7 Utterly Adorable DIY Crochet Bags You'll Love to Make ...


For our crafty readers, here are some gorgeous DIY crochet bags. Crochet is a great method of making every kind of bag from backpacks to clutches. You can make yourself a lovely unique item and enjoy crafting as well. Try these DIY crochet bags …

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Flowers Bag

Flowers Bag The first of the DIY crochet bags I've picked out really is adorable. Looking for a project to use up those odds and ends of yarn you've got? This cute little bag offers so many possibilities for personalising it according to your taste. You can make it to the size you want by simply crocheting more flowers until you have enough. It would make a great present for a little girl or adult alike.

Tutorial Source: caxigalinas.wordpress.com


Cupcake Bag

Cupcake Bag Who doesn't love cupcakes? And this one is calorie-free! It may look complicated but is actually a fairly easy project. It was designed as a Halloween project, and if your little ones are going trick or treating they will love carrying this bag to stash their goodies in. Or if you love a quirky bag, you can make it for your own use. Why should kids have all the fun?

Tutorial Source: redheart.com


Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bag The Granny Square is a popular way of making blankets, but it can also be used to make a lovely bag. They also work out pretty big, so you don't need to sew too many together. You could easily turn this into a beach bag by making six squares instead of four for each side. Don't forget that if you make a larger bag you'll need to buy more yarn.

Tutorial Source: yarnspirations.com


Dainty Drawstring Bag

Dainty Drawstring Bag Doesn't this look like a bag a Victorian lady would have dangling from her wrist? The bag is from a vintage pattern, so it is ideal for those who love the retro look. It would also make a lovely keepsake bag for a wedding, if you know people who would help you make enough of them!

Tutorial Source: craftbits.com


Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag Here's a stylish way to carry your yoga mat to class. Because the bag is made of a mesh pattern, it will require very little yarn. So you could make it with the leftover yarn from another project. It will also be a very quick project to make. Use a variegated yarn to get a lovely colorful effect.

Tutorial Source: dearestdebi.com


Cat Schoolbag

Cat Schoolbag This is one pattern that lends itself to endless customisation. It could be used for so many purposes; the pattern suggests making it into a pencil case or makeup bag. Put a loop on the wrist (make a simple cord), and you have the perfect little bag to house your phone and cab fare on a night out. I love the little cat purse - a perfect makeup bag for me!

Tutorial Source: kandjdolls.blogspot.com.es


Lady Bug Backpack

Lady Bug Backpack This little backpack is beyond adorable! It's not a beginner's project, but if you're more experienced in crochet it's a lovely project for your little girl. She'll love carrying her things around in a lady bug. Of course, you could turn it into a fun little bag for yourself. Just make the straps longer to fit your body.

Tutorial Source: redheart.com

So many bags, so little time! Crochet and knitting are becoming very popular among women of all ages (and probably a few men too!), so pick up your hook and make yourself a fabulous bag. What's your favorite craft, and what have you made recently?

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