7 Fun Embroidery Hoop Art Crafts ...

Embroidery hoops are not just for stitching any more! No, these are not your grandmother’s embroidery hoop art crafts. There are so many creative ideas out there; from turning them into frames and chalkboards to nursery mobiles and seasonal wreaths, they are trending for anything and everything! Here are a few of my favorite embroidery hoop art crafts. Share with us the one you like best!

1. Seasonal Wreath

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If you are thinking of creative DIY ideas for a seasonal wreath, using an embroidery hoop is a great idea since you already have the round shape. I found two pretty simple ideas that you can whip up in minutes. Blogger Steph’s spring hoop over at sillypearl.com is wrapped in yarn to cover the hoop with fabric flowers to decorate it, plus a little spring sign to celebrate the season. Another idea I love is this Christmas hoop wreath from northstory.ca. She used craft foam to put two hoops together and decorated it with socks, which you would never realize just by looking at it!

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