7 Recycled Craft Ideas ...


7 Recycled Craft Ideas ...
7 Recycled Craft Ideas ...

If you’re looking for a rainy day activity to keep your kids or yourself occupied, how about getting a little creative and trying out some recycled craft ideas? Reducing, reusing and recycling is one of the most beautiful trends at the moment, and one that we all benefit from – including Mother Nature; however, instead of taking all of your recyclable goods to the recycling plant, how about breathing some new life into them with some of these recycled craft ideas.

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Tin Can Luminaries

This is one of the recycled craft ideas that has been done a thousand times, but it is one that is certainly worth mentioning here. Turn empty tin cans into glowing luminaries. Remove the labels from the cans and wash them. Draw a design on the outside of the can with a marker and drill a nail through the can along the lines of the design, transferring the design permanently into the can. You’ll have a lovely work, recycled work of art to light up your evenings. Think permanent, rustic-chic jack-o-lanterns.


Scents in a Jar

Instead of spending the money on store-made scents, make your own from a recycled glass jar. Remove the label and completely clean out a glass jar. Fill the jar with a collection of smell good items (cinnamon, eucalyptus, pine needles, etc.) and instead of topping the jar with the lid, top it with some gauzy fabric, like lace or tulle and the aroma will escape from the openings in the fabric.


Mason Jar Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Another option for an empty mason jar is to turn it into a soap or a lotion dispenser. Again, you will need to remove the label from the jar and clean it out. Drill a hole in the top of the lid and fit a soap dispenser pump into the hole. Fill the jar with liquid hand soap or lotion, screw the lid back on and voila – you have a country chic dispenser.


Picture Frame Chalk Board

Turn an old picture frame into a chalk board in no time at all. Cut a piece of plywood to fit the inside of the picture frame and then paint one side of the wood with chalkboard paint. Either screw or glue the wood inside the frame and you’ll have a lovely chalk board.


Paper Towel Tube Pencil Holder

This one is for the kiddies. Cut empty paper towel tubes in varying heights and paint them in different colors. Attach one side of the empty tubes to the bottom of a plastic plate and once dry, kids can insert pencils, markers, scissors, etc. into the tubes.


CD Sun Catcher

Turn old CDs into lovely sun catchers. Paint a design on the label side of a few CDs, or cover the labels with decorative paper. Tie some string through the holes in the CDs, connecting a few together, if you wish. Hand the finished product in a window and watch the beautiful colors reflect off the back of the CDs.


Button Jewelry

Have some old buttons? Turn them into unique pieces of jewelry. String the buttons onto decorative ribbon to create necklaces or bracelets and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Recycling can benefit us – and our planet – in a number of ways. These are just some examples of the creative ways that you can turn your trash into treasure. What types of recycled craft ideas have you thought of?

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Pictures would have been great!

Pictures would be greatly appreciated! :)

Backing it up with pictures would have been great :)

Use a cookie baking pan and make a magnet board!

Look up Garth Johnson! He's my professor and is a published master in this area!

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