7 DIY Wall Art Tutorials ...

There's no need to shovel out hundreds of dollars for some famous artwork when you can make your own DIY wall art! These fun, simple, and inexpensive wall art projects are the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Plus DIY wall art pieces are better than anything you can buy at a store because you can create them to look anyway you want! Not to mention they'll help gain you an ego boost when people compliment your artwork! So if your walls are looking a little bare (and so is your wallet), try out some of these DIY wall art tutorials!

1. Nature Prints

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For these DIY wall art nature prints, all you need is some paper, spray paint, and any interesting greenery you can find outside! Place the greenery flat on top of your paper. Then spray a single coat of paint over your entire work space (almost any kind of spray paint will work). Remove the greenery, and allow the paint to dry, following the recommended guidelines on the paint can. Mount each print to a white paper backing and place it in a frame. It's a simple and colorful way to brighten up any room!


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