7 DIY Wall Art Tutorials ...


7 DIY Wall Art Tutorials ...
7 DIY Wall Art Tutorials ...

There's no need to shovel out hundreds of dollars for some famous artwork when you can make your own DIY wall art! These fun, simple, and inexpensive wall art projects are the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Plus DIY wall art pieces are better than anything you can buy at a store because you can create them to look anyway you want! Not to mention they'll help gain you an ego boost when people compliment your artwork! So if your walls are looking a little bare (and so is your wallet), try out some of these DIY wall art tutorials!

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Nature Prints

Nature Prints For these DIY wall art nature prints, all you need is some paper, spray paint, and any interesting greenery you can find outside! Place the greenery flat on top of your paper. Then spray a single coat of paint over your entire work space (almost any kind of spray paint will work). Remove the greenery, and allow the paint to dry, following the recommended guidelines on the paint can. Mount each print to a white paper backing and place it in a frame. It's a simple and colorful way to brighten up any room!



Painters Tape Art

Painters Tape Art For this awesome abstract artwork, all you need is a paintbrush, whatever acrylic paint colors you choose, a canvas, and some painter's tape! First, use your paint colors and canvas to create an abstract painting of your choice. Experiment with your brush strokes and color combinations until you find a look you love! Once you've covered the canvas, let it dry for a few minutes. Then, cut roughly same-sized strips of painter's tape and apply them to one side of the canvas in a staggered pattern. Make sure to leave an even amount of space between each strip to keep your pattern consistent. Continue across the canvas, creating a design that looks like rows of stacked arrows. After you've covered your canvas, use your paintbrush to paint over the canvas in white paint, being careful not to disturb the tape strips in the process. Once you've finished painting, let the canvas dry fully. Starting at the sides of the canvas, carefully remove the strips of tape to reveal your painting underneath!



Poetic Vintage Art

Poetic Vintage Art This great DIY vintage wall art can be done one of two ways. First, go to your local thrift store and find an old painting with a frame that they have on sale. Make sure you at least like the overall colors of the painting. Then you can either stencil out words and paint (or sponge) them in with white acrylic paint, or you can stencil out words and paint (or sponge) the rest of the painting with white acrylic paint leaving just the words made of the original imagery.



Watercolor Bubble Art

Watercolor Bubble Art This is such a fun and easy wall art tutorial that you can even make them with your kids! All you need are some bubbles, watercolors and paper! Pour some bubble solution into different cups or bowls. Then, mix in different colored watercolors with each cup holding the bubble solution. Spread out your paper and blow bubbles onto it using each of the different colored bubble solutions you just created. This is the fun part as you get to watch all the different colors splatter together on the page! Dab spots that are over saturated, and once the whole thing dries you will have beautiful, pastel-ish looking wall art!



Tree Branches

Tree Branches This is such a clever DIY 3-D piece that costs close to nothing to make! All you need is a picture frame, branches from outside, and a staple gun. First, if you don't like the colors of the branches or frame, spray paint them! Then after drying, lay out the branches vertically behind the frame so they are evenly spaced and clipped at the ends. Then, staple-gun the branches to the back of the frame and when you flip it over, wah-la! A gorgeous and simple piece of wall art that is elegant and unique!



Pixel Art

Pixel Art To achieve this really cool pixel art, first open a photo you want to use in Photoshop (or your preferred photo editing program). Re-size the image to about 10–20 pixels wide, and zoom in until you can see the individual pixels. Play around with different widths to see what you like best. This is where you need your math skills. Once you've finalized your image, use a ruler and pencil to lightly draw a grid on your paper. The grid should have as many boxes as there are pixels in your photograph, but it still needs to fit on your piece of paper. Grab your paints and paint brush, keep your pixel-ized reference photo handy, and paint each grid square the color of the corresponding pixel. Watercolors work beautifully for this project. It does involve more work and skill than the other DIY's on this list but it's definitely worth it!



Cupcake Wrapper Art

Cupcake Wrapper Art To make any space a little funkier and more awesome, you’ll just need some cupcake wrappers, glue, and a rippled plastic sheet. Use a large ruler and a craft knife to cut the plastic sheet into four equal-size squares. Set the squares on a flat surface and arrange your cupcake liners on top in a design. The more random the pattern, the better! Use a droplet of glue to affix the liners to the plastic sheets. Keep in mind that because the liners are thin, the glue will bleed through the paper, so add more liners inside to hide the glue spots. And that's it! Your funky wall art is complete!


Just because your wall art wasn't bought in a store doesn't mean it won't look gorgeous or professional! It not only gives you a fun project to do when you're bored or with your kids, but it also saves you money while simultaneously brightening up your home! Do you have any DIY wall art pieces around your home? Do you love them just as much as any home decor you bought in the store?

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I'm sorry for sending those I just wanted to see them. I really liked all if them especially the bubble one. I didn't like the cupcake wrapper one because you could see the plastic underneath but u could Fix that

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