustrating that can be. Well, one option is to pop out the cotton in a tampon and use it to absorb the spill! It works quickly and efficiently. This becomes super useful when you have messy kids who spill things in the car constantly.


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3 Used as Kindling

If you love to camp or perhaps you have a fire pit at home, you can use the cotton in a tampon as kindling to quickly start a roaring fire. I know I've been on camping trips where a fire was incredibly difficult to start due to wind or other elements!

4 An Absorbent Cotton Bandage

Got a nasty cut and are out of big bandages? Use a tampon or two to help absorb blood quickly and prevent infection. The great part is that tampons are easy to carry, there's usually plenty stored around the house, and they are sterile so they're prefect for bandaging.

5 Ear Plugs

Sometimes we get stuck with people who snore, especially when traveling within a group of people. Maybe it's a spouse, a friend or family member that suddenly started snoring and you just can't get to sleep with all the noise. It might look funny, but stick a couple tampons in your ears and you're off to dream land!

6 To Remove Nail Polish

Don't you hate it when you get nail polish remover all over your hands and everywhere else? Acetone stinks and totally dries out your hands and nail beds. Tampons work great for a mess-free removal of polish. It also works to preserve a manicure when you need to remove toe polish or clean the skin around freshly painted nails!

7 Makeshift Water Filter

Another camping perk of tampons is to use one as a water filter. It will only filter sediment and not mineral elements or chemical material. It does however, prevent your actual water filter from getting clogged, changes muddy, murky water to clear and works as the initial stage to boiling and purifying drinking water.

Who knew tampons could be so useful besides their intended purpose! Isn't it funny to think that such a small, regular item can have many potential purposes? Have you ever tried any of the ones listed here? Do you know of any other cool uses for tampons that aren't on this list?

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