7 Creative Uses for Toothpicks ...


Don’t just leave them in the drawer for when you have cocktails, need to clean your teeth or check if a cake is done, because there are some really great uses for toothpicks. These little slivers of pointed wood are quite magical and can help you out in so many ways. Take a look-see at some uses for toothpicks.

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Clean Your Gadgets

One of the best uses for toothpicks is that you can use them to clean your gadgets like phones, keyboards, etc. Dip your toothpick in alcohol for a thorough clean. Did you know that forensic scientists have used toothpicks to collect drug residue from phones they seize from drug dealers. Interesting, hey?


Microwave a Better Potato

Can’t wait to break open that crispy skin to get at the fluffy potato? Stick some toothpicks in to make four legs that will lift your potato, exposing top, bottom, and sides, and it will cook a lot faster and more evenly.


Bottle Dispenser

Did you know in the UK we call toothpicks cocktail sticks? No matter what you call them, one of the clever little ways to use toothpicks is to prick holes in the foil covers of dressings and sauces. That way you won't have to worry about pouring half a bottle of dressing on your salad.


Grow an Avocado

You all know how especially good avocados are good for you - yes? Fancy testing your green fingers (we say that in the UK instead of green thumb!)? Use three toothpicks to suspend an avocado seed in a glass of water. Make sure the water covers the bottom of the seed. Place it somewhere cool and dry – don't let it come in direct sunlight. As soon as you see the stem and roots come out, you can plant it in the ground.


Sew Buttons

Clean things. Bake things. Grow things. Now it’s time to get crafty. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of toothpicks in your sewing kit. Why should you do it? Simple – it will help sew buttons with utmost ease. You can use the toothpick as a thread shank to create some space between the fabric and the button and help fasten the button in a proper way. These tiny sticks will also prove handy for repairing and cleaning your sewing machines.


Touch up Paint

Being so small, some of the uses for toothpicks include helping out with intricate jobs. Using a toothpick for tiny paint touch up jobs is an effective option when you really need a little amount of paint. The toothpick tip won't collect a lot of paint, making it easier for you to dab it anywhere you want.


Repair Wood

You can repair tiny holes in wood with toothpicks. Whether you've driven a nail into the wrong spot in the wooden plank or you see tiny holes created by small insects, you can get rid of them by dipping a toothpick into glue and then pushing it in the hole. Break the remaining part of the toothpick and sand the surface for a clean repair.

Who knew toothpicks had so many uses? And let me tell you – there are plenty more too, but you’ll have to wait for 7 more uses for toothpicks to learn those – it’s coming soon. What creative ways to use toothpicks do you know?

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