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8 Charming DIY Felt Accessories ...

By Meream

I love handmade jewelry and when it comes to DIY felt accessories, I find it very hard to say no. All the handmade felt jewelry here has been included in my to-make list; the pieces are THAT adorable. So join me in this quest to make cute and charming DIY felt accessories. Let's craft with felt!

1 Felt Beads

Felt BeadsWhen you hear DIY felt accessories, you probably think loud colors. However, if neutral hues are more your style, there is a way for you to enjoy a cute felt accessory. These bracelets are great examples. For this DIY idea, you will be make beads out of felt strips and then combine them with other beads to make a lovely bracelet.

2 Poppy Bracelet

Poppy BraceletHow gorgeous! And so easy to make, too. To make your own beautiful poppy bracelet, you will cut a circular felt piece in red. Cut it in a spiral manner and then shape your flower with a pearl embellishing the center. Sew to a piece of ribbon. Add snap closures to this ribbon and you're done.

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3 3D Balls

3D BallsThis felt necklace is ridiculously cute, too. And guess what? It is inspired by an Anthropologie product! Making this is much like making those paper 3D balls. Instead of hanging them like a mobile, though, you will be stringing your felt balls with a chain and some beads.

4 Mod Triangles

Mod TrianglesIf modern jewelry is more your style, this is the DIY felt accessory project for you. Aside from giving you a taste of modern aesthetics, this particular craft idea is easy to accomplish, too. You simply cut triangle felt pieces, add holes to the upper corners, and then attach them to a chain. The trick here is to pick the right felt colors. These blues and yellow, for example, give this contemporary piece a timeless flair.

5 Fuchsia Leaves

Fuchsia LeavesThis felt necklace falls under modern style, too. But unlike the more neutral colors of the previous DIY, this necklace's beauty is in its loud color. If you're interested in making your own, you will be needing wool felt, jump rings, chain, pliers, and a small hole punch. If you can't find thick felt, using standard felt glued together will do. You will want to have thick “leaves” for this necklace.

6 Garland

GarlandOh, I love this! The shades of blue with the mixture of gray render this DIY necklace fun and charming. The addition of gold beads is a great touch, too. To make this, you will be needing felt circles folded in half and arranged like overlapping fish scales. Add the gold beads and chain and you're done.

7 Gem Pendant

Gem PendantHere is another felt DIY jewelry that is simply bursting with cuteness. If you wish to make this pendant, you will simply draw the diamond lines on a piece of felt and then sew on these lines using your sewing machine. Punch holes and then attach to a chain.

8 Flower Rings

Flower RingsNeon may no longer be trendy but you can still find a way to make this felt ring idea stylish. Instead of neon, you can use felt of less traffic-stopping colors.

Do you feel like crafting with fabulous felt now? I know I do! I think I shall be doing the ring and poppy bracelet projects first. How about you?


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