7 Delightful Dollar Store Crafts to Try Now ...


7 Delightful Dollar Store Crafts to Try Now ...
7 Delightful Dollar Store Crafts to Try Now ...

There are a ton of dollar store crafts that can turn seemingly cheap products into a stunning treasure! If you’re planning any sort of celebration such as a wedding reception, baby shower or birthday party, the dollar store is the place to hit up for some amazing décor and centerpiece ideas! If you’re looking to spruce up your home, you’d be surprised at what you can make using a few select purchases! These dollar store crafts are easy and cheap to make, so jump right in!

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Cupcake Stand

This is one of the most useful dollar store crafts you can make. I call these cupcake stands, but really, you can use them for anything! Pop one on your bathroom counter to store your jewelry, one on your dresser as a catchall for your trinkets or use it as a cupcake/pastry or appetizer serving tray! They’re so cheap to make you can have several of them in various sizes all over your house to help keep you organized! All you need are 3 plates and 2 candle holders, that’s a total of $5 for such a cute and functional craft! Lay one plate down and use a strong glue to affix the first candle holder. Lay the second plate on top, followed by the second candle stick and then the third plate. You can use plates that are all the same size or a trio of gradually smaller and smaller plates. You can even use mirrors, which most dollar stores carry in various sizes!


Cheap and Easy Focal Point Mirror

Isn’t this beautiful? If you bought this in a store like Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel you’d pay a pretty penny, but if you make a knock off version yourself, it only costs $20 (plus a little more if you don’t have duct tape or glue on hand). To make this gorgeous piece you need 20 individual framed mirrors at $1 each and a foam board ($1). Flip all of your mirrors over so that they are lying face down in 5 rows of 4 mirrors. Use duct tape to tape each row of 4 together. Use a LOT of tape! Now tape the 5 rows together, making sure to reinforce the seams where they come together. Slather the back with hot glue and affix your foam board. Try to use a board that is the same color as your frames.

Source: dollarstorecrafts.com


Candy Dish

I love this adorable candy dish! You can fill it with gumballs, Hershey’s Kisses or any candy your heart desires! You need one 4” Terra Cotta pot, two 4” Terra Cotta saucers, one bubble bowl, and a wooden ball or other knob-like trinket. Paint your Terra Cotta pieces and use adhesive (super glue/hot glue) to put the whole thing together. Turn the pot upside down and glue one of the saucers to the top (originally the bottom). Glue the bowl on top of that and make a lid out of the second saucer and the knob.

Source: wrapcandy.com


Floral Centerpiece

This is beautiful for a wedding centerpiece, but it is equally as gorgeous on your dining room table at home! You can make this as extravagant as you want, or you can limit it to only a few vases. You need the glass tube vases, a few types of fake flowers, distilled water, floating candles and a circular mirror. You can buy all of these items at most dollar stores, the colors can be changed to suit your theme or color scheme. Set all of the tubes onto the mirror (you can glue them down if you want it to be a long lasting fixture) and place long stemmed flowers into the vases. Fill them with distilled water and top each tube with a floating candle. It looks best with various sized tube vases, but you can use vases which are all the same size if you can’t locate the assorted sizes. If you’d like, scatter a few tea lights or votives around the base for added light.


Stone Shower

Alright, this one takes a lot (and I mean a LOT) of patience to complete, but you CAN do it and it is a far cry cheaper than paying someone else to do it or buying the tile from a tile store. I fully plan to do this when we move into our new house, but I think I’ll start off with just the floor. You need several 2 lb bags of stones. The person in the tutorial who covered their entire shower used 53 bags, just to give you an estimate. Glue each stone in place using tile adhesive. Once the whole area is covered in stones, cover it with grout and remove all of the excess. When you have finished and everything has dried you will need to use a stone sealer to make sure water doesn’t work its way in. I love this and I can’t wait to do this on my own, even though I know I’ll probably whine and complain about how tedious it is as I’m doing it. The massaging effect the stones have on your feet is amazing.

Source: picklee.com


Party Garland

This is a purely amazing idea that I would never have thought of on my own! A significant amount of dollar stores carry foam pool noodles now that the weather is warmer. All you need to do is cut them into even sections and use a large needle and fishing line to string them together! This would be awesome for a pool party, but you can use it as a party garland for any occasion!

**Source: **lovelypartythings.com


Easiest Backsplash on Earth

I am going to end my list with the easiest DIY project that has ever existed. If you’re renting and you can’t deface your kitchen walls, or if you don’t want to spend the time it takes to create a tile backsplash OR if you are prone to wanting a change on a whim… this is your project! This kitchen backsplash is made solely of plastic placemats bought from the dollar store and tacked to the wall with tacks that match the color of the placemats. How amazing is this?!

**Source: **curbly.com

Now that you’ve seen these awesome dollar store crafts, it is time to head on down to your local dollar store and pick up all of the things you need to fashion yourself some DIY décor! Personally, I can’t wait to put a stone floor in my shower. What dollar store craft projects are you most excited about?

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Did number 4 for my wedding and it was beautiful! If you're doing it for a wedding or party you can also rent vases from a floral shop, it's cheap!

I've done the first one, but I use it to put all my makeup on in my bathroom!

As for the stone floor ensemble, all you need to do, requiring A LOT LESS patience, is to use grout boards. They adhere to the surface of whatever you are working on. Then just pour out the stones & press into the grout boards (adhered to the floor in this case). Afterwards, just smooth the filler grout, mortar, or whichever effect you're going for until all cracks between stones are even & filled. Ab 20 minutes or so, once grout has started to harden, use a damp wash cloth/sponge (NOT WET!!! DAMP!) wiping the stones clean of excess grout until only a thin barely visible haze is left, then use a microfiber towel to buff out that haze. You'll also want to use a type of grout sealant, for the security of it & the stones overall (especially in this case since it will be exposed to moisture regularly in the shower) & remember to caulk/fill all inside corners to seal off moisture from escaping into the walls. Very very easy to do. I've done it nearly 20 times.

I love this post!!! Please keep them coming!!!

Love this!!!!

Love this article! More please! :)

Nice article

This is by far my favorite subject on here. I LOVE all the DIY lists. Thx. Please do them more often. Not everyone lives and breathes fashion and chia seeds !! How many lists if superfoods are we going to get??? This is so refreshing!! Thx much!!

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