13 Cute DIY Pin Cushions to Make ...


13 Cute DIY Pin Cushions to Make ...
13 Cute DIY Pin Cushions to Make ...

Ready to tackle some spring sewing? I suggest that you start off with a DIY Pin Cushion. Making a handmade pin cushion is very easy. But if you're looking for something cute or a** DIY pin cushion** that serves a specific purpose, this list has got you covered. Happy sewing and pinning!

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Mason Jar

Mason Jar How cool is this idea? Not only will this give you a functional pin cushion, you can also use the jar for storing your sewing notions. By the way, this makes for a wonderful gift for a crafty friend.



Mini Dress Form

Mini Dress Form These are insanely adorable DIY pin cushions. I have one but I didn't make it and I use her as a jewelry holder. But with the video tutorial and pattern included in the link below, I think I will be making this type of pin cushion sometime soon.



French Knot Heart

French Knot Heart Here is a pin cushion tutorial that also doubles as an embroidery exercise. The construction of the pin cushion itself is pretty straightforward. Adding the heart detailing, however, is where you will have loads of sewing fun.



Plastic Animal Toy

Plastic Animal Toy This is the cutest! Emi used an alpaca plastic animal to make this fun and unique pin cushion but you can utilize any plastic animal at hand. Aside from the plastic toy, you will also need felt balls, trims, and hot glue to make this cute sewing companion.



Espresso Cup

Espresso Cup This is a fantastic craft project for those who collect cups. I think those pretty vintage ones with lovely floral prints would look wonderful transformed into cup pin cushions.




Ring This is all sorts of adorable. This is particularly useful if you like to do a bit of sewing while out and about. I, for one, love to hand sew in cafes and could use a pin cushion as portable (and cute!) as this ring one.



Felt Valentine


This** DIY pin cushion** is quite delightful, too. The basic method used here will give you a pin cushion very much similar to the tomato-inspired ones sold in stores.




House I love miniatures and I am in love with this house DIY pin cushion. The great thing about this is that you can use fabric scraps. You can also do a bit of design variation by adding more windows or creating a mansion.




Tin Aside from cups and lids of mason jars, you can also use food cans for making a handmade pin cushion. I love this idea because it inspires you to recycle. Great containers to use are Altoid tins, tea cans, and other tins with interesting labels.



Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll Here is another DIY pin cushion idea that is funny and cute. Raphaële also remarks that "if you’re in a bad mood, you can also use it as an actual voodoo doll." Very clever.



Sewing Machine Attachment

Sewing Machine Attachment This is a DIY tutorial made by yours truly. Just like most of my tutorials, this one is very simple. You attach this pin cushion to your sewing machine using the ribbons.



Clay Owl

Clay Owl I bet fellow All Women Stalk writer Diana would go crazy over this pin cushion. Nette made the owl base for this DIY pin cushion but if you don't want to play with clay, you can always use any other item with a shallow bowl/dish quality.




Frame When I encountered this clever DIY pin cushion idea, I was gripped with inspiration. I ended up making one using a floral frame. You can make one today, too!


I hope you enjoyed this list of DIY pin cushions as much as I enjoyed compiling it. Got other cute ideas for handmade pin cushions? We want to hear 'em; kindly leave a comment below.

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The espresso and voodoo doll ones are perfect and I'm so going to try that! The ring is really useful for smaller projects (big ones are a pain because it keeps getting in the way of my seeing machine).

im gonna try this one

My favorite is the clay owl and frame:)

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