7 DIY Easter Wreaths ...


7 DIY Easter Wreaths ...
7 DIY Easter Wreaths ...

Easter will be here very soon, so it’s time to get out your glue gun and create some amazing DIY Easter wreaths! Whether you are looking to decorate inside your home, enhance your front door, or bring a hostess gift to a family Easter Egg Hunt, you can’t go wrong with a wreath! These DIY Easter wreaths are fairly easy and use beautiful spring colors that instantly brighten any space.

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EGGcellent Easter Wreath

EGGcellent Easter Wreath Of all of these creative DIY Easter wreaths, this one really represents the holiday. With Easter eggs in the pastel colors that we all associate with spring, this is a real eye catcher! It is a little time consuming, but the finished project is well worth the time you will put into it!

You will need:
14" round foam wreath
4 different colors of yarn
4 dozen large plastic eggs (Dollar Store or Walmart)
2 dozen small plastic eggs (Dollar Store or Walmart)
Hot Glue (you’ll need a lot)

You will need to wrap half of each size egg using Technique A and the other half using Technique B, to vary the appearance of the eggs on the wreath and give it more texture.

Technique A:
Use hot glue to adhere the yarn at first, as the plastic causes the yarn to slip off.

Wrap the egg in random patterns until you can no longer see the plastic beneath.
Secure the finished end with glue on the back side of the egg.

Technique B:
Use hot glue to adhere the yarn to the egg.
Wrap one layer of yarn around the egg in one direction, so the egg looks very neat and uniform.
Secure the end with hot glue.

Once you have all of your eggs ready, use hot glue too attach them to your foam wreath, staggering the eggs by color, size and wrapping technique.

Source: thesweetsurvival.com


April (or March) Showers Bring May Flowers

April (or March) Showers Bring May Flowers I know that this is not technically a wreath, but it serves the same purpose and I think it’s a unique and purely adorable idea! It can be done extremely cheaply and it will look just darling on your front door! I mean, what better symbol for spring is there than rain?

You will need:
An old umbrella or a new cheap one (preferably in a spring color)
Long stemmed fake flower
Some sort of stuffing (plastic bags, Easter grass, paper shred, anything you have on hand)

Décor items (pictured are eggs in nests, but anything will do…birds, butterflies, etc)

Halfway up the closed umbrella, tie a bow with the ribbon.
Fill the remaining portion of the umbrella with whatever filling you choose.
Position the long stemmed flowers and décor items however you would like.

Simple, easy and sweet!

Source: bhg.com


Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung Perhaps the best part of this wreath is that you get gorgeous results and almost every item you need can be found at Dollar Tree! This is such a pretty wreath; I love the mix of the flowers amidst the eggs. You can use any flowers you would like, but I particularly like the white against the pretty pastel colors.

You will need:
50-60 Plastic Easter Eggs (Dollar Tree)
Hot glue gun
Silk flowers (Dollar Tree)
Wooden wreath (Dollar Tree)
1/2 yard fabric

Wrap your wooden wreath in your choice of fabric. The eggs don’t stick well to the wooden wreath, but hot glue adheres wonderfully to fabric, making it MUCH easier to put this wreath together.

Glue the eggs to the fabric in alternating directions, making sure to cover the entire front, so little to no fabric can be seen.

Cut the flowers off of their stems and glue them sporadically throughout the eggs.

Source: funwiththefullwoods.blogspot.ca


Feathers and Eggs

Feathers and Eggs How cute is this wreath? This is one DIY project that doesn’t take much time or effort, yet yields an amazingly charming result. This is possibly the best use of feather boas that I’ve ever seen. I will definitely be making this one!

You will need:
12″ Straw wreath frame (with plastic coating left on)
3 White feather boas
Hot glue gun
15 Plastic eggs

Leaving the plastic coating on the wreath frame saves you from cleaning up all the stray bits that would inevitably wind up all over the place.
Wrap the wreath frame in the feather boas, securing ONLY the ends with glue.
To affix the plastic eggs, push portions of the boas aside and glue them to the plastic covered wreath. Do not glue them to the boas, they will fall off.

Use your scissors to trim the feathers down in the center so it looks like a wreath and not a big fluffy ball.

Hang it up where everyone can see your wonderful handy work!

Source: diaryofaworkingmom.com


Gauzy Grace

Gauzy Grace This wreath is so feminine and pretty. It definitely represents spring to me. The soft appealing hues along with the dainty floral accents are absolutely perfect. This one is definitely my favorite. It is probably the most complicated to make on your own, but it is definitely worth the effort.

You will need:
A grapevine wreath
A roll of 21-inch mesh
A roll of 4-inch mesh
Two different kinds of Easter ribbons (6 yards each)
Flowers in pink, purple, cream and yellow
Hot Glue
White spray paint (optional)

The grapevine wreath is a necessity to this one as you will be attaching wire and sticking the stems of flowers into the gaps accessible in the grapevine.

Wrap wire pieces around the wreath leaving five-inch gaps between each loop. Twist the wire a few times to keep it in place. Leave the ends of the wire long.

Attach the thicker mesh to the first wire, twisting the ends to keep it in place, leave a puff in the ribbon and attach to the next wire. Continue all the way around the wreath.

Now take the thinner mesh and do the same, using the same wire to twist it into place.

Cut your ribbons into 1.5” lengths and tie one cut ribbon between the puffs, alternating between the two colors.

Attach the flowers to the grapevine wreath using hot glue. Leave some flowers protruding above the ribbon and mesh.

Source: kristenscreationsonline.blogspot.com


Pretty Petals

Pretty Petals This is so easy to make, you will be amazed! This is a wreath that is perfect for Easter as well as all of spring and well into summer. How cute would this be hanging on your front door all season long? I hope you love it as much as I do!

You will need:
Styrofoam wreath form
Green Fun Fur yarn
Pins with heads matching the center of your flowers
Ribbon matching the center of your flowers

Wrap your Styrofoam wreath form with your furry green yarn.
Use pins through the center of your flower to attach them to the wreath.
Loop the ribbon around the top to allow for easy hanging.

How easy is that?!

Source: doitandhow.com


Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny This DIY Easter wreath is so adorable and simple! You only need a few easy to track down materials and you’re ready to go! Even if you are the least crafty person in the world, I promise you, you can make this cute wreath!

You will need:
Wreath form
2-3 White Boas
Fuzzy Bunny Ear headband (Dollar Store, Craft Store, Walmart)
Hot Glue

Using hot glue, attach the bunny ears headband to your wreath form. Depending on how flexible the headband is, you can either stretch it wide enough to form around the outside of your wreath, or you can break the headband, leaving enough of a plastic base attached to the ears to be able to glue it onto the wreath.
Wrap the feather boas around the wreath form.
Impress people with your creativity!

Source: mrsbshive.blogspot.com

Whether you are an experienced do-it-yourself-er or are trying your hand at wreath making for the first time, there is bound to be at least one or two of these delightful wreaths that you can make. Give it a try, you can do it! Which one of these fun wreaths is your favorite?

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So doing the spring has sprung! It's a really cute and cheap idea!

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I've found a cheaper alternative to those expensive wreath forms! Pool noodles from dollar general.

I love the umbrella one! So creative :)

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