10 Fabulous and Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts ...


10 Fabulous and Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts ...
10 Fabulous and Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts ...

March means preparing for a roaring night with your friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day. It also means St. Patrick's Day Crafts, of course. We have here St. Patrick's Day DIYs that are sure to bring you loads of good luck. From things that you can wear to some that can be used for decorating your home, these St. Paddy's Day crafts promise you one unforgettable March.

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Kiddie Tee

Kiddie Tee Having a family party come St. Patrick's Day? Perhaps you can make these cute shirts for the little boys. Dawn designed this shirt using a wonderful bleaching process. This basically means that each shirt you make will be wonderfully unique.



Glamour Rope Wreath

Glamour Rope Wreath Isn't the term "glamour rope" fabulous? It is wire covered with glitter and is fantastic for all sorts of craft projects. For this particular idea, you will be needing one in metallic emerald green. A 25-foot long rope will be enough for one pretty shamrock wreath.



Simple Streamers

Simple Streamers This is one of the St. Patrick's Day DIYs here that is incredibly simple to make. You simply fold a strip of crepe paper multiple of times, cut a shamrock shape (but leaving the sides intact), and that's it. Make garlands in different shades of green and hang around your house for the holiday.




Boutonnieres How pretty! This is a** St. Patrick's Day craft** project that you can do for that semi-formal party you're planning. Martha Stewart shares a template for the shamrock. You can download it or freestyle your own for making these lovely boutonnieres.




Wreath Here we have another St. Patrick's Day wreath tutorial. For this particular project, you will be wrapping a foam wreath form with a strip of fabric and then embellishing it with scrapbook paper accents. I love the touch of glitter!



Zipper Shamrock Pin

Zipper Shamrock Pin This cute shamrock pin is made of green zipper. Clever, right? To make one, you form the zipper into a coil by pulling the thread after you sew a gathering stitch on it. Maneuver into a shamrock shape, add brooch pin, embellish with a rhinestone and you're done.



Leprechaun Spirits

Leprechaun Spirits This is my fave from this list of St. Patrick's Day crafts. I love that these bottles can also be used for other occasions, provided of course, that you tweak the design. For those who were invited to a shindig, these would make for perfect hostess gifts.



Specimen Art

Specimen Art I love these types of DIY art. And since St. Patrick's typically means abundance of cloverleafs, making specimen art inspired by these leaves is a must. You can do this using pretty scrapbook paper or fabric.



Horseshoe Pallet Art

Horseshoe Pallet Art How beautifully rustic! If you have been racking your brains for ideas on what to do with that odd horseshoe you thrifted, this pallet art is perfect for you.



Pins, Clips, and Headbands

Pins, Clips, and Headbands The link below has four** St. Patrick's Day DIYs**. Tutorial jackpot, yes? I love all ideas but my favorite is the headband. I just love that teeny leprechaun hat!


Know other fun St. Patrick's Day crafts? Share them with us! We'll kiss you if you do. Even if you're not Irish.

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