7 Adorable Knitted Animal Toys to Make for Your Child ...

By Alison

Knitted toys are a fabulous gift for a small child. You don't need amazing skills with needles to make a toy, and your child will love it. What's more, you can personalise the colors to make a unique cuddly toy for your little one. Try these adorable knitted toys that your child will love playing with .…

1 Pansy Panda

Pansy Panda Here's the first of the knitted toys that you will love to make. I had a panda when I was young, although he wasn't called Pansy J. This cute little panda can be personalised by knitting a bow in your child's favorite color. If you're feeling clever you could even make her a pretty dress to wear - or an entire wardrobe.

Tutorial source: knittingwithoutanet.wordpress.com

2 Caterpillar

Caterpillar If your knitting skills are very much at the beginner stage, and making arms and legs seems too challenging, then this little caterpillar is the perfect project for you. It's nothing more than a simple tube tied into sections. Unlike the panda, you can make the caterpillar in any color you want. You could also make him in stripes by doing a few rows in one color, then switching to another.

Tutorial source: web.archive.org

3 Fat Cat

Fat Cat I'm a cat person, so I fancy making this cuddly cat. He's knitted with chunky wool and large needles, so is quick to make. Because he's a fat cat, you'll need a lot of stuffing to fill him up! There's more of him to love though, and your little one will adore hugging him.

Tutorial source: freepatterns.com

4 Owlies

Owlies Our very own Diana is a huge fan of owls, so I had to include one among the toys to knit! It's a quick and easy pattern to make, using only knit, purl, and knit two together. So anyone can make this cute little fellow! You could use buttons for the eyes, but do be sure to sew them on very firmly. If you want something a little more challenging, try this pattern stitchesoffaith.blogspot.com.es.

Tutorial source: knittedtoybox.blogspot.com.es

5 Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey What child wouldn't love a cheeky monkey? This cheeky chappy even has his very own banana. He's quite big (although probably not as round as Fat Cat, so you'll need a bit more wool to make him. Cheeky Monkey has a big smile on his face, so you'll love him as much as your child does!

Tutorial source: allaboutyou.com

6 Bunnies

Bunnies Most children love bunnies, and if your little one loves Miffy they'll adore this toy. You could of course make her in any color you like. You could also make her a pompon tail (try this tutorial wikihow.com - it's really easy). You make the legs first, then join them to knit the body.

Tutorial source: petitepurls.com

7 Chickens

Chickens Would you like to keep chickens, but are worried about the local wildlife taking an interest? Make these cute chickens instead, and you won't have to worry about foxes! If making them for small children, avoid using beads and just embroider the eyes with black wool.

Tutorial source: allaboutyou.com

Have fun making one of these toys for your child - you could even make a small zoo for them! If you're making the toys for a very young child, be safe and embroider the eyes, rather than use safety eyes that could easily be pulled off. What is your child's favorite toy, and what was yours?

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