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Easter will be here very soon, so it’s time to get out your glue gun and create some amazing DIY Easter wreaths! Whether you are looking to decorate inside your home, enhance your front door, or bring a hostess gift to a family Easter Egg Hunt, you can’t go wrong with a wreath! These DIY Easter wreaths are fairly easy and use beautiful spring colors that instantly brighten any space.

1. EGGcellent Easter Wreath

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Of all of these creative DIY Easter wreaths, this one really represents the holiday. With Easter eggs in the pastel colors that we all associate with spring, this is a real eye catcher! It is a little time consuming, but the finished project is well worth the time you will put into it!

You will need:
14" round foam wreath
4 different colors of yarn
4 dozen large plastic eggs (Dollar Store or Walmart)
2 dozen small plastic eggs (Dollar Store or Walmart)
Hot Glue (you’ll need a lot)

You will need to wrap half of each size egg using Technique A and the other half using Technique B, to vary the appearance of the eggs on the wreath and give it more texture.

Technique A:
Use hot glue to adhere the yarn at first, as the plastic causes the yarn to slip off.

Wrap the egg in random patterns until you can no longer see the plastic beneath.
Secure the finished end with glue on the back side of the egg.

Technique B:
Use hot glue to adhere the yarn to the egg.
Wrap one layer of yarn around the egg in one direction, so the egg looks very neat and uniform.
Secure the end with hot glue.

Once you have all of your eggs ready, use hot glue too attach them to your foam wreath, staggering the eggs by color, size and wrapping technique.

Source: thesweetsurvival.com

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